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5 Wedding Photography Email Templates You Need

wedding photography email templates

When you are constantly meeting and booking new clients, your workload increases and you receive more tasks and projects which must be completed. Incorporating systems into your business to help you quickly master your workflow is necessary for you to succeed. Here at ShootDotEdit, we understand how important it is to have multiple systems in place, especially when it comes to tasks which take up your time.

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Photographer Email Templates

Throughout your interaction with your clients, your communication often occurs through email. Email is used to send over wedding photography packages, to confirm photo shoot timeframes, to gather information for the wedding timeline… and a whole host of other things! Because so many of your emails are the same from client to client, email templates help you speed up the process and make minimal changes for each client. Our 49 free Email Templates are available to make that part of your workflow much simpler. To ssimplify,we share here our top 5 wedding photography email templates you need to be using in your business.

1. New Inquiry Automated Response

This is perhaps the most important photographer email template there is. Getting back to your prospective client as fast as possible is vital. When a new client is interested in your services, they will reach your website, find your contact info, and reach out to you. Because this may happen on a regular occasion, you should have a photography email template which gives your potential clients a bit more information about you. With this template, all you would need to do is update the potential client’s name and the dates you would be available. Your new inquiry automated response template would look something like this:


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