Pricing, Process, and Profit Workshop in Louisville, Kentucky!


We are pleased to announce the “Pricing, Process, and Profits for the Wedding Photographer” Workshop in Louisville, Kentucky!!! Here are all the details – please come and join us!!!!

Date: Wednesday, May 2
Republic Bank – 9600 Brownsboro Rd, Louisville KY 40241
Price: FREE

*This workshop is now over. 



Topic: Dial in your Pricing and Packaging (Jared Bauman)

Jared will explore pricing and packaging for professional photographers and how important it is to the success of your business. Jared will reveal the secrets behind pricing and packaging, the basics to each pricing strategy, and the science behind effectively setting up your pricing, whether it be Packages or A La Carte.

Topic: Systems are Sexy (Leeann Marie)

Do you find yourself always saying “This is the year I’ll get organized an efficient!”? Let’s talk…

I’m not talking a pretty branded website, latest gear, or Photoshop actions – I’m talking about creating a business that not only meets your client’s needs, but exceeds them. A business that is as efficient as possible – even if you don’t consider yourself a “business person”

Leeann will speak about how a clear communication strategy, studio timeline, and kick butt techniques can move your business toward being one that finally gives you back your time, money, and energy. This is the year to make your systems amazing!

More on the speakers:

Jared Bauman – Southern California Wedding Photographer, Co-Founder and President of ShootDotEdit


Jared Bauman has built a photography studio in Southern California that photographs over 200 events and sessions annually.  In business for a decade, Jared’s clients fly him across the world to document their big events.

Jared is a Co-Founder and President of ShootDotEdit, the #1 post processing partner for the professional wedding photographer.  The company has grown to service more than 4,000 photographers in over 40 countries.

Known for his business background, Jared has released several educational DVDs and tours the country speaking to photographers about their small business.

In his free time, Jared loves to travel and backpack, photographing God’s creating with his panoramic camera.

Leeann Marie – Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer, Consultant for Start Up Coaching


Leeann Marie is a Pittsburgh-based wedding, engagement, and boudoir photographer. An avid blogger, she loves connecting with her clients, friends, and other photographers around the world. She holds an engineering background from the University of Pittsburgh, which has led to a love of technology and teaching. Her Photography Business Survival Coaching focuses on the 7 areas of a new wedding photographer’s business that can lead to easy loss of money, effort, and time. She personally coaches her clients to ensure that they move forward in the industry prepared to be in the top 10% of their market. She loves Lady Gaga, champagne, and kettle-cooked chips. She has traveled the world to places such as Russia, South Korea, China, Vietnam, and Panama, and believes in living the life you have dreamed.


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LensProToGo joins the ShootDotEdit family circle!

We first met LensProToGo (LPTG) at Partner Con here in San Diego at the end of 2011.  And, then, we spent another 4 days with a few of their team mates at the Mystic Seminars in Connecticut in January of this year.  However, it wasn’t until this past month at WPPI that we got to spend some time with their entire team.  We had the opportunity to really understand the value their company brings the pro wedding photographer.  And, it also became crystal clear that both of our companies are of the same mind when it comes to providing our customers with a trusted and valuable experience.  Each member of the LPTG team has a fire in their eyes for what they do.  It was obvious that there is a fire that exists in that company, and each of them love the service they provide.  Partnering with LensProToGo (LPTG) made all the sense in the world.

So… whats the back story on LPTG?  In August of 2006, Paul Friedman decided to launch LensProToGo, carrying just Canon lenses, out of a spare room in his house. In November he added Nikon lenses and then, in April of 2007, he started carrying camera bodies and super telephotos. From here Paul moved the business into his finished basement and hired his first employee. The rest, as they say, is history!

LPTG provides professional rental gear for photographers and videographers including Canon and Nikon DSLR camera bodies, almost every lens under the sun, and large variety of video gear, lighting and audio systems, stabilization and many accessories. Even more important is what each LPTG employee brings to the table.  Each employee owns  photo/video businesses outside of LensProToGo, and they all use the gear…. making them experts on the equipment they rent.  They aren’t just people who answer phones and sit behind desks taking orders. Bring on the questions!

So why did we choose LensProToGo to partner with?  Well, there are several distinct reasons:

–  we share the same vision and goal:  to serve the professional photographer with excellence, and with a smile 🙂

–  everyone at LPTG is a pro shooter.  They don’t just rent the gear…. they know it inside and out.

–  wide selection of gear, all professionally cleaned and maintained in between every rental.

–  all shipments are done in Pelican cases, and round trip shipping is paid for .

–  fun, down to earth people (probably our favorite part 🙂

Welcome to the team!

PSS! Our new friends at LPTG have been kind enough to extend a 10% discount on all rentals right now!   When placing your rental order, simply enter the promo code SDEPAL.  This promo expires June 30, 2012!

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Phase One and Phase Two Artistic Editing.

Whew! The bulk of the year’s weddings are done! Once you have some quality R&R over the holiday’s and new year, it will be time to review and renew your business for 2012! Winter time is historically the best time to do that!

There are many, many, many ways a professional photographer can make new strides towards improving their business. But, for the sake of this Blog post, we will focus one area of marketing that might make a big difference: updating your website, pre-plan your BLOG images, and/or collateral material to match all NEW and AWESOME images you photographed this year!

As a marketing solution, our Phase 1 and/or Phase 2 Artistic Editing services might be the perfect fit! And, so, “What’s the difference”, you ask? “What can I order, and what do I need to submit/do in order to get these services?”

Let us take a quick moment to explain the differences:

Phase One Artistic Edits – $3.00 Per image

A Phase 1 Artistic Edit elevates an image’s vibe and appearance far above the rest. This service is perfect for “Best Of,” Slideshows, and BLOG posts. We will take an accurately color processed image and apply professional creative saturation and contrast maneuvers, add vignetting, perform basic dodging & burning appropriations, and add other basic special effects and actions – in the effort to support your brand and signature. We can choose the images, or you can!

Check out the detailed example below!

Quick Steps to placing an order for Phase 1 Artistic Editing:

1. Ensure you have chosen your preferred Artistic Edit profile setting
2. Select that you want your “Images processed to JPG”
3. Choose Phase 1 Artistic Editing.
4. Make any custom image # choices/requests

Phase Two Artistic Edits – $60.00 for first hour

Phase 2 Artistic Edits encompass all other clinical image manipulations and enhancements. If you would like professional press print sharpening, cropping, straightening, facial retouching, swapping or opening eyes, hair retouching or removal, blemish removal, skin smoothing, replacement or removal of objects (i.e., signs, straps, cars, distracting elements, etc.), resizing, detailed color & saturation channel adjustments, or clinical burning & dodging, etc…then this is the service for you!

If you are thinking about using our Phase 2 Artistic Edit Service, we recommend taking advantage of our “Phase 2 Cost Survey”. This allows you to share with us exactly what you want and we can provide you a cost quote before you ever submit your job! CLICK HERE to get a quote!!

Of course, if you ever are uncertain if your request falls under Phase 1 or Phase 2 edits, please do not hesitate to reach out to us – a fast phone call, email, or LiveChat request can answer that question quickly for you. 🙂

Cheers to no more editing!

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NEW standard turnaround, as fast as 48 HOURS!!!

When we first opened the ShootDotEdit doors in 2007 (5 years ago), we were on the cutting edge of the post production industry by completing and returning every event within 8-10 business days.  Our professional wedding photographers were jumping up and down, knowing that they would be getting an entire wedding edit returned in that amount of time.  Yep, you read that correctly!  Under 2 weeks, and happy, happy, happy!

Boy-oh-boy, things have changed!  Photography technology has changed.  Wedding pro demands have changed.  Especially when it relates to turnaround times for their brides.  Wedding pros are now experiencing the pressure and expectation of returning images to their couples FAST! And that brings us to today’s long awaited announcement.

Introducing the arrival of our new standard turnaroundas fast as 48 HOURS!!! Now, our “eyes-on-hands-on” custom color correction is returned fast, fast, fast!!!  Faster turnaround makes for happier clients.  Happier clients spend more money.  And faster turnaround equals more profit.  FAST is BEST, and nobody is faster than ShootDotEdit.

ShootDotEdit is the first choice post processing partner for over 5,000 professional wedding photographers, spanning 40 countries.  With determination to best serve the wedding pro, we are inventing proprietary products like the interactive Color Wizard and DotPreview.  And now, with the addition of our as fast as 48 HOUR turnaround, you can be sure that as the demands of your photography business speed up, we’ll be fast enough to support you.

ShootDotEdit is the new standard.  Turnaround as fast as 48 HOURS.  FAST is BEST, and nobody is faster.

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Aperture 3 Post Processing Workflow is finally here!!!

We are uber excited to announce and launch our unique and customized Aperture Workflow!!

As the leading post production partner to the Wedding Professional Photographer, it was imperative that we bring a comprehensive solution for our Aperture 3 users.  There has not been a post processing company who could or would support the Aperture 3 software.  Well, now there is and that solution begins today!

Workflow Features

+ Album Design
Now, go straight from Custom Pro Color to Album Design and never leave Aperture

+ Ready 2 Go
Receive your finished adjustments back as a “READY TO USE” Aperture Library

+ Tamper Free Customizations
Any/all Aperture library customizations made by your or your staff will be in-tact and untouched

+ Simultaneous Workflow
Merging capabilities make it easy for both SDE and your studio to be working on the same event simultaneously

A very big thank you to Sara France, who has served as our Aperture Development Advisor, and to our Executive VP of Operations, Nathaniel Kam, for ensuring that all of the details were tended to from start to finish. Last, but not least, a HUGE thank you to all of our trusted Pros who helped with the Alpha and Beta testing!!

Interested in viewing some quick and easy video tutorials on how to use our Custom Aperture 3 Post Processing Workflow?  CLICK HERE!

Have a thought?  Add a comment to this post!

Have a question?  Feel free to call, email, or Live Chat our customer experience team! CLICK HERE for our contact information!

Cheers to no more editing,
The ShootDotEdit Team

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WPPI 2012 Here We Come!

WPPI… here we come!

The ShootDotEdit Team will be hanging out at booth #1719 and we would love to have you stop by and say “hello” while we share all of the exciting news we have in store for 2012! Check out the map below to quickly locate us in the conference room.

Don’t forget to check out our partners while out on the Trade Floor!

    • SmugMug – Booth #1528 & #1529
    • Zenfolio – Booth #611
    • Album Exposure – Booth #1453

Ready for some fun!? Here is our 2012 WPPI Recommended Convention Itinerary:

Mon, Feb 20th
Make sure to wake up early with a cup of coffee to catch our President, Jared Bauman, as he speaks on Newly Discovered Business Secrets to Help You Succeed …. Without Going Broke from 8:00AM to 10:00AM. Come learn what discoveries he has made and about his new business secrets for success.

Did you hear ShootDotEdit is launching a new Aperture Workflow very soon? Want to increase or brush up on your Aperture skills? Sit and watch as Sara France takes you through Aperture in a way you have never seen it before from 8:00AM to 10:00AM.

Tues, Feb 21st
Join your fellow WPPI friends for a night of great music, entertainment, fun, and networking– all sponsored by Canon from 7:00PM to 10:00pm!

Wed, Feb 22nd
Ready to wake up early again on the last day of the conference?  It will be well worth it as Me Ra Koh discusses Using Social Media Strategically: What Works vs. What is Just Noise from 8:00AM to 10:00AM. Me Ra is going to leave you excited and empowered with a whole new juicy set of social media tools to grow your business, make you money and most of all, save you TIME.

Lastly, make sure to catch our good friend, and ShootDotEdit customer, Dane Sanders from 2:30PM – 4:30PM as he lectures about Marketing in the New Era and shares his insights on how to find your way with a new business framework and creative fire.

Wanting to brush up on your Lightroom Skills? Jared Platt will be walking you through The Ultimate Lightroom Experience from 2:30PM – 4:30PM. He will show you how to: Cut your post-production time in half, make post-production a more rewarding experience, Improve your portfolio overnight and elevate your brand by controlling public perception, and boost the quality and style of your images with advanced adjustment techniques.

If you haven’t already done so, please make sure to register early for these classes as seats will fill up quickly on the day of the lecture!

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ShootDotEdit. A look back at 2011. A sneak peek at 2012.

We re-focused and got back to what we do best:   Post-Processing for the Wedding Pro and EVERYTHING you shoot (Boudoirs, Weddings, Engagements, Events, etc.).  We are committed to making your post-processing experience with ShootDotEdit pain free, über quick, and super-duper easy!

We’ve prepared a quick review of our commitment and focus for 2011.  And, we’ve also decided to leak just a few of the NEW features and services we’ll be launching in early 2012.

What’s new for 2012?

NEW Aperture Workflow

Yes, you heard it correctly!  We have been working with Aperture spokesperson Sara France to bring all of our Aperture fanatics a workflow that is going to blow your socks off!

NEW DotTracker 2.0

New features like:  email as “username”, Multiple device compatibility, Advanced or Simple user settings, Über Awesome “User Settings” section, Text Notification, FTP Uploader option, and 50+ other features that are going to make you really, really happy!

NEW “CULL” Workflow

A new CULL experience that will make you wanna dance in your underwear and a price point that will most likely cause you to faint!


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Jared Bauman’s Speaking Schedule

Our President and Co-Founder, Jared Bauman, is making his way across the states and spreading good news. You may have heard Jared speak at WPPI and/or other leading photo industry conferences. He’ll be sharing his insights and profitable techniques on how to run a successful business!

Here is a quick list locations and dates of where he has been and where he’ll be traveling to:

October 20 – Denver, CO SMUG meeting – *Completed*
October 25 – Portland, OR PUG meeting –
November 7-9 – San Diego, CA Pictage Partner Conference – *Completed*
November 29 – Maui, HI SMUG meeting – *Completed*
December 5 – Seattle, WA SMUG meeting – *Completed*
December 12 – Bay Area, CA SMUG meeting – *Completed*
January 17 – Pittsburgh, PA PUG meeting –*Completed*
January 18 – Hartford, CT PUG meeting –*Completed*
January 19 – Chicago, IL PUG meeting -*Completed*
January 31 – Orlando, FL PUG meeting –
February 2 – Houston, TX PUG meeting -*Completed*
February 19-22 – Las Vegas, NV WPPI Conference –*Completed*

If you would like us to send Jared to your part of the country, leave us a comment here or send and email to our Customer Experience Team and we’ll see what we can do!!!

Happy Holidays! And, cheers to 2012 being an amazing year!

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DotMan’s Next Adventure!

DotMan’s been out visiting our customers again! And, so, the next logical question is: where in the world did DotMan visit for this month’s road trip???

DotMan took a 5 hour flight to visit our dear client Lizzy Gregg in Grove City, Pennsylvania. He helped her decorate her Christmas tree, cook up some dinner, and even posed with a very eager looking and well-groomed pup. Awwwww! And, in the name of exercise and a bit of fun, they took a trip to the local amusement park (playground).

We thank Lizzy for being such an amazing host, and wanted to share the adventure with all of you. Have an wonderful holiday season, and we wish you all the best for the new year!

P.S. Want to see more? Click HERE to check out the ShootDotEdit Facebook page to see the rest!

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Faster turnaround makes for happier clients.
Happier Clients spend more money.
Faster turnaround = more profit.


Beginning today we’re offering our super popular RUSH Service for FREE until December 31, 2011!

Get your job back in as few as 3 business days, and no more than 5.



(Expires 12/31/11)


Take a look at your back logged events and/0r jobs that you need to turnaround quick, and let us carry your load!

Cheers to no more editing!

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