Top 5 Tips to Create Automated Systems for your Business


Creating systems that run almost on their own will help your wedding photography business to be as efficient as possible, ensuring that you never miss any crucial business tasks again. We invited Pittsburgh wedding photographer Leeann Marie, who also holds an Industrial Engineering degree, to share her secrets to help create automated systems for your workflow.

She listed 15 tips in this popular webinar we hosted in June, and we pulled 5 tips out that will help you to get more organized right away. Even if you only implement one tip a month, you will see an immediate difference in your business!

1. Make Invoicing Easy (So You Get Paid!)

Make invoicing as mindless as possible. It then becomes a task you don’t have to think about very often—and you still get paid! ShootQ is a great tool to use because it has invoicing built in along with all of your client information. Accounting software like Quickbooks can be another good resource for keeping track of invoicing and expenses, showing a full financial picture of your business. The final step is setting up your business with a credit card processing system. Clients are more likely to pay quickly if the process is as easy as possible for them.


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Finding Great Shooting Locations: Compositional Elements


We’re continuing in our Blog Series: Finding Great Shooting Locations with Melissa Jill. Today we’re going to highlight the necessities of composition at your location. Finding good locations to shoot in is a challenge that every photographer goes through. We’ve brought in one of the best in the business to help dissect the different aspects involved in finding great wedding photography locations!
Hey folks! If you’ve missed the first two posts in this series, click below to get caught up!

Part One: Make it Personal
Part Two: Light Trumps Background

As I mentioned in Part Two, my main source of inspiration for picking spots while shooting an engagement session or portraits during a wedding is light. I look for great light and let that direct my choices. Light is always my first concern, but often other things that help guide me are inspirational found objects and the opportunity to employ compositional elements.

Using inspiring objects to help guide location choices is a “no duh” for photographers — everyone does this. But I thought I’d mention it for the sake of being thorough :). Shadows aren’t objects per-se but they can function as such. I saw the shadow of this tree on the wall and it inspired me to create this image:



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5 Quick Tips to Empower your Second Shooter


Part of running a successful business is learning how to build a solid team. During the busy season, it’s vital to your success. Though you would love to be able to do it all on your own, having trusted partners will help your business continue to grow. One of the most trusted partners is your second shooter. Having a second shooter is a mutually beneficial relationship. While they learn from you, the pace and stress of your day is also lessened. But like any business partnership, you need to make sure that you set up your second shooter for success.

All relationships are built around trust, and the relationship you build with your second is no different. Whether this is the first time you have worked together or you have been paired for years, you need to arm them with the tools and knowledge to be a part of your company. Set clear expectations. It will help them succeed as your partner. Here are five things you can start doing now to empower your second shooter to succeed.

1. Give them an Agenda for the Day


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Finding Great Shooting Locations: Light Trumps Background


We’re continuing in our Blog Series: Finding Great Shooting Locations with Melissa Jill. Today we’re going to focus on the secrets to finding good light whenever you are selecting a location!
Today I’m continuing my series for photographers on tips for finding great shooting locations. Last week I talked about choosing locations based on who your client is — making each shoot personal and unique.

Whether you’re shooting portraits on a wedding day, engagement photos, or family portraits, you as a photographer are the one your clients trust to guide the shoot and place them in great locations. Oftentimes clients think we’re just looking for great backgrounds to use for the photos. We’ve all grown up taking our family portraits in front of the fireplace, taking vacation photos posing next to statues and taking outdoor portraits in front of fountains, right? Because everyone knows that the best spots for photos are by fireplaces, statues and fountains :). We laugh about this as professional photographers, but we have our very own equivalents to fireplaces, statues and fountains. They are: brightly colored walls, fields and alleys. We’re on the look-out during shoots for anything we think will serve as a great background for our portraits. [···]

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Staying Inspired (And Avoiding Burnout) During Busy Season


In every industry, there is a busy season. With the cooler weather returning to most of the country, autumn is the peak season for photography. Some of the best weddings of the year happen in the fall, and there are so many amazing details to capture at each event!

The ShootDotEdit Customer Experience team sees it all this time of year—all over the nation, photographers are overwhelmed during this busy season. There is this challenging juxtaposition: this time holds some of your most exciting weddings—the ones you waited all year for—but they come at the end of a long stretch. A long stretch that has left you tired. [···]

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Finding Great Shooting Locations: Make it Personal


As a professional wedding photographer, finding unique shooting locations for your couples can be quite the challenge! As the years go by, clients tend to request the same locations, and you’re required to get unique images each and every time. Or, if you’re lucky, they might turn to you for advice. But, if you’re like so many photographers, its tough to think of new and amazing photo locations each and every time.

To help us out, we’ve brought in Melissa Jill, an established (and amazing) Arizona Wedding Photographer. She’s going to break down a TON of tips and tricks over the course of 5 amazing blog posts. Today’s is the first installment:
I know I get bored and uninspired when I shoot at the same location over and over. And it can be VERY challenging as a photographer to come up with new locations — especially when you’ve been in business in the same city for YEARS. So photographers — I feel your pain.

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The 4 Most Important Pages of your Website

In today’s high-tech world, over 20 million people shop on the Internet. As a business owner, it is necessary for you to have a website to represent your wedding photography. The website you create should represent the important aspects of your business, drawing potential clients to you and your services. By refining your website and only including the information that potential clients want to see, you will eliminate confusion and book more clients. Here are the four most important pages to include on your photography website.

1. Photo Gallery


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Pro Wedding Photographer Tips: 3 Tricks to Posing the Groomsmen


Last month, we talked about a few essential tips for how to take the richest, most natural, and memorable images when posing the bridesmaids. This week, we are again focusing on the art of wedding photography poses by sharing three tricks to bring the most out of the groomsmen.

We know that the bride gets most of the attention on the big day, but it is important not to discount the groom. After all, there wouldn’t be a wedding without both of them, and the rules to posing the women do not always apply when posing the men. No matter what the wedding attire, the guys have spent time and money to look their best. Plus, one of the best ways to make the bride happy is to make her husband look good! Make sure your images capture how handsome they look with a few easy tips.

Download our free Posing Guide here, with 34 pages of posing tips and tricks from 9 successful wedding photographers!

Focus on the Details

Focusing on details are just as important with both men and women. Just because they are men doesn’t mean you should be any less concerned with the details. Make sure they have their boutonnieres on and straight. Check that their jackets are lying appropriately. Remember that, often times, they may not wear suits or tuxes. Your signature style can aid you as you utilize the details from both their clothes and the environment. They will appreciate your trained eye to know they are looking their best. (The bride will appreciate it too!)

outdoor groomsmen photography

Image Compliments of Lin and Jirsa Photography


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