Ask Anything with Wedding Photographer Roberto Valenzuela

Ask Anything: A Live Q+A with Wedding Photographer Roberto Valenzuela

ask anything with wedding photographer roberto valenzuela

Last month, we hosted an all-day, online photography event and one of the best parts was when wedding photographer, Roberto Valenzuela, jumped into the chats and answered questions from photographers from all around the world! It brought valuable insights, built a community between photographers, and gave us a great idea.

Roberto Valenzuela is an international award-winning wedding photographer. As a best-selling author, a Canon Explorer of Light, and a world-traveling educator, he has plenty of knowledge to share. During our free, Live Q+A, you get to ask Roberto ANYTHING!

Introducing: Ask Anything with Roberto Valenzuela: a Live Q+A

Wednesday, September 13th 
10am PDT


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