Limited Offer: No Risk Color Correction


There are some things in your business that should not involve risk – your post production is one of them. That is why our UNLIMITED editing is COMMITMENT FREE.

What does that mean for you and your business? It means you focus your time on profit-producing tasks: marketing, networking with vendors, optimizing your blog (just to name a few). [···]

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CreativeLive’s Photo Week 2014


Each year, CreativeLive gathers the world’s best and most prolific photographer instructors for a full week of Free, Live, Streaming Photographer Education: Photo Week! From master classes to gear demos and how-to’s, these six days will offer something for beginner and experienced photographers alike. Streaming live across three channels, you’ll get all new material on wedding, portrait, commercial, real estate, GoPro, Instagram, film, and outdoor photography. [···]

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Stay Inspired: From the White House to Wedding Photography


At ShootDotEdit, we find inspiration in so many things. We are lucky to partner with some of the industry’s best companies and have some of the most successful wedding photographers as Advocates. In addition to this, we are fortunate to have a wide network of photographers and creative professionals that continually keep us motivated and inspired. [···]

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Pro Wedding Photographer Tips: 3 Tricks to Posing the Bridesmaids


Running a successful photography business is both an art and a science. We’ve posted a lot about the science of running a business, so now we would like to celebrate the art behind the wedding photography business. Your clients come to you for your signature style—the way that your skilled eye can capture moments on their beautiful day. But when it comes to the posed pictures, how can you include your favorite wedding photography poses with your signature style and make sure that the pictures do not end up looking staged or forced? Here at ShootDotEdit, we may have the perfect solution for you.

Today, we will focus on the bridesmaids and their posing needs. The bride and her bridesmaids have thought about their outfits for months and had their hair and makeup done special for this day. They are looking their best, but may need some help to feel natural on the day of the wedding. This is where you and your signature style come in. Here are three tricks for posing the bridesmaids that will help you to capture beautiful photos.


Image Compliments of Matt Kennedy


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The Science of Setting Goals That Will Actually Motivate You


As a business owner, it is important to remember that goals are necessary to provide structure within your business. Setting goals will lead to the success and longevity of your business. The easiest way to begin goal setting is to determine what metrics are important for you and your business. Metrics are essential, for they give you specific measurements and a framework for making your goals achievable. Here are three ways to set goals that will actually motivate you to grow your business. [···]

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Top 5 Tips for SEO


SEO is becoming more important now than ever. In 2012, the Knot published a study that showed that 98% of wedding planning is done online, with 63% of a client’s online time spent researching vendors through search engines and industry listings and 45% of their time using social media to talk about or to research their wedding. These numbers are only growing. [···]

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The 4 Secrets to Building a Killer Pricing Page

4Secrets_Pricing_BannerSetting up photography pricing can be a professional photographer’s Achilles Heel. Price too high, and you may have no clients; price too low, and you may work a lot but never break even. As a business owner, you need to know your pricing as well as you know your camera. With this healthy balance, you will be well on your way to successfully optimizing your photography business. For you to have the best business you can, we wanted to share these 4 secrets to creating a killer pricing sheet that will help you to book your dream clients.


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