ShootDotEdit :: Fun Friday! (UPDATE)

Congratulations to Garrett and Kevin on winning the Eyes Closed Challenge!  Their image below was the hands-down favorite by the SDE Team as well as YOU!  🙂

They won the rights to the last bag of Goldfish Crackers, which is an extremely valuable prize around the office!

Watch out Garrett and Kevin, we are switching the teams up next time, and everyone is already thinking up new ways to make the next Photo Adventure more challenging.  🙂

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ShootDotEdit :: Fun Friday!

What happens when you take a few peeps from our Team, go outside for a little Friday ‘recess’, and throw a camera in the mix? An SDE Photo Adventure, with a twist!

The staff was divided into teams of two – one person controlled the camera but couldn’t look, and the other person was the ‘eyes’. They directed their teammate as to how and what to shoot. Each team had 5 minutes to shoot a total of three photos…and the laughter ensued! Our illustrious leader Garrett Delph and Customer Experience member Rachel Edwards documented the outing for our clients’ entertainment, with Rachel on the timer to keep the teams in check.

Garrett and Kevin had the challenge of being the first team to go.

Kim and Jake learned from watching the previous team; Jake took advantage of Kim’s height and was able to look through the viewfinder to compose a little better!

Our last team, Lisa and Travis, had a little extra time to think about what they wanted to shoot and got creative with their compositions!

Aside from being fun and giving everyone a break to do what they love most (photography and post production!), it also helped the team learn to work together better and work through communication and leadership issues.

Once back in the office, we narrowed it down to our favorite photo from each team, and then voted on our top favorite from the entire lot. Now, we are passing the torch on to you, our talented customers, so that you can use your artistic eyes to tell us which photo is YOUR favorite!

Peruse the photos below, and then head over to our Facebook page to vote on the images below!




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WE ALL DO IT DIFFERENT. Managing your workflow!

Let’s face it, as a Pro Wedding Photographer, it is a requirement to have a handle on “Data Workflow Management”.  To be clear, we are not talking about “Editing”!   Specifically, we are talking about how you prep, send, and receive, archive, and ultimately deliver your ShootDotEdit completed jobs (images).

Here is what we know, all Pro’s do it differently.  Each of you have different computers, different computer specs, and different purchased software.  To further, all of you have varied degrees of knowledge and understanding regarding organizational infrastructure as it relates to your computer software and hardware…., as they relate to your individual needs and want.

And so, we are going to start sharing with you the different ways ShootDotEdit customers manage their jobs with us.  Kicking things off, we would like to introduce to your Leeann Marie. Leeann is a favorite of ours 🙂 She’s based out of Pittsburgh, PA, and runs a wedding and boudoir studio. In her spare time, she also consults for ShootQ. Leeann is a whiz at efficiency and maximizing your time. This is why we’ve leaned on her for this video series. You’ll see that she’s brilliant on camera. 🙂

This is a 5 Part series broken up into 5 bite size chunks. The 5 parts are:

1. Introduction to Job Submission
2. Import, Backup, Teaser
3. Culling
4. Create Lightroom 3.0 Catalog
5. Submit Job!

So, when you have a moment, take some time to dive in! We think you’ll find this info uber valuable!

*This video is no longer available. 


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Workflow 2.0 GOES LIVE!!! – [Service Feature Updates]

It has been almost a year since we told you we were planning some BIG changes. Beginning today, we are proud to introduce revolutionary Workflow 2.0 services for the Wedding Pro and Everything the Wedding Pro Shoots.

Today’s announcement is simple, really.  We’ve invested a tremendous amount of time and resources into a solution that is right for our customers.  We’re confident you will rejoice in the changes we’ve made.  After all, many of the recommendations came from you!

And so, without further ado….

RUSH Service

Perfect for Pros who need their job back super fast without compromising quality!  We GUARANTEE the job will be finished in 5 business days or less! Faster turn around time means more sales!!!

My Test Drive

A fast and simple way of making sure we’re going edit the job according to your chosen color profile, the way you want.  And, you can Test Drive any job, any time!

Color Wizard!

Our Color Wizard provides you with increased control and flexibility. Now choose from 4 of the most commonly photographed skin tones from each unique event to the next! (Coming This FALL!)

Dedicated Customer Experience Team

Have questions? Need to talk with someone from our team that specializes in your related questions or concerns?  No problem.  Our Customer Experience Team is made up of different teams who are dedicated to your happiness:  Standard Q&A, Logistics, Quality Control, and Color Consultations. We’re available to connect M – F, 9:30am – 5pm PDT!


Gather, chat, meet, discuss, complain, learn, grow, and build relationships in a professional environment that feels like you are lounging at your favorite coffee shop or lounge. (Coming This FALL!)


Buy your Custom Pro Color processing at a discount rate and pay later! You can use them immediately and they NEVER expire!!!

Improved DotTracker

We’ve made some really great updates to our DotTracker providing for a quick and easy user experience!  Submit a job in 30 Seconds or less!

  • Seamless integration with some of your favorite gallery host company’s!
  • Choose Lightroom 3.0 or Standard Workflow
  • Get immediate access to Job Status, FAQ’s, Internet Speed tests, Color Profile preferences, Billing info and more!

And, finally, in order to bring our customers the best and finest post processing, we will be increasing our RAW/JPG Custom Pro Color prices to $0.39/image.   If you are a registered customer as of July 18th, 2011, we have “Grandfathered” you and your prices WILL NOT change until January 1, 2012.   Also, our Pros who “JPG Flattening” with your RAW color, you’ll be happy to hear that “JPG Flattening” is included in the price!   For more details CLICK HERE.

The GOAL of Workflow 2.0 is to make your business more efficient and your images consistently awesome.  The new services below were thoughtfully & carefully designed with this in mind.

And by the way, this is just the beginning.   Cheers to a better way of doing business!

The ShootDotEdit Team

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Zenfolio partnership makes it easier to go from shooting to selling!

ShootDotEdit and Zenfolio
Post production and image hosting go hand in hand, so it is no surprise that ShootDotEdit and Zenfolio have partnered to bring photographers the best tools. For those of you who are not familiar, Zenfolio is an all-in-one portfolio site, photo hosting and shopping cart service for professional and aspiring photographers. With Zenfolio and Shootdotedit you can go from shooting to selling quickly and seamlessly.

Whether you are switching from a different service or it is your first time setting up a website, Zenfolio makes the process effortless. Upload directly from your photo management application, with integrated upload tools, or easily transfer photos from another service. Rest assured knowing that your photos are safe with our impressive amount of back-up online storage. Backing up your image library can really be a money saver, time saver, and in some cases, a lifesaver.

Your website is often the first thing a prospective client will see and with Zenfolio you can make that first impression noteworthy. From the homepage to checkout pages we make it easy to customize and control the look and feel of your site. You can easily brand your portfolio and shopping cart so that everything is seamlessly integrated under one roof.

Features like contact lists, email invitations, and social media integration help you market your photos and drive traffic. And with coupons, expiring galleries and gift certificates photographers can encourage clients to buy and boost sales. Through
Zenfolio photographers can sell over 500 products and orders can be fulfilled by the Zenfolio partner labs and drop-shipped directly to clients or sent to you to be self-fulfilled.

How it Works
With new features and enhancements made on a regular basis Zenfolio is one of a photographers lower business expenses. And now that we are partnered up with ShootDotEdit you can have an integrated post-production service upload your editing JPEGs directly to your Zenfolio account – saving you time and money. You send your RAW or JPEG files to Shootdotedit, they edit your files based on your chosen profile and upload the edited photos to the gallery you specify.  The edited photos will take on the price list assigned to that gallery, so your photos are up for sale right away. Whether you are using ShootDotEdit for color correction, image renaming/renumbering, custom categorization, artistic editing, retouching or clinical Photoshop work they can quickly upload completed files to your Zenfolio account.

Once you have a Zenfolio account you can add the ShootDotEdit add-on service for $50 per year and receive:
– 10% off discount on all orders placed with ShootDotEdit
– Free RAW to JPG file conversion (normally $0.04/image)
– Free direct uploads of processed files to your Zenfolio account (normally

With ShootDotEdit and Zenfolio you have more time to focus on what you do best – photography.

Written by Zenfolio

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Customer Experience Team Member for Hire!

Join the ShootDotEdit Team!

WHO WE ARE: We are a rapidly growing start-up company who partners with, and serves professional wedding photographers world wide. We specialize in Digital Post Production for the wedding pro. We are on the hunt for a person interested in joining a team culture where laughter is plentiful and delivering happiness to our pro wedding photographers is a core value.

YOU: You love the idea of co-creating along side of those you work with. Helping customers (even grumpy ones) is natural to you and something you would consider a strength. Your verbal and written skills are pretty dang good. When contacting us, please showcase who you are. Send a video, send a pic! Send us something we want to read, something funny, something that describes you! The “Same Ol’” resume’s are a dime a dozen 🙂

YOUR POSITION: Delivering happiness to our pro wedding photographers is our company focus. A robust and healthy understanding of who we are, what we do, and how that translates to the world of pro wedding photographers is major ingredient to this position’s success. And, then of course, delivering that message in a way that leaves our photographers raving about how much they love you is how this all plays out!!! You will support our active and inquiring customers ONLY. We DO NOT cold call. We use Skype, Phone, Dropbox, and Email as our communication vehicles.


1. Experience serving and supporting professional photographers
2. Professional / Pro-sumer Digital Photography background (1-3 years preferred)
3. Basic Adobe Lightroom knowledge
4. Basic MAC and PC knowledge (1-3 years preferred with both OS)
5. Basic knowledge of Pro Camera/Lense knowledge (Canon+Nikon)
6. Internet savvy
7. Facebook and Twitter Savvy

Our entire Team runs the “Ship”. And, we trust everyone to make solid and trust worthy decisions. We are interdependent of one another.  And, so, we trust the team to make decisions that will benefit the entire team.

• Mandatory participation in “hallway bowling” and “T-Shirt Tuesday”
• Sign off on a nick-name
• Do not eat all of the lab “Gold Fish”. We all share those!


HOURS: Part Time – 15-20 hours per week (Ability to FLEX into a Full time week is a plus)

LOCATION: Cedros Design District, Solana Beach, Ca

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Tax Day Refund from ShootDotEdit!

Today is Tax Day!  Probably not a favorite for many of us …. we get it 🙂  So, in an effort to lighten the mood a bit, we thought we’d give you our own type of “Refund” …. in the form of a One-Day Discount!  But don’t wait too long, this discount is good for TODAY ONLY, (Monday, April 18) until 11pm PST!!!

Here are your options:

  • 15% off orders under $150 / Code:   TaxDay2011A
  • 20% off orders above $150 / Code:   TaxDay2011B

To submit a job, just go to, Login and submit job, then enter your promo code at the bottom of the job submission form.

Still confused about how to submit a job?  We’ve got your back!  FAQ’s, videos, and our online help desk can be found HERE.
And, our stellar Customer Experience team is standing by today to love on you with personal attention (877.463.6365).

Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to be your partner.  Happy Tax Day!

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Official Release! ShootDotEdit 2.0 Custom Lightroom Workflow.

ShootDotEdit 2.0 Custom Lightroom [LR] Workflow!  It is finally here!!!  As the Pro Wedding Photography industry continues to embrace Adobe Lightroom as the preferred software application for digital file management, it was only right that we embrace the advancement in order to support our customers.

As the leading post production partner to the Wedding Professional Photographer, it was imperative that we bring a comprehensive solution and cut no corners in the name of success and efficiency for our customers.   This development and release comes with a dedicated team of experts committed to excellent execution of the project.  Specifically, we would like to give special thanks to a well respected Adobe Lightroom thought leader, professional educator, and Adobe Lightroom Alpha tester, Jared Platt.  Jared partnered with ShootDotEdit over 16 months ago to help us ensure the success of this project.  He has helped us to embrace and consider as many areas of efficiency as possible⁃    And, a very big thank you to our Executive VP of Operations, Nathaniel Kam, for ensuring that all of the details were tended to from start to finish.

And, last but not least, a hearty thank you to all of our trusted Pros who helped with the Alpha and Beta testing prior to launch.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

**Here are several of the enhancements that come with the ShootDotEdit 2.0 Custom LR workflow:

–  Your job order form now provides for the LIGHTROOM Workflow choice.
–  Your Meta Data is now automatically preserved when submitting your job!
–  No longer will you need to submit your XMP Meta Data as a separate .zip file!
–  Order “Categories” without having to order JPG’s.
–  Quickly and easily communicate your “Must KEEP” images for any CULL job.  A simple drag and drop.
–  Upon Job Delivery.  NO MORE having to unzip and import!  Can you say Oh Yeah!
–  Our UPLOAD service to your preferred online Gallery (ie. Pictage, Zenflio, SmugMug, PicPick, etc.) is not affected at all!
–  Drag and Drop your preferred Phase 1 or 2 images into a “Custom Collection”.  We’ll take it from there!
–  Your completed job is returned as a newly updated LR Catalog!
–  Our Web Upload tool is now fully integrated with and in support of our custom workflow and will let you know if there are any problems!

Interested in viewing some quick and easy video tutorials on how to use our Custom LR Workflow?  CLICK HERE!
Have a thought?  Add a comment to this post!   Have a question?  Reach out to our customer experience team!

Cheers to no more editing,
ShootDotEdit 2.0
The New Workflow

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ShootDotEdit 2.0

This BLOG post is dedicated to our loyal customers.   It is written specifically to the 2,000 + Pro Photographers who have chosen ShootDotEdit as their trusted Post Production Partner.  We are growing.  Growth requires change.  And, that is why we want to tell you all about how we are changing and why it is REALLY GOOD for all of our customers and partners.

Focus. We are at our best when we learn to focus.  And, after 4 years of experience doing post production editing for photographers, we have learned that we are at our best when we focus on… Wedding Pros.  This shouldn’t be surprising, since the founders of ShootDotEdit have been wedding photographers for more than 10 years. That’s who we are and what we know. ShootDotEdit 2.0, is an advanced and customized service designed for weddings pros ONLY.  This fits perfectly with the increasing adoption of Workflow 2.0 (focused outsourcing to trusted specialists) and enables us to put all of our energies into staying on top of the specialized demands of professional wedding photographers.

For all of our loyal customers who are not Wedding Pros, DO NOT WORRY.  We are “Grandfathering” you in!  We consider you family and will continue to serve and support you.  We want you to succeed.  We want you to continue to flourish and grow your professional photography business.  And, despite our new focus, we WILL continue to support your business, ensuring that your post production demands be handled by the leading experts in post production.  So, sit back and relax 🙂  We still have your back.


  • Dedicated Customer Experience Team
  • Lightroom Integration – COMING MARCH 15!
  • World Wide Access
  • Hot NEW Web Uploader!

As of February 21, 2011, we now have a $30 minimum for all job orders.  You can still place a job order for less than this amount, but our DotTracker will charge for the remaining difference. Should you have any questions, please call or email our customer experience team and they would be absolutely happy to spend time with you.

We’re excited about the future.  We’re excited about growing with the industry.  And, we’re more excited than ever to ensure that our customers continue to receive consistent and awesome images job in and job out!

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Jared Platt Lightroom Workflow Workshop


Jared Platt has been traveling around the country for the past two years teaching his Lightroom Workflow Workshop.  Now he’s bringing it to Las Vegas, during WPPI.  If you have missed it in your city or just want a refresher, this is the perfect time to do it!  Jared’s Lightroom Workflow Workshop will change your life!  His techniques and methods will cut your post-production workflow in half.  For more information about the workshop and to sign up go to

We have a LUCKY TICKET just for you!  Visit our booth #1326 at WPPI and get your LUCKY TICKET to either session of Jared Platt’s Lightroom Workflow Workshop on Tuesday, Feb 22.


The Lightroom Workflow Workshop is $200 at the door, but we have LUCKY TICKETS that will get  you in for $120, $60 or even for FREE. But you have to visit our booth #1326 at WPPI to get one!  For more details, go to

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How to Grow your Wedding Photography Business

The ShootDotEdit blog is a resource for aspiring wedding photographers as well as professional wedding photographers. Photographers can learn how to grow their wedding photography business and sustain a thriving business by outsourcing wedding photography editing to ShootDotEdit.