Wedding Photography Posing Basics via SLR Lounge

Having a few “go-to” wedding photography poses is important for any wedding or portrait photographer. While it’s never a great idea to try to mold each and every couple into the same series of poses, it is extremely helpful to have a solid foundation in basic posing rules and techniques. The “V Up” is a name that we came up with for the most basic pose. This is the very first pose every wedding photographer should learn, perfect, and teach their subjects because it will be used so often throughout the wedding day. It’ll be the pose they get into for the family formals, for their classic full body portrait, and many more times throughout the day. Learn the fundamentals of this pose and how to use it by watching the video below.


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Pro Wedding Photographer Tips: 10 Tips to Nail the Engagement Session


Engagement sessions are a great way to connect with your clients, but they are very different from the grueling marathon of photographing a wedding. You have a lot more time than you do on the wedding day to set up poses and get to know the couple. Here at ShootDotEdit, we help wedding pros with their color correction and print sales, and we see a lot of engagement sessions each and every season. Here are 10 tips to help professional wedding photographers nail the engagement session.

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1. Use Basic Poses

Engagement Shoots should always follow the KISS principle – Keep It Simple – particularly when it comes to posing. Basic wedding photographer poses always help to get the best shots and help the session to flow smoothly. Pick poses that you know in advance will be flattering and comfortable to both the future bride and the groom. It can be good to have a few “go-to” poses, just in case you get in a bind. For more posing tips, make sure to watch our Posing Critique Online Training with Roberto Valenzuela.

Image Compliments of Leeann Marie, The Leeann Marie Collective


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The 5 Step Process for Setting an Achievable Goal


Coming up with an achievable goal is not always easy—that’s why creating a specific plan for this is essential. To set your business up for success and achieve the most possible, you need a system in place. The SMART system (Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic, Time-Setting) is designed to help you determine your goal and guide you to consistent success. Here is the 5 step process of the SMART system that will assist you in setting an achievable goal:

1. Specific

Metrics need to be clear in determining what you want to accomplish. Add numerical and precise values to your goal so you can visually chart your progress as well as your success. Rather than saying, “I want to shoot a lot of weddings this year,” add a defined number to that goal. “I want to shoot 25 weddings this year” is measurable and allows you to chart your progress. By keeping track of your progress, you can stay focused on your goal. [···]

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Limited Offer: No Risk Color Correction


There are some things in your business that should not involve risk – your post production is one of them. That is why our UNLIMITED editing is COMMITMENT FREE.

What does that mean for you and your business? It means you focus your time on profit-producing tasks: marketing, networking with vendors, optimizing your blog (just to name a few). [···]

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Stay Inspired: From the White House to Wedding Photography


At ShootDotEdit, we find inspiration in so many things. We are lucky to partner with some of the industry’s best companies and have some of the most successful wedding photographers as Advocates. In addition to this, we are fortunate to have a wide network of photographers and creative professionals that continually keep us motivated and inspired. [···]

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Posing Tips for Engagement Shoots via SLR Lounge

The most important thing to remember about wedding and engagement photography is to make the subjects look good. It sounds simple and obvious but it’s so easy to get caught up in camera techniques, lighting techniques, and the backgrounds of an image. And while these are all important to creating great imagery, it’s absolutely essential to get back to the basics of wedding photography poses and make sure you’re giving posing instructions, making adjustments, and taking proper angles to make your subjects look good.

(Lin and Jirsa Photography) [···]

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Pro Wedding Photographer Tips: 3 Tricks to Posing the Bridesmaids


Running a successful photography business is both an art and a science. We’ve posted a lot about the science of running a business, so now we would like to celebrate the art behind the wedding photography business. Your clients come to you for your signature style—the way that your skilled eye can capture moments on their beautiful day. But when it comes to the posed pictures, how can you include your favorite wedding photography poses with your signature style and make sure that the pictures do not end up looking staged or forced? Here at ShootDotEdit, we may have the perfect solution for you.

Today, we will focus on the bridesmaids and their posing needs. The bride and her bridesmaids have thought about their outfits for months and had their hair and makeup done special for this day. They are looking their best, but may need some help to feel natural on the day of the wedding. This is where you and your signature style come in. Here are three tricks for posing the bridesmaids that will help you to capture beautiful photos.


Image Compliments of Matt Kennedy


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Top 5 Tips for SEO


SEO is becoming more important now than ever. In 2012, the Knot published a study that showed that 98% of wedding planning is done online, with 63% of a client’s online time spent researching vendors through search engines and industry listings and 45% of their time using social media to talk about or to research their wedding. These numbers are only growing. [···]

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