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This post will be short and sweet 🙂

It’s busy season and we know things are crazy for our Wedding Pros.  So, we thought we would extend some extra love and provide you with 50% OFF our CULL service.

WHAT:  HALF-OFF* of our CULL service
WHEN:  09/11 thru 10/9

All of this to really say, thank you for making us the first choice for post production.

Cheers to no more editing,

P.S. If you haven’t already, be sure and check out our Price-Process-Profit workshop tour – we’re visiting 24 US cities this year! It’s FREE and you can get your RSVP in before the rest of the world at

PSS *(here’s the fine print) Job minimums for this deal are 1500 images for culling and 500 images for color correction.

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Leeann Marie says Systems are Sexy

First up on our Price, Process, Profit Workshop FEATURE is Leeann Marie!  Leeann is unique in that she’s the only photographer that is speaking on every leg of the tour!

Our President Jared Bauman, on why he asked Leeann to be a part of the workshop:
“Leeann is a perfect compliment to the Price, Process, Profit Workshop, as she’s an absolute wiz at creating systems.  Becoming efficient, creating automation, having a system for your workflow – these things are so essential to running a functional and successful business.  She’s become the systems specialist through her small business consulting, and was the obvious choice for the workshop.”

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Half way there….And, just getting started!

Have you heard all of the buzz surrounding ShootDotEdit’s Pricing, Process, and Profit Workshop Tour? Created to specifically provide business help for the Wedding Pro, the Tour is in the midst of visiting 25 cities across the United States.

Each city features industry expert speakers, including Jared Bauman (ShootDotEdit Co-founder) tackling the ins and outs of effective Pricing.  He will shed light on creating a proper package structure, and provide tips and tricks to creating clarity.

Also on-board is Small Business Consultant Leeann Marie, who unveils the keys to an efficient business workflow, including a handful of programs and shortcuts to make you more efficient.

Finally, each city features a celebrated Guest Speaker to tackle the question of how to be more Profitable! Guest speakers include Zach and Jody Gray, Jared Platt,  Jason Groupp, Jeff and Erin Youngren, Sean McLellan, Jeff Jochum, Airika and Gerald Pope, Scott and Catherine Dove, and Carrie Draghi!

Currently, we’re at the half-way point, and so we thought we’d share some of the highlights with you!  Enjoy the 90 second video created from the tour (link below) as well as some associated images, and comments.  And don’t forget to RSVP when the workshop comes through your city!  Did we mention its FREE with an RSVP?

Fast is Best,


PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Limelife Photography



PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Jessica Elizabeth – Photographers

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Limelife Photography

PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Jessica Elizabeth – Photographers


PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Daniel Gin Multimedia, LLC

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Announcing the first post processing workflow that works for YOU

Well, folks, it’s here.  After over a year of listening, think tanking, and developing for the Pro Wedding Photographer, we’ve put together the first post processing Lightroom 4 workflow that works for YOU. We’ve created a simple way for our customers to work and flow.

We’ve done all the thinking and organizing for you. So, relax and start putting your time towards developing your business and profiting.

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“Use ShootDotEdit to do the grunt work and….”, says Jared Platt

Well, you may or may not have heard Jared Platt officially announced on creativeLIVE today that he has determined that it no longer makes professional sense for him to post process his own work and that he now trusts ShootDotEdit to do the “heavy lifting”.  “Use ShootDotEdit to do the grunt work and normalize and then add your flair and style” was his encouragement to the 10,000+ listeners.

Jared Platt made clear that for him, he still believes adding the signature artistic touch to his photos after we have processed his custom color is the right thing to do. Sort of like a 90/10 model, where ShootDotEdit does 95% of the heavy lifting and then the photographer comes in and ensures that all the flair and pop are exactly as they want it.

And well, we’re curious, where do you stand with your wedding post production? What is your custom color preference?  Where are your cohorts on this topic?

Would love to hear your thoughts!!!

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Lightroom Workflow Expert Comes Out of The Closet!

Our Lightroom Advisor and leading Lightroom workflow expert, Jared Platt, is teaming up with CreativeLive to bring you The Ultimate Lightroom 4 Workflow Workshop FREE and ONLINE!


Jared Platt is “coming out of the closet”!  Despite his ability run circles of quality and efficiency around most Lightroom users in the world, it simply does not make sense for him and his business any longer and he is now choosing ShootDotEdit as his post processing solution!


Trusting a specialist to manage your post-production is the direction of future Professional Photographers.  AND, that means that Pro’s must understand how to easily and swiftly prepare, send, and receive their images for that workflow process!


* Lightroom is a brilliant platform to manage and organize ALL of your digital image assets.
* He will teach you SUPER QUICK ways to prepare, send, and receive your images for ShootDotEdit workflow using Lightroom!

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June Integrated Partnerships Announcement – for Zenfolio users

Its been 18 months since we teamed up with Zenfolio! And, in light of our integrated relationship with Zenfolio, we’re sending  Zenfolio pros some L.O.V.E.

Our goal is to provide professional wedding photographers with the ultimate post-shoot / post-production solutions.   Shoot the wedding, get it to ShootDotEdit.  And, in as fast as 48 HOURS, we’ll drop your new images straight into your client’s Zenfolio gallery, ready for showing and ordering.

So, what are the DETAILS?

Well, during the month of JUNE, we’re offering ALL of these add-on service benefits at no extra cost to all of our Zenfolio users:

  • 10% OFF all ShootDotEdit jobs
  • FREE delivery to Zenfolio
  • 25% OFF ShootDotEdit Album Design!
  • FREE RAW-to-JPG conversion

If you’re not already one of the tens of thousands of Zenfolio users, you can sign up at a discounted 20% with the code SDE20 until JUNE 30, 2012.

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ShootDotEdit turns five! – [and, that means birthday presents]

Hey everyone – it’s Garrett here 🙂

I’m writing you because we just celebrated our 5th birthday and I’m looking for suggestions on how to get 5,000 photographers from around the world into San Diego for our birthday party… For a couple of hundred bucks?

I know – we couldn’t think of a way either. 🙂

So, while I’m pretty bummed about missing out on 5,000 birthday presents, I hate to have a birthday go by without SOMEONE getting a present… so, I’m gonna give you a couple:

  • HALF-OFF* of our CULL service for the month of May
  • FREE* Overnight Shipping to us, because Fast is Best™

All of this to really say, thank you for making us the first choice for post production. You are why we exist, and we think about that, every single day.

Cheers to no more editing,


P.S. Jared wanted me to share with you a preview of the upcoming Price-Process-Profit workshops, that’ll be coming to 24 US cities from May-November.  It’s FREE and you can get your RSVP in before the rest of the world.

*(here’s the fine print) Job minimums for this deal are 1500 images for culling and 500 images for color correction.  For U.S. customer only.

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