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ShootDotEdit is the first choice post production and color correction partner for the professional wedding photographer.
Image by Jelger & Tanja Photographers
What the UNLIMITED Plan includes:
Unlimited # of Events
High School Seniors
Up to 700 images
per event
$299 per month
(yearly commitment)
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Your UNLIMITED Plan also includes:
• Customized Color Correction through your studio’s Color Profile
• FAST Turnaround Time (as fast as 48 hours, guaranteed in 5 business days)
• Extra, our free gallery hosting with Zero Commission print sales
• Commitment Free for the First 30 Days
Image by Danny Dong Photography
Jared Platt
“The color correction is ShootDotEdit’s job, the art and style is my job. I focus my time on being creative and let them focus on being scientists.”
Danny Dong
"ShootDotEdit gives me free time to think about and produce creative images. I can concentrate less on editing and more on creating unique images for my clients!”
Use Promo Code: sde90
Fast Fast Turnaround
Your jobs are returned back to you as fast as 48 hours, never any longer than 5 business days.
Slow season, busy season - our turnaround time remains the same - FAST.
Commitment Free for the
First 30 Days
Yes, that’s right. We know trusting an expert with your post production is a big step. That’s why your subscription is Commitment Free for the First 30 Days.
Vanessa Joy
"ShootDotEdit has been a God-send to my wedding photography business. My clients see better quality images faster than I could ever get around to editing them, and I get to spend my time working ON my business like a CEO instead of IN it like a 9-5-er."
Roberto Valenzuela
"I have peace of mind that after the wedding shoot is done, the real bulk of the work will be handled by ShootDotEdit with the most extraordinary attention to detail and highest standards. When you have that time back, you have the freedom to use it as you wish."
“I have no idea how I’d get everything done if it wasn’t for one thing: ShootDotEdit. They are my lifesaver when it comes to A) making my images look gorgeous and consistent and B) staying up-to-date with all of my editing during busy wedding season.”
Jelger & Tanja
"When I started working with ShootDotEdit, my stress level went down. Our weddings were delivered ahead of our deadlines, resulting in raving clients.”
Only $299 per month
(yearly commitment)
Get your First Month 90% off!
Use Promo Code: sde90
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