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19 Hashtags You Need to Use on Instagram


Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for wedding photography business owners. Using Instagram to attract new clients and grow your wedding photography business is a smart strategy, but where do you turn to attract viewers to your Instagram page? Hashtags are the #1 way to drive traffic to your Instagram account, and we’ve done the research on the top wedding hashtags on Instagram.

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Hashtags on social media are not a new concept. Other social media platforms allow you to use hashtags, as well. On Instagram, though, hashtags are one of the top ways to skyrocket your reach to find and book potential clients. Using hashtags properly allows for you to get noticed by couples that are in your target market. But how can you find the most relevant hashtags for your account?

Over the past year, we’ve gone out and done the research for you. ShootDotEdit is the first choice post processing partner for the professional wedding photographer. We provide wedding photo editing for pro wedding photographers and portrait photographers. Here are the 19 hashtags we’ve found you need to use on Instagram, along with a few advanced tips and tricks to maximize your Instagram strategy. Lastly, don’t miss the bonus we have for you!

Wedding Hashtags for Instagram

When a bride is searching on Instagram for inspiration, she will likely search for wedding-related hashtags. Including wedding-related hashtags on your posts, even ones you wouldn’t think have a lot of traction on them, help place you in front of clients who are ideal for your business. Bridal hashtags on Instagram that are best to use for your wedding photography are:


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Facebook for the Wedding Photographer Guide


In the competitive wedding photography business, it is necessary for you to stand out against the other competitors. One of the best parts about being a photographer is that you have an abundance of free content at your fingertips – your images! With those images, you can share your content with thousands of followers on Facebook. Facebook is a perfect tool for you to use to attract new clients… if you know how to use it. Facebook allows you to create a unique brand message, and then share that to your target audience.

However, using Facebook can be challenging – it can be difficult to know whether you are getting the most value out of using the social platform. How can you create a social media strategy in Facebook that will benefit you and help grow your business? We have the perfect guide to help you get the best out of your efforts: Facebook for the Wedding Photographer Guide!


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Who’s Doing it Right on Facebook


With over 1.35 billion active users on Facebook, this social platform is a great way to share your photography business with current and potential clients, as well as friends and family. Facebook provides photographers with the ultimate marketing tool to grow your business.

Wedding photographer JP Elario uses Facebook to effectively optimize his business. With over 7,700 likes, JP excels at sharing his content with his followers on Facebook. Through stunning images, consistent blog posting, and engaging posts, JP’s Facebook Page invites you to stay awhile. Here are some of the ways that JP uses Facebook to create connections with his clients that you can use in your business!


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Top 5 Tips for Using Instagram for your Business


On a daily basis, 75 million Instagram users sign into their personal accounts. On a monthly basis, over 500 million users search Instagram for appealing images. Instagram is becoming a necessary social media outlet for business owners, especially wedding photographers who can share beautiful images with potential clients.

In our Instagram for the Wedding Photographer Guide, we discuss simple strategies to help you develop and maintain a successful Instagram account. We also showcase a few Instagram pros who share their techniques to mastering Instagram. Here are 5 tips to help you properly use Instagram in for your wedding photography business.

1. Create Two Profiles

Consider creating two separate profiles – a wedding photography business profile and a personal profile. In your business profile, it is still important to share some personal photos, but you can use this to primarily showcase your wedding photos and gain followers who are potentially interested in booking you. If you started on Instagram with a personal profile, change that Instagram handle to your photography business name – this way, all of your followers will now be following your wedding photography business. Simply changing your handle allows you to keep the followers you gained and allows you to create a more business-centric page. From here, you can create a new personal Instagram account.

Image Compliments of CHARD Photo


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Top 5 Tips for Better Blogging


Blogging is an essential part of being a wedding photography business owner. When you blog effectively, you build your audience and can find ideal clients that will help you grow your business.

In The Secrets of Blogging for the Savvy Photographer Webinar, photographers Jeff and Erin Youngren shared some of the most important blogging tips and tricks to help you find the clients you want to work with. Here are the top 5 tips that will help you improve your blogging.

1. Be strategic

In your blog, be sure to write, post, and build content based on the people you want to photograph. When you are writing content, think of what your clients would like to read or like to see. Knowing your audience is an important part of your business strategy, as it will lead you to ideal clients. Take some time to figure out who your ideal client is and create content that you know they would enjoy reading. [···]

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3 Tips for More Effective Facebook Posting


With over 1.35 billion active users on Facebook, it is one of the most popular social platforms you can use to advertise your wedding photography business. This social site can be the ultimate marketing tool to grow your business, so how can you effectively post on Facebook to increase traffic to your business? Here are three tips that will help you succeed in creating effective Facebook posts.

1. Post when people are online

While you may be the most creative at 2am and produce great blog posts at that hour, resist the temptation to post them to Facebook right away. Though it may seem like a great idea to get it live on Facebook as soon as possible, consider who is actually online at that time. Are the clients that you cater to sleeping or awake and active? Are your Facebook followers working during this time or are they free somewhere that they can browse the Internet? If you want more people to see your post, make sure to post when people are at their computers and actively on Facebook. [···]

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3 Blogs Every Wedding Photographer Should Follow


Inspiration comes in many forms and, when you are running your own photography business, you may find you need encouragement for many different areas. Especially during this time of year, it’s important to stay motivated as a wedding photographer. Recently, we talked about which photographers to follow for inspiration and why, but sometimes it is best to check out other sources of photography, particularly ones that deal with the craft and the business of photography. Here are our top 3 photography reference blogs.

LensProToGo Lab


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A few recent Tweets and Emails from our customers…

First, the team at ShootDotEdit would like to thank all of you who participated in the FREE post production contest last week. It was a huge success and this promo really went viral (amazing at how quick things travel on Twitter, its like word of mouth on steroids). If you’re not on Twitter yet, follow us @ShootDotEdit.

In no particular order, here are a few recent “I Want My Life Back” Tweets & emails.  These were 6 of our favorites that came from new customers that were ALL FINISHED handling their own wedding photo edits!

1. Where have you been all my life? I am so excited to have found your service. Maybe now I can stop wearing a name tag around my kids. Ha-ha. Tell me more! I want my life back, so I can shoot more people.”

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4. “Hey!! I have been really interested in outsourcing my post processing but have been having a hard time finding a company that I really love, and then I found you! my heart literally skipped a beat!”

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5. “I am a wife, mother, teacher, and photographer (among other things)……You sound perfect for me to be able to shoot what I want and when I want without the stress of editing. I was wishing there was someone who could do it for me. Here you are!!”

6. “Looking to turn my light off at night and grow my business. Signed – yet another control freak up here in Canada :)”

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