6 Ways to Prepare your Business for a Baby


As an expecting parent, you are thrilled for the arrival of your new baby. As a wedding photography business owner, it can be challenging (and a bit scary!) to figure out how you will run your business while taking care of your baby. While you may learn that things do not always go as planned with a baby, the key to becoming successful at both jobs is to prepare as much as you can in advance. Here are 6 tips that will assist you in prepping your business before you have a baby.

1. Book clients in advance

Meeting with new clients can be time-consuming because you are getting to know the couple while helping them plan out the most important day of their lives. Scheduling meetings may become challenging when the baby is born, so it is helpful to schedule as many meetings as possible before the baby’s due date. The more weddings that you can book ahead of time, the easier it will be to plan those wedding days out in advance to ensure that everything is taken care of and there is a family member or caretaker you trust to watch the baby. By booking far in advance, it will also help you secure work for when you do have your baby. [···]

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Top 5 Tips for Shooting Wedding Photography


Before the wedding day, you spend months getting to know the bride and groom. The couple has seen what you have to offer through meeting you and observing your website and is anxious to see what type of images you will produce on the big day. Here are the top 5 tips for shooting wedding photos that will assist you in the necessary preparation you need to create a successful day for the bride and groom.

1. Scout the location

Visiting the location before the wedding will make a difference in the type of images you provide to your clients. You will become more familiar with the location, the lighting, and where you will need to stand to take the right shots. When scouting, arrive at the location around the same time of day that you will shoot the wedding. This will help you see what type of lighting there is at this time of day and what equipment you need to bring. [···]

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The 30 Must-Have Shots from the Wedding Ceremony

30-must have wedding ceremony shots

On their wedding day, the bride and groom are wrapped up in wedding festivities, such as reciting vows, taking photos, visiting with family and friends, and dancing the night away. Because the bride and groom have many roles to play on their wedding day, there are many moments that the couple will miss. You have the unique opportunity to capture those moments with your camera. As you prepare your image list for your next wedding, check out these 30 must-have shots from the ceremony you can include to show your couple every important moment of their day.

Download our 127 Essential Images Guide to receive a comprehensive photography playbook for the wedding day!

1. Details of the Ceremony Site

Before guests arrive and the ceremony begins, be sure to take photos of the ceremony site with no one in it. These are great shots for the bride and groom to see all of the details that went into their ceremony site, and you can also share these images with vendors!


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Top 5 Tips for Using Instagram for your Business


On a daily basis, 75 million Instagram users sign into their personal accounts. On a monthly basis, over 500 million users search Instagram for appealing images. Instagram is becoming a necessary social media outlet for business owners, especially wedding photographers who can share beautiful images with potential clients.

In our Instagram for the Wedding Photographer Guide, we discuss simple strategies to help you develop and maintain a successful Instagram account. We also showcase a few Instagram pros who share their techniques to mastering Instagram. Here are 5 tips to help you properly use Instagram in for your wedding photography business.

1. Create Two Profiles

Consider creating two separate profiles – a wedding photography business profile and a personal profile. In your business profile, it is still important to share some personal photos, but you can use this to primarily showcase your wedding photos and gain followers who are potentially interested in booking you. If you started on Instagram with a personal profile, change that Instagram handle to your photography business name – this way, all of your followers will now be following your wedding photography business. Simply changing your handle allows you to keep the followers you gained and allows you to create a more business-centric page. From here, you can create a new personal Instagram account.

Image Compliments of CHARD Photographer


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Balancing Your Business and a Baby: Long Term Sustainability and Health


Today is the final post in our Blog Series: Balancing Your Business and a Baby with Leeann Marie. Setting yourself up for long term sustainability and health – that’s the theme for today. Before the baby arrives, it is important to take a look at your business and personal life to figure out what adjustments and changes need to be made. Leeann has several insights about areas to look at to set yourself up for success once the baby arrives.


This is the last part of my Business and Baby series! Wahhhh! Wait. Was that the baby?

Today we’ll sum it all together – we started with the idea of creating a routine when the baby has arrived, how to manage your limited amount of spare time, balancing 3 jobs, and how to tackle wedding days. Today we’ll talk about the final piece: preparing for baby by setting up your business and personal life for success. [···]

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Recharge Webinar Series


As you wind up another great year of photographing weddings, take advantage of the offseason to reflect and determine which areas of your business you want to recharge. With several different areas you can focus on, it can be challenging to know where to focus your time. In order to continue education in recharging your business, we have 5 awesome webinars lined up for you! We’re covering a little bit of everything – posing, off-camera lighting, pricing, workflow, and referrals – so take a look and sign up for all of the areas you want to recharge this season!

Image Break


Live Posing Critique with Roberto Valenzuela
Speaker: Roberto Valenzuela
Thursday, January 8th, 10am PST

Join Roberto Valenzuela for this unique opportunity to have your images critiqued! In this live webinar, Roberto will be providing valuable Posing insights on wedding photographs submitted from around the world. Sign up, submit an image, and come watch Roberto live as he discusses Posing and simple secrets for any situation. Supported by WPPI.

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CreativeLive’s Holiday Sale 2014


The holidays are a time of giving and sharing with friends, family, and fellow photographers. We’re excited to share that CreativeLive, an online education resource for professional photographers, is having their 2014 Holiday Sale! They believe that creativity is not only a great gift to give yourself, but a great gift to share with your family and friends, especially during the holidays.

CL Holiday Sale


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Top 5 Tips for Better Blogging


Blogging is an essential part of being a wedding photography business owner. When you blog effectively, you build your audience and can find ideal clients that will help you grow your business.

In The Secrets of Blogging for the Savvy Photographer Webinar, photographers Jeff and Erin Youngren shared some of the most important blogging tips and tricks to help you find the clients you want to work with. Here are the top 5 tips that will help you improve your blogging.

1. Be strategic

In your blog, be sure to write, post, and build content based on the people you want to photograph. When you are writing content, think of what your clients would like to read or like to see. Knowing your audience is an important part of your business strategy, as it will lead you to ideal clients. Take some time to figure out who your ideal client is and create content that you know they would enjoy reading. [···]

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Balancing Your Business and a Baby: The Details behind Shooting with a Newborn


We’re continuing in our Blog Series: Balancing Your Business and a Baby with Leeann Marie. Today we’re going to focus on some of the details behind shooting a wedding with a newborn. When it comes to wedding photography, there are some aspects of it (such as shooting the wedding) that have to be done without your baby by your side. Leeann shares how to successfully make it through these days!


Welcome back! In previous articles, I’ve touched upon how to create routine, ways to tackle your To-Do list during naptimes, and how you have multiple roles that you must become accustomed to with the arrival of a baby into your home and work-life.

All of these pieces are big parts of your working life, and it’s important to be able to get work done in your office when you can. However, what are wedding photographers to do when it comes to the other part of our jobs: working with clients and photographing events? There are some adjustments that must be made, but it’s all pretty easy when you have a game plan! Let’s get into it!

Client Meetings


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Balancing Your Business and a Baby: How to Balance Your 3 Jobs


We’re continuing in our Blog Series: Balancing Your Business and a Baby with Leeann Marie. It takes time and a lot of adjusting to add the responsibility of caring for a baby with your other roles, and today we’re going to highlight the three jobs you have and how to create structure around them.


Whew! Tired yet?

You’re full-force into baby-duty, or perhaps you’re trying your best to make a “game plan” for when baby comes. Either way, you’ve wrapped your mind around the idea of creating routine and managing your limited amount of spare time. Those are concrete ideas, and hopefully you have some solid ideas on how to incorporate them into your new days. [···]

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