How to Use Off-Camera Flash as a Wedding Photographer

Top 5 Tips for Easy Off Camera Flash Setups for Wedding Photographers

Of the challenging lighting scenarios you face during the wedding day, the reception provides a handful of issues for you to overcome. From low light, to uplighting, to constant movement from your couple and guests, there are plenty of obstacles during the reception. How can you quickly create light and not miss any of the important moments?

In our Online Training: 3 Easy Off Camera Flash Lighting Setups for Wedding Photographers, Matt Kennedy of The International Academy of Wedding Photographers shared his personal tips for off camera flash techniques during even the most difficult lighting scenarios. Here are the top 5 tips from the Training to using off camera flash on your upcoming wedding photography shoots.

1. Understand How to Use Flash

There are many things you can do with off camera flash while on location, especially during the reception. You can work with ambient or natural light in many situations, but using an off camera flash setup can help you get a better image without completely changing the look of the photo or your style. When you understand how to use flash, you are working to create top images for your clients.

black and white first dance wedding photo

Image Compliments of Matt Kennedy Photography


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