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Destination Wedding Photographer Tips: How to Book Your First in 10 Days

Thinking about booking your first destination wedding, but aren’t sure exactly where to start? We reached out wedding photographer, Mark Condon, of Shotkit to learn more about the step-by-step process that helped him book his first destination wedding in under 10 days! Keep reading to learn more about destination wedding photographer tips that can work for your business.

mark condon of shotkit


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Challenges Wedding Photographers Face During the Bridal Prep Photos

challenges during the bridal prep photos

More often than not, wedding days are hectic. Running behind, forgetting things, too much to get done in too short of a time period – all of these are too common on a wedding day. And, often this starts before the wedding ceremony ever begins. It starts early on the morning of the wedding, when the bride and her family and friends gather to start getting ready.

For a wedding photographer, the getting ready section of the day can produce some of the most intimate and artistic images from the entire day. However, there are a lot of challenges that can come with shooting the getting ready images. Today we want talk about 4 of the biggest challenges that happen during the bridal prep photos, and solutions to overcome them.

Problem #1

The room is a disaster.

You walk into the room the bride is getting ready in, and your heart sinks. You look around and see a mess everywhere. It could be the byproduct of a hotel room that is way too small for the number of people it has in it. It could be a byproduct of everyone running behind and not picking up after themselves. Either way, the room is a disaster, and you have to create lasting images with a challenging backdrop.


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Behind the Scenes with Rangefinder: Secrets to Becoming One of the 30 Rising Stars

Here at ShootDotEdit, we understand how important it is for you to stay relevant and up-to-date in the ever-changing wedding photography industry. Not only do we provide you with wedding photography post production services, we also love to share tips and tricks to help you elevate your skills and place your images in front of ideal clients. One way to share your images with larger audiences of ideal clients is to have your work featured in a publication.

Rangefinder Magazine is an award-winning monthly magazine for wedding and portrait photographers, and the official publication of WPPI. Every year, they choose 30 Rising Stars to feature in the magazine. Getting featured is a perfect way to showcase your images and encourage ideal clients to learn more about you. Today, editor-in-chief of Rangefinder Magazine, Jacqueline Tobin, is sharing what she looks for in your wedding work to become one of the 30 Rising Stars.


Back in the 80’s, when I was right out of college and working as an editorial assistant at Photo District News, featuring wedding photography in the pages of the magazine was a non-issue. We just didn’t go there. Terms like “weekend warrior” and “amateur” were bandied about in reference to wedding shooters, and weddings were something photographers covered on the side but didn’t talk about. Then wedding photojournalist Denis Reggie’s image of John Kennedy Jr. kissing his new wife Carolyn Bessette’s hand came along and caused a sensation, even described by the Wall Street Journal as “the watershed image that transformed wedding photography forever.”

Image Compliments of Lucy Spartalis


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4 Tips to Capturing Killer Ceremony Details


During the wedding day shoot, there are various moments which require you to capture specific details from each part of the day. These details range from the bride’s dress and the groom’s tux, to the bridesmaids’ flowers, and the wedding cake and the table decor. Capturing details during the wedding day enhances your storytelling ability, creating a picture for your couple when they receive their images from you.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we’ve discussed how to shoot details such as the wedding rings and other getting ready items. Today, we’re excited to feature photography duo, Amy and Jordan Demos, who are going to share with you how you can document the important details of the wedding ceremony. Here are Amy and Jordan’s 4 tips to capturing killer ceremony details every time.



Our brides, their planners, and their floral designers spend months dreaming up the perfect ceremony decor, which is why we are committed to capturing killer images to show off all their hard work! These photos always make it into our couple’s album, and frequently end up being featured on the websites of the creative team AND on national inspiration blogs, so we have lots of reasons to make sure we are proud of them!


Image Compliments of Amy and Jordan Demos


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Instagram for the Wedding Photographer Guide


With 400 million active users every month, Instagram is an ideal social media platform for you to share your images. Although your presence is necessary on Instagram, finding followers who represent qualities of your ideal clients can be challenging and time-consuming. In our guide, we’ll share how you can create a cohesive Instagram strategy to quickly find and attract followers who are perfect for you.

Instagram for the Wedding Photographer



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Our Top Guide of 2015


Here at ShootDotEdit, not only do we provide wedding photography editing services, we are passionate about assisting you in growing your business. Throughout the year, we have provided you with advanced and up-to-date educational resources covering topics relevant to your photography business. These topics included growing your business through systems and workflow tools, photography style posts, and inspiration from industry pros.

In addition to our weekly blog posts, webinars, and other photography related content, we created comprehensive guides which specifically cater to certain aspects of wedding photography. These guides allow you to take a deep dive into one aspect of photography that you want to improve on or incorporate into your business.

This year, we released a guide to help you grow your business, a guide to help you master Facebook, a guide to help you effectively use lighting for your clients, and a guide to help you stay busy during the off-season. Out of these resourceful guides, one guide in particular covered a topic which causes photographers challenges in the industry today: Posing! With expert testimonies and resourceful tips for wedding photographers, this is our top guide of 2015:

Posing for the Wedding Photographer



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How to Shoot with Strobes


As you begin to build a portfolio for your wedding photography business, it can be necessary to have a diversified collection of photos to show potential clients. Although some locations do not require you to bring along any additional lighting resources, there are many shooting situations that need extra equipment. In the past, we’ve shared how to shoot with speedlights, as well as how to diffuse light. Today, we’re going to share how you can use strobes during your wedding shoots to create the perfect light.

Strobes are off-camera lights you can position anywhere on location to help you shoot the images you desire. Unlike the flash built into your camera, strobes give you the flexibility to place the light in any position to capture the best shots. By having the ability to control the lighting in every image you take, you can create more consistency in your images before you send them to a photo editing company. Here are some simple tips to help you get started using strobes to capture dynamic images during your wedding shoots.

Develop a Mood

With every image, you want to tell a story or send a message that relates to the wedding day. Besides providing light for your shoot, strobes allow you to add in special effects to create a specific mood for the couples’ wedding photos. If you are lighting your couple from behind and also have a light source in the front, then you have the potential to evenly light the whole image while placing a rim light around your couple. This will help you create a lighter feel to your images, while showcasing your couple.


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