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Jared Platt

Jared Platt

ShootDotEdit has earned photographers’ trust over the years. They’re invested in your success and have the marketing knowledge. So when they say they want to start generating income for photographers… I say,

      “When can I sign up?”

We are going to Market for you
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ShootDotEdit is known as one of the best marketers in the industry,
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*Only available to ShootDotEdit customers

Zero Everything

Zero Commission Fees

Zero Hosting Fees

Zero Storage Fees

What is Extra?


Elegant Gallery

Beautiful Client Galleries to Share, Deliver, Proof, and Sell


Expert Marketing

A Team of Experts Marketing your Images on your Behalf


Zero Commission
Print Fulfillment

Full Control over Pricing, Products, and Fulfillment

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The Customer Focused Workflow

Love your Customers and Guests with meaningful and relevant experiences.
Get profitable results for your studio.

For ShootDotEdit Customers

Personalized Experiences for your Guests…
More Money for you

Show your Customers you Love Them

We show each of your Gallery guests the value of the print. We deliver meaningful and relevant content to each of your guests so they can understand its value, in a way that puts their happiness first.

Give them Help that they Love

With Extra, each guest will receive unique content designed for the unique role they played at the wedding. Mother of the Bride? She gets a unique and personalized experience, because she had a very unique role. A groomsmen? Well, he would get a completely different experience. Your Gallery guest will not only love your images but they will love the experience we create.

You Get Profitable Results

When each guest receives a unique experience in viewing the wedding images, they feel loved and cared for. This meaningful experience increases the happiness of your guests and increase your profits. More Money from Every Wedding. The best part? We do it all for you 🙂

is complimentary with any
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