The 10 Must-Have Shots From the Reception

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You just finished shooting a wonderful tear-jerking wedding ceremony, and you nailed all of the must-have shots. As the bride and groom happily run off as husband and wife, you think to yourself, “only 5 more hours left of coverage!” While that can seem exhausting at first, there’s good news! The hard part is over, and it’s almost time for you to capture some fun moments from the party – the reception!

Wedding reception traditions have been around for centuries. As a wedding photographer, it is your job to document these so that your couples can show their children and continue the traditions for years to come. Here are the 10 must-have shots that you must take from the wedding reception – and some fun facts to help you understand the importance of certain traditions!

1. The Grand Entrance

During the cocktail hour, the guests anticipate the arrival of the newlyweds to the reception. Once the couple walks through the doors, music blaring, the host will announce them and the room will go wild. It is the first time that they will be introduced to their friends and family as husband and wife. Make sure you snap a ton of pictures of the excitement on the bride and groom’s face during this moment. [···]

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Top 5 Tips for In-Person Sales


When it comes to running a wedding photography business, it’s no secret that sales can be a challenging skill to master. We have shared how outsourcing your images to photo editing companies can help to give yourself free time to focus on your marketing, blogging, and networking. The free time that you have can also be used toward mastering in-person sales! Although it can be difficult at times, selling your products and services is a key to increasing the profit to your business.

In our Secrets to In-Person Sales Webinar, business coach Jeff Jochum shared helpful tips to assist you in growing your business through sales. We’ve put together the top 5 tips for in-person sales to get you started today.

1. Understand Client Behaviors

In your wedding photography business, there are several couples you come into contact with. In order to book the right clients, there are three kinds of client behaviors to understand. [···]

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Lightroom CC Q&A Webinar with Jared Platt



Jared Platt is known as the Wedding Photography Lightroom Expert. Jared has walked through the Lightroom 5 Basics , Advanced Lightroom Techniques, and Lightroom Speed Tips. We’ve brought him back for another Lightroom Webinar, focused on Lightroom CC! In this Webinar, Jared will give a demo of Adobe’s newest post production platform as he highlights the newest features. The live webinar will be interactive and give you the chance to get your questions answered.

Thursday, April 23rd
10am – 11am PST

ShootDotEdit-CreativeLive-PhotoWeek2014-RSVP2 [···]

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The 15 Must-Have Shots During the Getting Ready


After months of planning and preparing, the big day has finally arrived for the bride and groom! Before you shoot the ceremony, portraits, or the reception, you typically begin by capturing the getting ready moments for both the bride and groom. Since this is a time that they will spend apart, it will be exciting for them to see images of one another getting ready for the ceremony. The photos you take start the beginning of their wedding story, so it is necessary for you to document every detail to tell a fluid story. Here are the 15 must-have shots for you to capture while the bride and groom get ready for their big moment!

1. Hair and Makeup

The bride spent hours choosing the perfect look for her big day. While she gets her hair and makeup done, take before and after images to showcase her how she transformed into a bride.

2. The Dress and Shoes

Though the bride will have various pictures in her wedding dress and shoes throughout the day, be sure to capture images of these items before she has them on. The wedding dress is one of the most important details of the wedding day and holds a sentimental value to the bride. Each bride has her own sense of style, and this can really be seen through the dress and shoes she picks! [···]

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4 Tips for Better Body Language


Throughout every shoot you do with your couples, you coach them on the best ways to pose, ensuring that they look stunning in each image. When you receive your images back from ShootDotEdit’s photography editing services, you review to make sure that your clients sent a proper message with their body language that represented the wedding day. If they were slouching or leaning in the pose, the message is not as strong. Body language is the key to sending the right message, especially in photography!

This applies to you as a business owner, as well! One of the reasons your clients booked you is because they had a positive experience with you during the initial meeting. When you interact with your clients, it is crucial for you to begin creating trust. Not only does your body language increase your clients’ trust, it also boosts your confidence, which enhances the ability for you to book and sell your highest packages. Here are 4 tips for you to ensure that your body language is sending the right message.

1. Maintain Eye Contact

From the moment you meet your potential clients, eye contact is crucial! There is a balance to this, though – too much eye contact can make you come across as intimidating and even rude, and too little eye contact can give clients the impression that you are insecure or unprepared. So how do you find a balance to the right amount of eye contact? As a rule of thumb, keeping eye contact between 30%-60% of the time will help to create a comfortable atmosphere for both you and your clients! [···]

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6 Tips for Better Networking Connections


In today’s technology driven society, we are glued to our devices. As you rush to meet with potential clients for a meeting, you strive to fit in as many texts in as possible before you need to shove your phone in your pocket and be personable for the next hour. Once you arrive at the meeting, you realize something – you are blanking on what to say, and without your email in front of you, you are drawing a blank on the names of the clients you’re meeting with. As a wedding photographer, the power of communication is a crucial and necessary tool you need to develop strong relationships with clients and vendors.

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success” – Paul J. Meyer

Here are six communication tips for better networking connections that will help you create lasting relationships with your clients and vendors.

1. Showcase Authenticity

When you are meeting with clients or vendors, one of the most important things you can do is to be yourself. Create a unique message that represents you and your brand, and let this shine through in every interaction you have with others! Say what you mean, not what you think clients want to hear – it is important to always be yourself. When communicating, be open and honest, ensuring that you are properly representing your brand at all times. As long as you are always being authentic, it is okay if you are not booking every client – remember, you want to focus on finding your ideal client each time! [···]

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The Impact ShootDotEdit has on Photographers’ Businesses

After you shoot a wedding, you head home, sit at your computer, and begin the hours of post processing work to quickly get your images to your clients. What you may not realize is that the hours invested into editing your images is time that you could spend growing your wedding photography business! Here at ShootDotEdit, we cure the pain of post processing for photographers around the globe. Outsourcing photo editing to us means that we take care of 90% of the workload, leaving you with only 10% (adding your Signature Style). When you use our photo editing services, you are freeing yourself up to do more of what you love – shooting!

Roberto Valenzuela says it best:

Quote_Roberto2_Banner [···]

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Top 5 Tips for Booking the $10k Wedding


As a wedding photographer, booking clients is the lifeline to your business. It is also important for you to constantly focus on your growth and the direction you want to take to reach the next level. One way to achieve your goals is by booking high end brides who will pay you what you are worth!

In our Secrets to Booking the $10k Wedding Webinar, wedding photographer Scott Robert Lim shares ways for you to establish your brand and raise your prices. Here are 5 tips to help you reach high end brides and develop your Luxury Brand.

1. Reinvent Your Brand

The wedding industry is constantly evolving, so it is important for you to reinvent yourself and your brand every few years. You already have beautiful images and great marketing techniques, but you must have more than good quality to create a Luxury Brand. Start to develop a persona that matches a Luxury Bride’s expectations by booking the right clients, setting the perfect prices, and creating a unique and intriguing style. [···]

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Understanding a Client Referral: Creating True Believers


As a wedding photographer, one of the best ways for you to get the word out about your business is through client referrals. We have spent some time sharing with you how to create a loyal following of Advocates and Evangelists, both who will happily recommend you and your wedding photography business to friends, family, and colleagues. So how do you move clients to becoming True Believers, the third and highest tier of customer referrals? True Believers refer you to others because of YOU rather than what you do – they believe in you as a person. You want to make it a goal of yours to create a band of True Believers who will spread the word about you and your business!

Know Your Message

To convert clients into True Believers, you must develop a clearly defined message and live by it. Having a strong message is essential because True Believers want more than just a quality product and a sharable experience – they need a message that they can stand behind and share with their friends and family as they refer you! Taking the time to know who you are and what you and your brand stands for is the only way to develop a genuine message. Remember to make your message as specific as possible! [···]

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Selling Prints – Is it worth it?


If you ask a wedding photographer in the digital age if selling prints are valuable to their business, you may hear an array of conflicting answers. Though giving prints to clients used to be standard for photographers, advancements in technology has made it more difficult to convince clients to purchase prints in addition to digital services.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we understand the importance of growing your business. We allow you to outsource photo editing to save you time for other parts of your business, such as sales! Understanding how to sell prints to your clients will not only increase the profit for your business, but it will also allow you to reach future clients. Think of the friends and family that will see your prints in the bride and groom’s home! They will admire your work and know that they can call you if they need photography services. To determine if selling prints is worth it for your wedding photography business, here are some ways to help clients see the value in purchasing prints!

Educate Your Clients

You must provide insight to the bride and groom about the benefits of purchasing prints. It is necessary for you to discuss prints the first time you meet with your clients, so they are continuously hearing about them throughout their relationship with you. Most of them have little knowledge about photography, nor will they understand the true benefits of purchasing prints from the wedding day. When you sit down for your first meeting, explain why prints, canvases, and wall art is a must-have! They are a physical representation of the most important day of their lives. [···]

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