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Pro Photo Supply Companies of 2017: Our Thanks to These Awesome Partners

pro photo supply companies of 2017

Here at ShootDotEdit, we’re fortunate enough to work with pro wedding photographers throughout the world. We’ve also built awesome connections with industry-leading pro photo supply companies to bring you valuable and relevant resources. Before the end of the year nears, we wanted to say a big thank you to those companies who partnered with us and supported us throughout 2017! Read on to learn more about each of these amazing companies in the photography industry.


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Wedding Photographers Reveal their Source of Inspiration


Take a moment and think back to when you first decided you wanted to become a photographer. What was the first thing that made you decide to do this for a living? One of the biggest reasons may be the passion you have for capturing stunning photos of your couple’s special day. Even if you also love the business owner portion of your job, running a photography business is not always the easiest task. So you can continue to grow and improve your business, even when you feel discouraged, we reached out to a few industry pros to find out what inspires them to create the best photography business possible.

Discover Your Value

With the multiple tasks constantly on your plate, how do you maintain your happiness and take care of the tasks which will contribute to your overall goals? Rachel Rossetti, Pittsburgh wedding and portrait photographer, finds inspiration through understanding what is valuable in her life.

“Real inspiration to grow my photography business did not happen until I realized that my time is valuable. My personal relationships are valuable. My health is valuable.  I am valuable. Real inspiration was discovering what I loved about photography, and separating that from the menial tasks that stood in the way of me getting better at those parts.” – Rachel Rossetti


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How to Keep your Gear Safe in Dangerous Conditions


In your photography business, your gear is part of the reason you have the ability to take gorgeous photos. Regardless of how expensive or new your equipment is, keeping your gear safe is crucial. When you shoot the engagement session or wedding day, there is always a chance you may be working in conditions which are not ideal, especially for the safety of your gear. Purchasing gear can become quite the expense for your business, so replacing it every time you shoot in unpleasant weather may not necessarily be feasible for your bottom line.

Shooting in climates which provide rain or snow (or dirt and sand) can already be a challenge, especially to capture the perfect shots. But, how can it affect your gear? So you can avoid ruining your equipment and replacing it every time you shoot in unfavorable locations, here are a few ways you can keep your gear safe in dangerous conditions.

Supply Covers for Your Gear

One of the best ways for you to protect your gear in any shooting situation is to cover it. Among other issues, direct sunlight is not ideal for your camera, and neither is the freezing cold. When the weather is too hot or muggy, the seals on your camera may dry out, risking the chance of dust, dirt, or sand in your camera (or even water if you are shooting on a rainy day). When shooting in freezing weather, there is a chance your camera’s battery life can run out more quickly.


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4 Quick Tips to Booking Destination Weddings


As a wedding photographer, do you have a specialty which is recognizable to your ideal clients? Your specialty can range from shooting indoor or outdoor weddings, or specific scenarios you prefer to work in. A bride and groom looking for a wedding photographer most likely have an idea of where they would like their wedding day to take place. If you shoot only locally, your ideal clients will hire you to shoot in your current location. If you prefer to shoot outside of your area, you are a destination wedding photographer who has a wider range of clients to reach out to.

Booking destination weddings gives you the opportunity to travel, meet new people from different parts of the world, and photograph beautiful images of unique locations for your couples. Since the booking process differs slightly based on the fact that you may shoot in a different location for every single wedding, we wanted to share 4 quick tips with you to speed up the process.

1. Target Your Market on Facebook

When a couple searches for a wedding photographer, one of the places they look to find out more about you is social media, specifically Facebook. Since your Facebook page should reflect your brand (who you are as a photographer and business owner), the message you send clients should be one that is trustworthy. After all, couples looking for a destination wedding photographer may not be anywhere near you to meet you in person. Your Facebook page should send clients a message which assists them in trusting you for their big day.


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Stay Inspired: How One Photographer Turned Crisis into Community


With every person you encounter during your career, you will find they each have a unique story that got them to where they are today. Denver, Colorado photographer, Sarah Roshan, is no exception to this. Years ago, after learning the news that a car accident would leave her unable to pursue her painting career, she decided to start her wedding photography business.

Five years into running her own business in the competitive photography industry, one of the largest floods in Denver’s history happened right outside her door. The flood demolished everything; homes, cars, and buildings – including the destruction of many wedding venues and local vendors’ sites. Instead of immediately worrying for herself or her business, Sarah began to think of the couples who were scheduled to be married in the upcoming days and weeks. Realizing that these couples, as well as her fellow photographers and vendors, all who worked for months to prepare for the big day, would have no venue or equipment to work with, she quickly started formalizing a plan to help them.

Discovering Ways to Spread the Word

As Sarah started to reach out to local photographers, as well as the couples who were scheduled to marry, she realized there were more people who needed help (none of which were her clients). These were clients of her fellow Denver wedding photographers, and though she did not immediately have anything to gain for her own photography business, she felt a sense of urgency to help the community during this time.


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6 Strategies for Gorgeous First Look Imagery


Before the wedding day, the bride and groom spend months planning and making decisions to ensure everything is as they envisioned. Now that the wedding is finally here, you have the ability to capture some of the most crucial parts of the day. From getting ready, to the ceremony, to the reception, you document the details that matter.

In addition to photographing these important moments, you can also include a first look with the bride and groom. This moment is just for them, with no distractions or interruptions. During this time, you have another unique opportunity to capture the most genuine expressions and reactions from your couple. Here are 6 ways for you to shoot gorgeous first look imagery during your next wedding shoot.


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How to Turn New Customers into Loyal Fans


In today’s competitive photography market, you need more than satisfied customers to have a thriving business. When engaged couples book you as their wedding photographer, they have committed to you and placed their faith (and money) in you and your business. Just as you trust your wedding photo editing company to take care of your post production needs, your clients are relying on you for an unforgettable experience. Even though you booked them, your work is just beginning! Once booked, you have the opportunity to provide each couple with an amazing experience leading up to their wedding day that converts them into true fans.

By turning your customers into fans, you have the opportunity to convert them into lifelong clients, and they can be trusted referral sources for you! Here are a few ways to turn new customers into loyal fans of your wedding photography business.

Understand their Needs

As a wedding photographer, remember that you are an expert in all things related to the wedding day.  Your engaged customers lean on you for your professional advice, so use your expertise to help them makes plans and decisions. By helping them, you can alleviate some of their stress that comes along with planning one of the most important days of their lives.

Create content that will help them through the planning stages. For example, one of the ways you can help share valuable wedding information is by creating a a customized bridal guide for your newly booked engaged couples. Guides are a resourceful way to answer any necessary questions, and they are great tools for your customers to pass along to friends and family! [···]

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