Wedding Photography Lighting Tips

2 Simple Photography Lighting Techniques for Wedding Photographers

2 Simple Photography Lighting Techniques

As a wedding photographer, lighting is one of the most challenging aspects you face. Every shoot you encounter differs, and it requires you to have a vast knowledge of photography lighting techniques and how to properly use them. We reached out to wedding photographer Mark Condon from Shotkit to discover his secrets to photography lighting techniques you can use for your upcoming shoots!

mark condon of shotkit


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4 Photography Lighting Techniques for the Wedding Party Portraits

Wedding parties, just like family formals, can be challenging to shoot, especially depending on how many people are involved, the scene where you are shooting, and the lighting conditions. Lighting, as many other parts of the wedding day, can be unpredictable on every shoot. In her third post of her Wedding Lighting Masterclass, ShootDotEdit Pro, Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers will share her photography lighting techniques to help you shoot dynamic images quickly for the wedding party.

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Photography Lighting Setups During the Wedding Family Formals

wedding photography lighting tips

It’s that part of the day… the wedding family formals, where you have to (quickly) gather the bride and groom’s family members and take a few memorable photos of everyone together. This is where your skills and confidence as a photographer comes in handy – especially when it comes to photography lighting. Because lighting is unpredictable, you must be prepared for any type of condition during this part of the wedding day. With multiple people together (their attention spans fading…), how can you create the perfect light to quickly capture these images? In her second post of her Wedding Lighting Masterclass, ShootDotEdit Customer, Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers will share her wedding photography lighting tips to help you shoot confidently through the family formals.

Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers Headshot

One of the leading wedding photographers in Pittsburgh, Leeann Marie has created an exclusive brand that is family focused for the cosmopolitan bride. She’s a national speaker for WPPI, has been in business for 9 years, and has a background in Industrial Engineering giving her a unique perspective on photography and business. She relies heavily on systems in her business to accomplish all of her goals, and has been a ShootDotEdit happy photographer for seven years. She lives in the city of Pittsburgh with her husband and daughter. She loves looking out her back window into the firefly-lit woods, and enjoying a night out for sushi and drinks with friends. Learn more about Leeann on her website and Instagram account!


Welcome to the Wedding Lighting Masterclass! This is the first article in the series, which I hope will help you to learn some valuable techniques for perfectly managing and lighting the different photography scenarios that you will be faced with on a wedding day.

A few notes about this course:


I truly believe that “Fast Is Best”, which is (obviously) why I love ShootDotEdit 🙂 But really, one of the key valuable principles that I bring to my brides and grooms each wedding day is an experience that is organized, hassle-free, and yet still beautifully lit and happy.

Keeping my lighting scenarios as fast as possible allows me to move between scenarios quickly, while still creating beautiful photography for my couples. I do use natural light as a photographer, but I’m not afraid of flash in the least, and work with tools and an arsenal of mental notes (lots of them that are described in this course!) to help me move between situations quickly and flawlessly.


In the photography-world, there are a million ways to light one simple scene. The methods outlined in this course are my personal preferences, and I encourage you to try them and then modify if necessary to fit your photography style and client needs.


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6 Quick Lighting Tips from Wedding Pros


Lighting is a crucial aspect of your wedding photography. When you understand how to properly use light in your wedding shoots, you elevate your images (as well as your brand). You also gain the ability to identify light in any location, which helps speed up your shoots. Since there are always new things to learn about light and how to use it for your benefit, here are 6 quick lighting tips from wedding pros.

1. Find Natural Diffusion

Wedding photography duo Zach and Jody Gray discuss how to find natural diffusion in your shoots, especially when shooting at sunset with natural light. They first find something to take the sun (which is still a little bit up in the sky) and diffuse it, but not block it completely. Then, they put their clients’ backs to the sun, so the light creates a nice halo effect. Because they live in Tennessee and have a lot of trees there, they try to find one with some colored leaves on it that can tone down the power of the light and give them that glow and vibrant color.


Image Compliments of Zach and Jody Gray


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