New Features and Improvements

Lightroom CC Workflow



Now that our Lightroom CC Workflow for photographers is here, as a part of our wedding photography editing services, we are giving you the opportunity to grab a year of Lightroom CC for FREE! Through the end of day Friday June 19th, grab UNLIMITED editing and we’ll pick up the tab for Lightroom CC. You’ll solve your post production for the busy shooting season, and also get to take advantage of all the additions to Lightroom’s newest update!

Why should you upgrade to Lightroom CC? It’s the fastest way to get your images exactly how you want them – with the help of ShootDotEdit’s wedding photography post processing services!

Other important benefits for you as a photographer include:

  • Fast importing and exporting of your images
  • Facial recognition and tags allow you to quickly search for the bride and groom
  • Mobile option! Work on your images anywhere at any time!

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Introducing ShootDotEdit’s New Straightening Service


It’s here! The ShootDotEdit Straightening Service!

Our Straightening Service harnesses our proprietary “12 Lines of Reference” TM methodology designed specifically for Pro Wedding and Portrait photographers and the images they create. Our Straightening Service, a part of our photo editing services is live!

Stuff you should know:

  • Available immediately and for all event and job types!
  • Because this is a BETA release, we’re offering it for a nominal cost of only $0.01 per image
  • Available for Lightroom 4 & 5 Workflows only

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Brighter Color Profiles are here! Our Color Wizard 2.0


We’re Brighter

Last year, Jeff and Erin Youngren came to us with a challenge: their brand required brighter images, brighter tones. And, our platform didn’t provide the opportunity to create a color profile bright enough to meet their needs.

And so we listened. We surveyed. We tested. And, we listened some more for our photo editing services for photographers. [···]

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Announcing our Newest Partner – LulaWed

We are excited to welcome another partner to the ShootDotEdit family – LulaWed!
LulaWed resized


LulaWed is an image-driven wedding directory that helps wedding professionals connect and share images. This is yet another way that we are helping you grow your wedding photography business. Utilize ShootDotEdit for your wedding photo edits and use LulaWed to delight your vendors, and thus increase referrals.
The best part? ShootDotEdit photographers get access to LulaWed for FREE! Sign Up with LulaWed and use the Promo Code: SHOOTDOTEDIT

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ShootDotEdit Reviews from Professional Photographers: Introducing Case Studies

Deciding when to trust a Specialist with your post production is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. While many professional wedding photographers know about the benefits of taking the leap to outsource photo editing can have on their business, sometimes the last step needed is to hear from fellow photographers.


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Our Newest (Fast) Partner – Align Album Design

PrintYou choose ShootDotEdit as your wedding editing service because you believe Fast is Best for your clients and your business. When it comes to Album Design, we chose Align for the very same reason.

Fast is Best, and this partnership allows you to continue that speed in your album production.


You can access this partnership inside of your ShootDotEdit DotTracker account!


“We believe the faster we return your images, the happier your customers will be, the more your business will benefit.”

Take a look at all of ShootDotEdit’s Photo Editing Services here.

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Announcing our newest Integrated Partner – ShootProof

ShootProof Partner Integration - Please Download Images

Today, ShootProof joins ShootDotEdit as the newest integrated partner!

ShootProof is an online photo proofing service for event photographers to upload, share, and sell photography online. Best of all, with no commission fees!

Why ShootProof?

We partnered with ShootProof for the following reasons:

Easy and efficient way to proof and sell your photos online.


Partnered with four fantastic labs for printing.

We can now send your images straight from ShootDotEdit into your
ShootProof account! Fast is Best!!

Do you get special benefits? YES!

ShootProof has offered 20% off the first year with Promo Code: SDE20


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