Staying Inspired as a Wedding Photographer

Top 5 Tips for Staying Inspired as a Wedding Photographer

staying inspired as a wedding photographer

It’s no secret your schedule can become hectic and your task list can pile, especially depending on the time of year. When you have little time and too many tasks on your plate, your creativity can decrease and your stress can rise. Add in shooting in the same locations over and over, and any photographer can fall into a creative funk. How can you always keep yourself motivated and creative to shoot images your clients will love?


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Stay Inspired: How One Photographer Turned Crisis into Community


With every person you encounter during your career, you will find they each have a unique story that got them to where they are today. Denver, Colorado photographer, Sarah Roshan, is no exception to this. Years ago, after learning the news that a car accident would leave her unable to pursue her painting career, she decided to start her wedding photography business.

Five years into running her own business in the competitive photography industry, one of the largest floods in Denver’s history happened right outside her door. The flood demolished everything; homes, cars, and buildings – including the destruction of many wedding venues and local vendors’ sites. Instead of immediately worrying for herself or her business, Sarah began to think of the couples who were scheduled to be married in the upcoming days and weeks. Realizing that these couples, as well as her fellow photographers and vendors, all who worked for months to prepare for the big day, would have no venue or equipment to work with, she quickly started formalizing a plan to help them.

Discovering Ways to Spread the Word

As Sarah started to reach out to local photographers, as well as the couples who were scheduled to marry, she realized there were more people who needed help (none of which were her clients). These were clients of her fellow Denver wedding photographers, and though she did not immediately have anything to gain for her own photography business, she felt a sense of urgency to help the community during this time.


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