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Top Lightroom Tips to Implement into Your Wedding Workflow


As a photographer, there are plenty of elements that go into the wedding process, especially your post-wedding workflow. One of the top tools for you to learn and feel comfortable with is Lightroom. When used correctly, Lightroom can help speed up your workflow and keep you as organized as possible. Since you work with various clients and have many tasks to accomplish, organization and speed are keys to your success.

In our Online Trainings, Guides, and blog posts, Lightroom Guru and ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Jared Platt, has shared valuable tips for how to use Lightroom to maximize your workflow. Here are the top Lightroom tips you should implement into your wedding workflow from the expert.

Organize Folders

Lightroom allows you to have folders to keep your images organized and easily accessible. Some of the ways to properly use folders in Lightroom is to create individual folders for each session you shoot. Use a folder structure that is similar to the way you store images on your hard drive. Make sure that the folders you create have descriptive names and avoid dates in their naming structure. Learn more about how to organize folders in Lightroom here.


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Lightroom vs. Photoshop: When You Should Use Each


As a photographer who is busy working with clients, shooting their engagement and wedding photos, and spending hours on your post-wedding workflow, incorporating tools which help you decrease your time spent is crucial to your success. Of the workflow options you have, two of the highest regarded programs for photographers are Lightroom and Photoshop. Each of these post-wedding workflow systems assist you in quickly working on images to send them to your clients. They are also programs you can use after your images are color corrected by a wedding photo editing service, such as ShootDotEdit.

Sometimes, it can be confusing to know which one you should be using during your post-wedding workflow, especially when you may be knowledgeable about both. For you to have the fastest workflow possible, we wanted to share with you what the appropriate times are to use both Lightroom and Photoshop.


During the wedding shoot, you do your best to make your clients look flawless. Sometimes, there are unflattering elements in the photos, such as stray hairs or blemishes which are apparent in the image. When you are looking to quickly fix these issues, Photoshop allows you to use various tools, like the spot healing brush and patch tool to retouch your photos. Lightroom also has some great tools for basic retouching. If you want to do basic blemish removal and skin smoothing, you can stay in Lightroom to perform your edits. When you are looking to perform heavy retouching, which requires the liquify tool and others, you can use Photoshop for this.

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6 Ways to Organize Your Lightroom Folder Structure

lightroom folder structure

In your wedding photography business, post production is a large part of your post-wedding workflow. Even if you outsource photo editing to a company like ShootDotEdit, you will still spend time in Lightroom, so organization is key to ensure you are fast and efficient. That is especially true when it comes to your Lightroom folder structure.


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Top 5 Tips to Use Presets with your Color Corrections


Regardless of how many weddings you shoot per year, your post production workflow can be the most time-consuming part of your job. As a business owner, it is important to master your post-wedding workflow to ensure it is not taking up too much of your time. Using presets in Lightroom can help you speed up your workflow and deliver breathtaking images.

In his fifth webinar with ShootDotEdit, Jared Platt shared how to strategically create and use presets in your post-wedding workflow. Decrease your post-wedding workflow time when you implement these top five tips using presets with your color corrected images.

1. Develop Multiple Presets

After your images are color corrected and have a consistent look, it can be helpful for you to add a few of your own edits to showcase your personal style. Though it may take a bit of time upfront, creating separate presets can help you achieve your desired look in the least amount of time. For instance, you may want one image to include an increase in saturation, a reduction in clarity, and a vignette. But, there may also be times when you want to use one effect. If this is the case, you are making extra work for yourself when you try to undo one of the effects in the preset. When you create separate, specific presets, you will not need to go back and make changes that cause you to make additional changes.


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Lightroom CC Workflow



Now that our Lightroom CC Workflow for photographers is here, as a part of our wedding photography editing services, we are giving you the opportunity to grab a year of Lightroom CC for FREE! Through the end of day Friday June 19th, grab UNLIMITED editing and we’ll pick up the tab for Lightroom CC. You’ll solve your post production for the busy shooting season, and also get to take advantage of all the additions to Lightroom’s newest update!

Why should you upgrade to Lightroom CC? It’s the fastest way to get your images exactly how you want them – with the help of ShootDotEdit’s wedding photography post processing services!

Other important benefits for you as a photographer include:

  • Fast importing and exporting of your images
  • Facial recognition and tags allow you to quickly search for the bride and groom
  • Mobile option! Work on your images anywhere at any time!

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Top 5 Tips for Lightroom CC


As a wedding photographer, it is essential to have an efficient post-wedding workflow. Not only will this help you save time, but you will be able to deliver images to your clients faster, making them happy and more likely to refer you! With the release of Lightroom CC (or Lightroom 6), this increases the number of ways that you can improve your workflow.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we’re excited to announce that we put together a new Lightroom CC Workflow for photographers! The changes, though minimal, are going to save you more time throughout the busy wedding season, allowing you to spend more time shooting and meeting ideal clients! With our new workflow, not only can you build your ShootDotEdit CAT the same way as you prep and build for your ShootDotEdit job, you can follow the same steps for reallocating your Lightroom 5 Workflow.

Want to read more about the LRCC features and benefits?  CLICK HERE

1. Take Advantage of the Speed

With Lightroom CC, you are setting yourself up with faster technology that allows you to speed up your overall workflow. This is especially helpful for you during the busy wedding season when sending your images to ShootDotEdit for your color correction needs. The time it takes to import and export images, along with the rendering of images, is faster than previous versions of Lightroom. By utilizing the facial recognition to create tags, along with the ability to work on your mobile device, you can speed up the time you spend working on and organizing your images. [···]

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CreativeLive Course: The Ultimate Lightroom CC Workflow featuring Jared Platt

CreativeLive is our favorite resource for awesome online education for professional photographers! We’re excited to share with you that our Advocate Jared Platt will be teaching The Ultimate Lightroom CC Workflow!

In The Ultimate Lightroom CC Workflow, you’ll learn Jared Platt’s go-to tips and tricks for retouching and managing files quickly and efficiently. Jared will share insights on improving every phase of your workflow, from shooting to archiving. You’ll learn how to take advantage of the latest Lightroom tools and features, as well as become faster and more skilled at post wedding photography. Take a look at this short video to see one of Jared’s quick Lightroom tips:


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Top 5 Tips: Lightroom Shortcuts for Wedding Photographers

top 5 tips for lightroom shortcuts

As a wedding photographer, the time you have to work on your business is valuable. Though post production is a part of your photography workflow, it is not necessary for you to spend hours on your images. Integrating Lightroom into your workflow is essential to limiting the amount of time you dedicate to post production. There are many photography workflow Lightroom tricks that we have shared with you, from basic tips to advanced tips. Today, we want to focus on Lightroom shortcuts.


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Top 5 Advanced Lightroom Tips

advanced lightroom tips

We spend a lot of time talking about workflow, specifically your Lightroom workflow – what can we say, we love Color Correction and providing you with wedding photo editing tips! In our Online Training: Advanced Lightroom Skillsets, workflow expert Jared Platt took an in-depth look at Lightroom and provided you with advanced tips for mastering Lightroom.


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