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How to Start a Photography Business: The Wedding Photographer’s Guide

When you first picked up a camera and began taking pictures, do you remember how you felt? As you snapped photos of your surroundings or your friends and family, you may have thought about how getting into photography would be your dream job (and may have thought about starting a photography business).


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Holiday Session Email Templates for the Wedding Photographer


Thinking about the upcoming holidays and planning holiday portrait sessions may be a distant thought (we’re still in busy season, right?). With the wedding shoots stacked up, another project might seem out of the question. But, what if we had a way to plan your holiday sessions for you… and all you had to do was send the emails? With our Holiday Session Email Templates, created with Táve and France Photographers, we’ve made it simple and taken the guesswork out of launching these sessions!

Holiday Email Session Templates for the Wedding Photographer



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Top 5 Tips to Use Presets with your Color Corrections


Regardless of how many weddings you shoot per year, your post production workflow can be the most time-consuming part of your job. As a business owner, it is important to master your post-wedding workflow to ensure it is not taking up too much of your time. Using presets in Lightroom can help you speed up your workflow and deliver breathtaking images.

In his fifth webinar with ShootDotEdit, Jared Platt shared how to strategically create and use presets in your post-wedding workflow. Decrease your post-wedding workflow time when you implement these top five tips using presets with your color corrected images.

1. Develop Multiple Presets

After your images are color corrected and have a consistent look, it can be helpful for you to add a few of your own edits to showcase your personal style. Though it may take a bit of time upfront, creating separate presets can help you achieve your desired look in the least amount of time. For instance, you may want one image to include an increase in saturation, a reduction in clarity, and a vignette. But, there may also be times when you want to use one effect. If this is the case, you are making extra work for yourself when you try to undo one of the effects in the preset. When you create separate, specific presets, you will not need to go back and make changes that cause you to make additional changes.


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27 Ways to Increase Bookings for Your Wedding Photography Business Next Year

wedding photography business tips

No matter what time of year it is, it’s always a good time to focus on increasing bookings for your wedding photography business. Wedding photographers typically book many months in advance, sometimes even years prior. Because of this, changes and improvements you make today could take quite awhile to be reflected in your profits. We have valuable tips to share that can help you learn how to get more business each year.


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Posing Deep Dive: Contrasting Colors can Make or Break Images


When you are photographing couples, there are several factors to take into consideration in order to produce a beautiful photo. Not only do you need to examine your surroundings, understand the lighting, and determine the best pose, but you also need to look at elements such as color. Color can play a large role in your images, because it can direct your attention to a certain aspect of the photo.

In our Posing Critique Webinar with Roberto, one of the goals was to help photographers learn posing techniques to enhance and improve their work. Today, we are continuing our Posing Deep Dive series with Roberto Valenzuela, where he takes a clinical look at some of the images submitted and provide tips and insights on how to improve them! In this second installment, Roberto explains the importance of being aware of colors in your shot and how they can affect the focal point of the image. Enjoy!
This week, I want to focus on an image submitted from Vince Murdock from Indigo Sky Photography. Overall, this photo is beautifully done, and the contact between the couple engages the viewer, and a true connection is made.

KB-19 proof3 [···]

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CreativeLive Course: Location, Posing, Execution with Roberto Valenzuela


CreativeLive is our favorite resource for awesome online education for professional photographers. Photographer and author Roberto Valenzuela spent time teaching the fundamentals of posing in his CreativeLive class, Location, Posing, Execution. We have exciting news – from May 31st to June 1st, CreativeLive is rebroadcasting Roberto’s class for FREE!

As a wedding photographer, posing is one of the most crucial parts of creating stunning images for your clients. By simply understanding the basics of how to pose your clients, you can speed up your shooting process and make sure that your clients look their best in every image! [···]

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Top 5 Tips for Lightroom CC


As a wedding photographer, it is essential to have an efficient post-wedding workflow. Not only will this help you save time, but you will be able to deliver images to your clients faster, making them happy and more likely to refer you! With the release of Lightroom CC (or Lightroom 6), this increases the number of ways that you can improve your workflow.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we’re excited to announce that we put together a new Lightroom CC Workflow for photographers! The changes, though minimal, are going to save you more time throughout the busy wedding season, allowing you to spend more time shooting and meeting ideal clients! With our new workflow, not only can you build your ShootDotEdit CAT the same way as you prep and build for your ShootDotEdit job, you can follow the same steps for reallocating your Lightroom 5 Workflow.

Want to read more about the LRCC features and benefits?  CLICK HERE

1. Take Advantage of the Speed

With Lightroom CC, you are setting yourself up with faster technology that allows you to speed up your overall workflow. This is especially helpful for you during the busy wedding season when sending your images to ShootDotEdit for your color correction needs. The time it takes to import and export images, along with the rendering of images, is faster than previous versions of Lightroom. By utilizing the facial recognition to create tags, along with the ability to work on your mobile device, you can speed up the time you spend working on and organizing your images. [···]

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CreativeLive Course: The Ultimate Lightroom CC Workflow featuring Jared Platt

CreativeLive is our favorite resource for awesome online education for professional photographers! We’re excited to share with you that our Advocate Jared Platt will be teaching The Ultimate Lightroom CC Workflow!

In The Ultimate Lightroom CC Workflow, you’ll learn Jared Platt’s go-to tips and tricks for retouching and managing files quickly and efficiently. Jared will share insights on improving every phase of your workflow, from shooting to archiving. You’ll learn how to take advantage of the latest Lightroom tools and features, as well as become faster and more skilled at post wedding photography. Take a look at this short video to see one of Jared’s quick Lightroom tips:


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The Impact ShootDotEdit has on Photographers’ Businesses

After you shoot a wedding, you head home, sit at your computer, and begin the hours of post processing work to quickly get your images to your clients. What you may not realize is that the hours invested into editing your images is time that you could spend growing your wedding photography business! Here at ShootDotEdit, we cure the pain of post processing for photographers around the globe. Outsourcing photo editing to us means that we take care of 90% of the workload, leaving you with only 10% (adding your Signature Style). When you use our photo editing services, you are freeing yourself up to do more of what you love – shooting!

Roberto Valenzuela says it best:

Quote_Roberto2_Banner [···]

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