Selling Prints – Is it worth it?


If you ask a wedding photographer in the digital age if selling prints are valuable to their business, you may hear an array of conflicting answers. Though giving prints to clients used to be standard for photographers, advancements in technology has made it more difficult to convince clients to purchase prints in addition to digital services.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we understand the importance of growing your business. We allow you to outsource photo editing to save you time for other parts of your business, such as sales! Understanding how to sell prints to your clients will not only increase the profit for your business, but it will also allow you to reach future clients. Think of the friends and family that will see your prints in the bride and groom’s home! They will admire your work and know that they can call you if they need photography services. To determine if selling prints is worth it for your wedding photography business, here are some ways to help clients see the value in purchasing prints!

Educate Your Clients

You must provide insight to the bride and groom about the benefits of purchasing prints. It is necessary for you to discuss prints the first time you meet with your clients, so they are continuously hearing about them throughout their relationship with you. Most of them have little knowledge about photography, nor will they understand the true benefits of purchasing prints from the wedding day. When you sit down for your first meeting, explain why prints, canvases, and wall art is a must-have! They are a physical representation of the most important day of their lives. [···]

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The Guide to Marketing for Wedding Photographers

In order to rise above the noise in today’s highly competitive photography industry and be noticed, you must provide valuable, well-timed information that is highly personalized. Hear from the industry’s best as they share strategies to using your content to market your business in our Guide to Marketing for Wedding Photographers.

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GUIDE_ContentMarketing-Book900-2 [···]

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Understanding a Client Referral: The Evangelist


You just booked your dream couple, and you are ecstatic to photograph their wedding. In your business, one of your goals is to identify your target market and only shoot weddings that fall in that category. So once you book your ideal client, how do you get them to refer you to like-minded friends and family? You need to create memorable, unique experiences that move them up the client referral ladder! We have discussed how to create Advocates, the first tier of a client referral. The Evangelist is the second tier of client referrals can help share your message.

The main difference between an Advocate and an Evangelist is that the Evangelist will mention you without first being prompted. An Evangelist remembers the personal experience they had with you and your business, and will share that information with others. In order to move the client from the Advocate to the Evangelist level, you need to create great experiences for them. These experiences are unique to each client and something they will remember that you did personally for them. This creates a more powerful and passionate reason for referring you. Here are 3 ways to create Evangelists out of your clients!

#1. Coordinate a viewing party

Once the wedding is over and you complete the photography post production, a great way to create a connection is to invite your clients, as well as their friends and family, to a viewing party highlighting the photos taken from the special day! This is a personal gesture and is something that you are not required to do, which will be meaningful to your clients. Your clients will love all of the thought that went into planning this exclusive event and will be thrilled to see all of the vendors again that worked to make their day perfect. This will be a specific memory that couples remember about you that sets you apart from other photographers. [···]

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Announcing Custom ShootDotEdit Presets Powered by Totally Rad!


In 2014, adding Lightroom Presets was the #1 Requested Feature from our ShootDotEdit Customers. So, we made it our mission to partner with the very best in preset developers for wedding photographers. Totally Rad! was up for the challenge, and developed a set of custom ShootDotEdit Presets!

With over 20 presets, from rad black and white options to stylized sharpening to your favorite film emulsions, you can use these to enhance your Signature Style in union with ShootDotEdit’s custom color corrections. The best part? They are included for free as a ShootDotEdit Customer! Take a look at how wedding photographer Leeann Marie uses these presets on her images in this short video:


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3 Tips for Increasing your Post-Event Print Sales


As a professional wedding photographer, there are a variety of products and services you can offer to clients. From handcrafted albums to stunning 20×40 prints, it can be challenging to not only know how to price each item, but how to convince clients to buy the products as well!

We recently brought in Chris Scott, founder of Swift Galleries, to share insights on how to sell wall art to clients that they will love. Swift Galleries is a web-based tool for photographers to design, sell, and deliver perfectly-sized wall galleries. Here are 3 simple tips Chris has for increasing your post-event print sales!

1. Schedule Pre-Session Consultations

If you add just one thing to your process, make it the pre-session consultation. The consultation is the best way to set expectations for selling wall art. Even if you just tack 15 minutes on to the beginning of your sessions to start a dialogue about wall art, do it. By making a point to talk about wall art right away, clients will be more prepped and ready to purchase it during the sales session! [···]

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CreativeLive Course: Featuring Jared Bauman


CreativeLive is our favorite resource for awesome online education for professional photographers. We’re excited to share that ShootDotEdit‘s President, Jared Bauman, will be teaching Content Marketing for Photographers!

Traditional marketing is dead. Technology and social media have completely changed the way we attract clients – but the never-ending parade of changes can be overwhelming to busy photographers who are working hard to keep their businesses profitable. In Content Marketing for Photographers, Jared will share realistic, effective strategies and tactics you can use to revolutionize your marketing. You’ll learn how to: [···]

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Top 5 Tips for Selling Albums


Through the hustle and bustle of a wedding day, it can sometimes be hard for couples to truly enjoy all of the details surrounding them and moments that occur. So how can you help preserve the memories of the wedding day for them? Create an album! Not only is this a piece that your couples will cherish, but it is an easy way for friends and family to reminisce about the details of that special day as well! Incorporating albums into your packages assists you in maximizing your profit. If you want to satisfy your current clients and book ideal future clients, album design is an important aspect to include.

In our Profitable Album Design and Sales Webinar, wedding photographer Melissa Jill shared effective ways for photographers to utilize wedding albums to increase sales within their photography businesses. Here are the top 5 tips to help you boost your album sales.

1. Show your passion for creating albums

Since digital images are usually high in demand, it is your job to educate your clients on the importance of also having an album. A wedding day is a sentimental part of your clients’ lives, so explain why an album will create memories that will last a lifetime. While having the digital files are great, share with couples how wonderful it is to have a physical item that truly captures the highlights and most memorable moments of the day. [···]

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You Sell what you Show


Do you know one of the main reasons your clients may not be purchasing wall art from you? Even if you have it included on your pricing list, here’s a little secret – clients probably have no idea that you sell it! If they do see it on your list, they still may not entirely know what it is.

If the first time someone sees that you offer wall art is when they’re reviewing your price list, then it’s too late. Your clients need to know, up-front, that people come to you for wall art, not just for digital files to upload to Facebook. If you want to sell any significant amount of wall art, you need to start planting the seed for that sale before your clients ever step foot in front of a camera and before they contact you!

Thankfully, it’s easier than you might think. At ShootDotEdit, we specialize in wedding photography editing, so to help us out on this topic, we have brought in Chris Scott, founder of Swift Galleries. Swift Galleries is a web-based tool for photographers to design, sell, and deliver perfectly-sized wall galleries. Here are some simple tips he has for setting the stage for wall art sales to increase your profit!

Plant the Seed on Social Media

The best way for people to know that you offer wall art is by showing them! Jump into Swift Galleries (or even Photoshop) right now and design a wall gallery for the last 3 sessions you photographed. Share them on your business Facebook and Twitter pages, and talk about how you’re now offering wall art galleries. Every time you create a new gallery, share it on your social media accounts. [···]

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Top 5 Tips for Lightroom Shortcuts


As a wedding photographer, the time you have to work on your business is valuable. Though post production is a part of your workflow, it is not necessary for you to spend hours on your images. Integrating Lightroom into your workflow is essential to limiting the amount of time you dedicate to post production. There are many Lightroom tricks that we have shared with you, from basic tips to advanced tips.

In our Online Training: Lightroom Shortcuts and Speed Tips with Jared Platt, he revealed shortcuts that every Lightroom user needs to adopt in order to spend a minimal amount of time working on images. Here are the top 5 shortcuts tips for Lightroom that will speed up your workflow!

*Note: These shortcuts can be used in both Lightroom 5 and Lightroom CC!

1. Utilize keystrokes

When you shoot a wedding, you have hundreds of images to work on. After outsourcing photo editing to a company such as ShootDotEdit for color correction, it is time to add your Signature Style to each of your images! It can become time consuming to use the mouse to click through each of the buttons necessary to navigate through Lightroom’s variety of modules. By minimizing mouse clicks and utilizing keyboard shortcuts, you will have quicker access to manage your photos as well as navigate through and work in the various modules.


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Who’s Doing it Right on Facebook


With over 1.35 billion active users on Facebook, this social platform is a great way to share your photography business with current and potential clients, as well as friends and family. Facebook provides photographers with the ultimate marketing tool to grow your business.

Wedding photographer JP Elario uses Facebook to effectively optimize his business. With over 7,700 likes, JP excels at sharing his content with his followers on Facebook. Through stunning images, consistent blog posting, and engaging posts, JP’s Facebook Page invites you to stay awhile. Here are some of the ways that JP uses Facebook to create connections with his clients that you can use in your business!


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