Top 5 Tips for Getting Your Images Published

After the wedding day, how often do you submit your work to a publication? Although there are several benefits of getting published, the tasks involved (choosing the best photos, finding the top magazines and blogs, and knowing the specifications for each) can sometimes be daunting. How can you simplify the submission process and reap the benefits of having your work published?

In our Online Training: Secrets to Getting Your Wedding Work Published, Jacqueline Tobin shared her personal insights to getting published based on her experiences as Editor-in-Chief of Rangefinder Magazine. Here are the top 5 tips for getting your images published.

1. Find Out What to Submit

As you shoot during the wedding day or are looking through your images once you receive them from a wedding photo editing company, think about what an editor looks for in your photos. Put yourself in the place of an editor, and think more about how the images will look on the cover of a magazine, a printed page, or in a blog post.

outdoor landscape wedding photography

Image Compliments of Jelger and Tanja Photographers


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7 Secrets to Getting 70k Followers on Instagram

As a part of your strategy to expand your reach and share images with ideal clients, Instagram is a perfect tool to help. With features for business owners and new additions to keep followers engaged, you can use the platform to find and attract couples who may be looking for a photographer.

The key to success with getting more followers is to use strategies geared toward ideal clients, so you can more easily connect with them and encourage them to visit your website and blog. How can you ensure you build your following and attract those clients?

Orange County wedding and portrait photographer, Rich Lander of CHARD Photographer, has an Instagram account that caters to his ideal clients. Below, we share 7 secrets Rich uses on his Instagram to help him gain over 70k followers. Take a look and see which you can implement into your current strategy.

1. Showcase the Top Photos 

Just like you would for your website and blog, you should always showcase the top photos on your Instagram account. These are the images that share your unique photography style and are the best from your past shoots. When clients look at these images, they can better understand your style and what their images could look like should they book you.

wedding photography portrait

Image Compliments of CHARD Photographer


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24 Detail Shots to Capture from Every Wedding

At a wedding, every little detail is planned. From the guest list to the attire to the fold of the napkins. The planning that goes into most weddings is the culmination of countless decisions and immeasurable effort.

That’s where you come in, the wedding photographer extraordinaire…you get to be the one to document the day as it all comes together. It’s your job to help encapsulate all the tiny little nuances that many, your bride included, may overlook. In this blog post, Mike Duval of LensProToGo will cover the basic details you should be looking for during the wedding and how to capture them.


Communication Is Key

The first step, the one you need to do before you even think about what camera to bring or what lenses to shoot, is “What’s important to my bride & groom?” Open a dialogue with them about what things mean the most. You may be surprised to learn about something obscure that could have been overlooked. You also want to get a feel for just how important the details are to them in the grand scheme of her day. You don’t want to overshoot details and realize you have no personal moments or guest candids. Let the bride and groom be your guide here.

wedding rings photography

Image Compliments of Vanessa Joy Photography


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Training Your Second Shooter: How to Make Them an Essential Member of Your Team

Have you ever had a negative experience with a second shooter? Maybe you differed in style, used conflicting techniques, or had opposite personalities. Either way, creating a seamless working relationship with your second shooter is a key element for success.

A second shooter is more than just someone to help you capture standard images. They can help you capture creative photos you may not have the angle for, and they can help you work with the couple and their family during family formals and other portraits taken throughout the day. If trained correctly, your second shooter can be an asset to you. In our Ultimate Guide to Second Shooters, we share how to find, train, and empower your second shooter. Here are a few tips to get you started to make your second shooter an essential member of your team.

Show Past Examples

When you explain your style, it can be difficult for your second shooter to fully grasp what you describe (not because they are amateurs, but because you are unique from other photographers in the industry). You can set clear expectations for your images when you showcase past examples of your work, as well as the images from other second shooters you have worked with.

wedding beach image

Image Compliments of France Photographers


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7 Conferences Every Wedding Photographer Should Attend

As a wedding photographer, there are various resources available to help you advance your skills and grow your business. Conferences, in particular, allow you to absorb knowledge from others in the industry and give you the chance to network with fellow photographers, vendors, and more. With so many options for conferences to attend (in-person and online), it can be helpful to plan out which you will attend throughout the year. We’ve put together a list to must-have conferences for your business, to help you decide which you will attend this year, and get a head start on next year.

In-Person Conferences

Throughout the year, there are in-person conferences which allow you to travel to new locations to attend. These conferences give you the opportunity to have face-to-face interactions with fellow photographers and vendors and also provide classes with top speakers and educators. Some of the in-person conferences you can attend are:


WPPI is an annual conference and expo for wedding and portrait photographers. The conference and expo bring thousands of photographers together each year from all around the world. Held in Las Vegas, Nevada, WPPI is full of education, with top speakers and educators from the industry, networking opportunities, and entertainment. From classes, to parties, to a trade show floor full of vendors, there are many chances for you to learn more about the photography topics that will help you grow. Learn more about it and plan it into your schedule for next year.


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Melissa Jill’s 5 Tips for Shooting Strategically for Your Blog

Here at ShootDotEdit, we provide wedding photography post production services, and we also enjoy sharing relevant tips and tricks that can help you grow your business. Today, we are focusing on the images you take during your shoots and how you can use them to create blog posts that attract ideal clients. Just like you should shoot for the album during the wedding day, you should also look for images for your blog. To provide you with helpful tips, we reached out to wedding photographer Melissa Jill to gain her insights into how to shoot strategically for your blog posts.



How many of you LOVE the work of shooting, but tend to avoid the work of blogging like it’s the plague? Truth be told, shooting and blogging are two entirely different things; yet both are essential for successful photography careers in this age of online marketing. I’ve been blogging for over 10 years and can safely say I’ve learned a thing …or five in the process!

Consistent blogging can have a huge impact on your photography business, but it can be difficult to know how to use it to its full potential. One piece of the blogging puzzle is learning how to showcase your work in a visually stunning way in to entice readers to return again and again. Featuring your work intentionally and artistically can help you earn the respect and confidence of potential clients! So, how is this best accomplished? A great post originates at the very beginning. It starts at your shoot! Here are 5 tips for shooting with your blog in mind to best capture and convey the story.


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5 Keys to Absolutely Succeeding in Your Photography Business 

It’s no secret… in your wedding photography business, success takes a lot of hard work! There are so many different tasks and projects on your plate, and all of them can feel vital to your growth and success. How do you prioritize which will bring the most value to you and your business?

The difference between success and failure isn’t always that great. By looking at where other businesses have failed, you can learn where not to put your time and energy. And in contrast, looking at what successful wedding photographers do to succeed can provide a roadmap for what is a profitable use of your time. Together, both perspectives bring a full picture of success.

In our guide, we walk through 5 reasons businesses fail and share how to use that to transform into success. We go on to share a collection of facts, quotes, and information from top business leaders and wedding photography studios from across the country to give you a roadmap for prioritizing the most important tasks for your business!

5 Keys to Absolutely Succeeding in Your Photography Business


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How 3 Wedding Photographers Mastered Client Communication

From the moment clients view your website, they have an impression of you. The process continues as they fill out an inquiry form and reach out to you. Every part of client communication from their first point of contact is crucial to whether they book you for their wedding day (and if they refer you!).

In our Secrets to Getting Booked Guide, wedding photographers shared what worked for their photography business to book ideal clients. Today, we are highlighting 3 wedding photographers who mastered client communication to help them book weddings throughout the year.

1. Make Genuine Connections

To ensure they have clear and defined communication with clients, Shane and Lauren Photography make genuine connections with their clients:

“Connect with people in a real and genuine way. We’re referring to your brides and grooms, their friends, the bridal party, family, coordinators, venue staff, the photo booth dude, anyone you come in contact with. If you are yourself and invest the time to get to know them in a genuine way, they will remember that and will want to work with you again. You will be on their mind and they will think of you when someone they know is getting married.” – Shane and Lauren Photography


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7 Must-Have Angles to Capture During the Wedding Ceremony

Throughout the wedding day, there are various moments to capture for your couple. The ceremony is a memorable time for your couple, and their loved ones. It is a great opportunity for you to showcase the genuine emotion from everyone involved, which adds to the overall story of their day.

Depending on the location of the ceremony, certain challenges can arise. Whether it is outdoors or indoors, there are issues that can arise from lighting, to weather, and more. When this happens, it can be necessary to move around and find the best angles to take the best photos. Plus, it diversifies the images you deliver after the wedding day. To help you look for the best angles during every shoot, here are 7 must-have angles to capture during the ceremony.

1. Shoot from the Front

The bride and groom spent time on how they wanted their ceremony to look and feel. Before it starts, capture a shot of the ceremony front the front. This will help you include the entire ceremony, and will showcase all the details the bride and groom included. When the ceremony begins, stand at an angle that will include the bride and groom as they stand together, with their bridal party on their sides. This will require you to stand facing the front of the ceremony site, where you can capture these images for your couple.

outdoor wedding ceremony

Image Compliments of Danny Dong Photography


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The One Thing You Want Every Wedding Client to Remember About You

After you book a couple, shoot their wedding, and deliver their images, what do you want them to remember about you? Every photographer will have a different answer, but one thing is for sure – the more memorable and positive the experience, the higher chance you have to receive referrals from your couple. Referrals are key to helping you book more weddings this year and increase the profit for your business.

So, what can you do today for every couple to ensure they have an experience they want to share with others? Take a look below, where we share how you can take charge of what your clients remember about you after the wedding day. Plus, we share a few insights from pro photographers on the one thing they want their clients to remember about them.

Eliminate Their Concerns

With every decision they need to make, planning the wedding day can be overwhelming and stressful for your couple. Make it a positive experience they will want to share about when you eliminate any concerns they have about the images they desire. Build trust with them through your expertise as a wedding photographer, so they know you will have everything under control. When you eliminate their concerns, they will have one less thing to worry about during their big day.


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