Win a Free Pass to WPPI and more!

WPPI is just around the corner, and we are so excited! In preparation, we’ve launched a WPPI 2014 Show Guide, which is a FREE guide to help photographers navigate the conference!  With over 13,000 photographers and 200+ instructors, WPPI is an amazing but often times overwhelming experience.

Spotlight_LensProToGO1For the rest of the week, we are giving away a prize every day!  Want to enter to win? Just download the guide and you’ll be entered! The sooner you enter, the better your chances of winning.  Here are the daily prizes:


Monday: Roberto Valenzuela‘s new book “Picture Perfect Posing
Wednesday: Jeff Jochum‘s new book “Work Happily Ever-After
Thursday: Jared Platt‘s Lightroom Presets
Friday (GRAND PRIZE) :(1) All Access WPPI Conference Pass!

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WPPI 2014 Show Guide

Spotlight_LensProToGO113,000+ photographers. 200+ Instructors. Tradeshow, classes, parties…
lets face it, there is a lot! WPPI can be overwhelming.

That is why we created a Show Guide for you!


Our FREE Guide:
– highlights the best speakers and topics
– breaks everything into two different tracks
(Photography and Technique, Business and Workflow)
– highlights companies that will plug in nicely to your workflow
– lists the popular parties and social events
– includes interactive maps (because Vegas is confusing!)

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Unlimited Happiness = Having a (fun) Life


What factors prompted you to make the decision to sign up for the UNLIMITED Plan? What was your decision making process?

Speed and cost. I ran the numbers and the Unlimited Plan just made sense. At the same time, my business finally reached full steam. So, it was important to me to get images back to my clients in a timely fashion, while at the same time freeing up personal time for my family and to have a life!

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Give me my business (and my life) back


What are a few highlights from your busy season that were made possible because you weren’t spending hours in front of the computer editing?

 I was so excited because for the first time in years I could take time off during my busy season. This past October (the busiest month for Connecticut photographers) I traveled to the Jersey Shore for a girls weekend with my old college roommates. I also went to a few college football games with my husband this fall, and I finally got to be present for my kids’ t-ball and soccer games!  All of this was made possible because the SDE crew was working for me!


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4 Left & Right-Brained Tasks to Prepare for Busy Season


Even though curling up with a good book and enjoying some R&R during the winter months is a tempting (and even productive!) way to recharge, there are some other key things that you can do now that will help prepare you for a great year. Here are four things you can start now (and work on through the winter) so that by the time the busy season rolls around, you will be ready for your best season yet!

Re-evaluate Your Product Offerings


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Free Guide: The 4-Step Plan for Getting the Most Out of the Off-Season

The off-season is a perfect opportunity to reflect on your business and dream up new ideas. Whether it’s a fresh perspective on your marketing plan, more efficient workflows, or inspiration to try some new ideas during your next shoot, these quiet months are a chance to recuperate and improve.

So, how can you plan for a productive off-season (before it’s too late)? Try following this four-step roadmap that will help you rest, reflect, practice and plan for a great 2014 busy season.

  • • Rest and Recharge
  • • Reflect on 2013 and Set Goals for 2014
  • • Improve Your Craft
  • • Plan

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Freedom comes from Being Caught Up in Workflow

Partnering with a Specialist can bring on a mixture of trepidation and excitement. In the words of the Graziers “Excitement because for every hour that we spend shooting, we can spend up to two hours editing. And, we felt trepidation because we had tried it before.”

Matt and Enna Grazier had been down this road before… they had hired others to edit their images in the past, and they did not get consistent color corrected images.

But by choosing ShootDotEdit, the Grazier’s found that open and accessible communication led to consistency in editing.

In the end, the Grazier’s got a lot more than consistent color correction, such as:

– Saved 16 hours of editing PER wedding
– Caught up on Album Delivery
– Invest in Community, such as Inspire Photo Retreats

Download the entire Case Study, and see how your business can benefit from clear communication in your color correction through this ShootDotEdit Review.


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Take the Quiz: Is UNLIMITED Editing Right for You?

Whether you’re doing all your editing yourself, using ShootDotEdit for individual shoots, or using an entirely different solution, you may be spending more money AND more time editing than you need to be. That’s where the UNLIMITED Plan comes in!

Ready to see how the UNLIMITED Plan will work for your unique business? Take this quiz and take a closer look at:

  • • How much money you’re currently spending editing
  • • How much time you’re currently spending editing
  • • How that compares to the amount of money and time you would spend on the UNLIMITED Plan

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3 Successful “Fast is Best” Companies

…and what wedding photographers can learn from them!

Fast is best. As a wedding photographer, you hear us say that a lot. And there’s a good reason: we believe that speed is an essential ingredient in your success. And it’s not just true for big businesses. Every business – big or small – is an enterprise. So, before diving into the fast is best philosophy, ask yourself: do you think of your wedding photography business as an enterprise?


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