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Finding Great Shooting Locations: Make it Personal


As a professional wedding photographer, finding unique shooting locations for your couples can be quite the challenge! As the years go by, clients tend to request the same locations, and you’re required to get unique images each and every time. Or, if you’re lucky, they might turn to you for advice. But, if you’re like so many photographers, its tough to think of new and amazing photo locations each and every time.

To help us out, we’ve brought in Melissa Jill, an established (and amazing) Arizona Wedding Photographer. She’s going to break down a TON of tips and tricks over the course of 5 amazing blog posts. Today’s is the first installment:
I know I get bored and uninspired when I shoot at the same location over and over. And it can be VERY challenging as a photographer to come up with new locations — especially when you’ve been in business in the same city for YEARS. So photographers — I feel your pain.

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The 5 Questions All Great Bios Answer


When searching for a wedding photographer online, a potential client will come across your website and review the services you offer. After reviewing what you have to offer, the client will want to know more about you. It is essential to have a bio page, because this will help the client get to know you on a personal level and see what makes you unique. Your bio is also the best way to showcase your skills, experience, and specialties to clients who have not met you before.

When you are writing your bio, there are five must-have questions to consider. Photographer Mike Allebach offers these questions that all great bios answer.

1. Who are you?


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The 4 Most Important Pages of your Website

In today’s high-tech world, over 20 million people shop on the Internet. As a business owner, it is necessary for you to have a website to represent your wedding photography. The website you create should represent the important aspects of your business, drawing potential clients to you and your services. By refining your website and only including the information that potential clients want to see, you will eliminate confusion and book more clients. Here are the four most important pages to include on your photography website.

1. Photo Gallery


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Pro Wedding Photographer Tips: 3 Tricks to Posing the Groomsmen


Last month, we talked about a few essential tips for how to take the richest, most natural, and memorable images when posing the bridesmaids. This week, we are again focusing on the art of wedding photography poses by sharing three tricks to bring the most out of the groomsmen.

We know that the bride gets most of the attention on the big day, but it is important not to discount the groom. After all, there wouldn’t be a wedding without both of them, and the rules to posing the women do not always apply when posing the men. No matter what the wedding attire, the guys have spent time and money to look their best. Plus, one of the best ways to make the bride happy is to make her husband look good! Make sure your images capture how handsome they look with a few easy tips.

Download our free Posing Guide here, with 34 pages of posing tips and tricks from 9 successful wedding photographers!

Focus on the Details

Focusing on details are just as important with both men and women. Just because they are men doesn’t mean you should be any less concerned with the details. Make sure they have their boutonnieres on and straight. Check that their jackets are lying appropriately. Remember that, often times, they may not wear suits or tuxes. Your signature style can aid you as you utilize the details from both their clothes and the environment. They will appreciate your trained eye to know they are looking their best. (The bride will appreciate it too!)

outdoor groomsmen photography

Image Compliments of Lin and Jirsa Photography


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Creating a Manual for your Wedding Photography Business


To run a successful business, every aspect of your business needs to be dialed in. By creating a manual that outlines every aspect of your systems, you will know it inside and out. This allows you to review everything you currently do and refine any areas that may include unnecessary steps.

When you have a manual that refines each system in your business and properly delegates each task, you can spend more time focusing on other areas to help your business grow. While you don’t have to delegate each task, the mere act of having it properly created and refined creates freedom. Here are three steps to creating a manual:

1. Write the Process


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The Album Design Solution – Our Partner Align

As many successful photographers would attest to, one key to growing your business is letting go. Outsourcing things that you don’t have to do saves you time and actually makes you more money. You’re not stuck behind the computer doing countless hours of color correction or album design that someone else would love to do. Instead, you’re out doing what you love and what generates a profit!

Align Sample Album Design 1

Image by Jeremy Chou Photography


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The Key to being Unique as a Wedding Photographer

In the competitive world of wedding photography, your business must stand out from the rest. As a business owner, you should decide what unique qualities will set you apart from other photography businesses. Creating a focused message for your business will help to attract your ideal clients and set the stage for growth. With help from a wedding photo editing company, such as ShootDotEdit, you can take the time to discover who you are as a business owner and photographer.

Why exactly do you want to showcase your unique qualities to clients? The Internet is full of advertisements from competitors, who also use creative selling points to entice potential clients. You want to stand out—you want clients to remember you every time they hear about a photography opportunity. Here are some ways to be unique in your message and differentiate yourself from other photographers:

Find out what your clients want to know


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Pro Wedding Photographer Tips: 10 Tips to Nail the Engagement Session


Engagement sessions are a great way to connect with your clients, but they are very different from the grueling marathon of photographing a wedding. You have a lot more time than you do on the wedding day to set up poses and get to know the couple. Here at ShootDotEdit, we help wedding pros with their color correction and print sales, and we see a lot of engagement sessions each and every season. Here are 10 tips to help professional wedding photographers nail the engagement session and your engagement photo poses.

Download our free Posing Guide here, with 34 pages of posing tips and tricks from 9 successful wedding photographers!

1. Use Basic Poses

Engagement Shoots should always follow the KISS principle – Keep It Simple – particularly when it comes to posing. Basic wedding photographer poses always help to get the best shots and help the session to flow smoothly. Pick poses that you know in advance will be flattering and comfortable to both the future bride and the groom. It can be good to have a few “go-to” poses, just in case you get in a bind. For more posing tips, make sure to watch our Posing Critique Online Training with Roberto Valenzuela.

Image Compliments of Leeann Marie, The Leeann Marie Collective


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The 5 Step Process for Setting an Achievable Goal


Coming up with an achievable goal is not always easy—that’s why creating a specific plan for this is essential. To set your business up for success and achieve the most possible, you need a system in place. The SMART system (Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic, Time-Setting) is designed to help you determine your goal and guide you to consistent success. Here is the 5 step process of the SMART system that will assist you in setting an achievable goal:

1. Specific

Metrics need to be clear in determining what you want to accomplish. Add numerical and precise values to your goal so you can visually chart your progress as well as your success. Rather than saying, “I want to shoot a lot of weddings this year,” add a defined number to that goal. “I want to shoot 25 weddings this year” is measurable and allows you to chart your progress. By keeping track of your progress, you can stay focused on your goal. [···]

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Limited Offer: No Risk Color Correction


There are some things in your business that should not involve risk – your post production is one of them. That is why our UNLIMITED editing is COMMITMENT FREE.

What does that mean for you and your business? It means you focus your time on profit-producing tasks: marketing, networking with vendors, optimizing your blog (just to name a few). [···]

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