Top 5 Tips for Instagram Strategies for Wedding Photographers

instagram strategies for wedding photographers

Instagram for wedding photographers… on the one hand, there are so many ways the app can be valuable for your photography business (and so many success stories to prove it). On the other hand, it’s constantly changing and challenging to master. The algorithm updates, the addition of Stories – there are so many things to keep up on. Yet, using your Instagram business account to increase your reach is a proven strategy to help grow your business.

In our Online Training: Instagram Strategies for Wedding Photographers That Actually Work, Natalie Franke shared an exclusive walk-through of her Instagram account. She also shared her recent discoveries on how to make money on Instagram and grow your business. Here are the top 5 tips from Natalie’s Training to discover how to succeed.

1. Use Planoly for Scheduling

Like many parts of your wedding photography marketing strategy, using a scheduling program to help you with Instagram is crucial. Natalie uses Planoly to not only schedule her posts and set reminders but also to store images for future Instagram posts. The program works for both your phone and desktop and allows you to plan and schedule your content so you can market to the best of your ability.

wedding photography couple portraits instagram

Image Compliments of Natalie Franke


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Outdoor Wedding and Engagement Photography for Inspiration

With the summer months here, your shooting schedule is ramping up and you are flexing your creative muscles. There are a variety of scenarios you will face with each couple you shoot, from the engagement session to the wedding day, especially in outdoor locations.

Here at ShootDotEdit, we provide wedding photography editing services, and we also love to share inspirational wedding photography from top pros in the industry. Although you have a unique photography style, it can be helpful to look at images from others and gain inspiration from them. Below, we have 9 outdoor wedding and engagement photos to help you do just that!

1. Lin & Jirsa Photography

What an amazing shot, especially with the sunflare glowing between the couple! This is a great example of something you can achieve if you are in this type of scenario during an engagement session. Find out how Lin & Jirsa Photography achieved this shot in our Off Camera Flash Techniques Guide!

wedding photography sunburst

Image Compliments of Lin & Jirsa Photography


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Instagram Strategies for Wedding Photographers That Actually Work

Our Online Training is over, but great news – we’ve published a recap of it on our blog for you to access. Throughout the blog post, we share Natalie’s favorite scheduling platform, the types of posts she uses to connect with her audience, how to maximize Instagram Stories, and more! Read through the post and gain more of Natalie’s insights here!


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A Wedding Photography Marketing Plan That Helps You Book More Clients

Here’s a quick question (as stated in the graphic above): where do the majority of your wedding clients come from? The answer will differ for every photographer. Your ideal client is unique, just as your wedding photography business is. The reason we started off with this questions is that it’s important to know where your clients come from to help you set up and execute a strategic wedding photography marketing plan. Rather than spending your time marketing in areas you hope you will receive bookings, you can use your efforts in the places where you know your audience is (which maximizes your time).

To start, here are a few ways you can find out where your clients first found out about your wedding photography business:

  • Use Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a tool you can use to learn more about your clients. It allows you to track where a client comes from to access your website and blog. The data you receive can help you make decisions about where you should use your marketing efforts.
  • Provide questionnaires: Include questionnaires for your clients to fill out before and after booking you to let you know how they found out about you. One way to do this is to include the question on the contact form on your website. You can also ask your clients post-booking, especially during the first client planning meeting.

The next steps to take are to look at the areas your clients are coming from, and create a wedding photography marketing plan that helps you expand your reach and maximize your efforts. Take a look at a few of the first touch points your clients could have with you and ways to create a strong marketing plan.


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Shooting Indoor Wedding Portraits with Off Camera Flash Photography

One of the most challenging aspects of being a wedding photographer is that, often times, you have absolutely no control of the situations you encounter to photograph. One specific aspect of that challenge is the lighting conditions you encounter. Knowing how to use off camera flash can help you overcome these challenging wedding photography lighting scenarios.

In our Off-Camera Flash Techniques for Wedding Photographers Guide, created with SLR Lounge, we discuss a few scenarios that may occur during the getting ready part of the day. Throughout the first post of this series, Pye Jirsa from SLR Lounge and Lin & Jirsa Photography shared his suggestions to set up the lighting for the getting ready scene to help you develop unique and dramatic images. For the second post, he will share how to using off camera flash for indoor portraits can continue to add these effects to your images.


Locations for indoor portraits will differ, as will the light you are provided. In some cases, as viewed during the getting ready examples, there is natural light to help with the scene. Other times, though, you may be in an indoor location where there is no natural light filling the scene. While there might be some artificial light provided from ceiling lights, you may not want to only rely on that to be your main source of light. This is when knowing how to add off camera flash into the scene can be particularly useful. Below, Pye walks you through how to take dark locations with low and terrible lighting and transform it to create dramatic portraits.


groom wedding photography lighting

Image Compliments of Lin & Jirsa Photography


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Creating Effective Instagram and Facebook Ads for Wedding Photographers

Just like the wedding photography industry, social media is constantly evolving. It seems like every week there are updates and adjustments to the various platforms (some of them are great and some require you to modify your strategy). One thing is for sure – social media is an essential part of the marketing strategy you use for your business.

As a wedding photographer, platforms like Instagram and Facebook are ideal for you. They allow you to share your content and images with large audiences, which helps you drive traffic to your website and blog. Even better, both platforms allow you to share content with specific audiences made up of ideal clients. Instagram and Facebook ads are valuable tools to focus your marketing efforts on and get the maximum benefit. Since there are plenty of ways to set up ads, we partnered with wedding photography duo Jesse and Becky Morquecho of Idealust. In an Online Training with them, Jesse and Becky shared their insights into what works in regard to building ads that convert clients. Here are a few tips to help you create effective (and profitable!) Instagram and Facebook ads.

Create Relevant Content

Because Instagram and Facebook use native advertising, you have the ability to create ads that can look like non-paid or non-ad content. To find success, produce content that is relevant and encourages engagement. When you encourage comments or shares on your ads, Instagram and Facebook will actually make it less expensive for you to get in front of more people. The platforms promote the content their users want to see, which is encouragement enough to ensure what you share is relevant and valuable. Also, keep in mind that the more engagement your ads receive, the more people will respond and want to learn more about you.


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Photography Lighting Setups During the Wedding Family Formals

wedding photography lighting tips

It’s that part of the day… the wedding family formals, where you have to (quickly) gather the bride and groom’s family members and take a few memorable photos of everyone together. This is where your skills and confidence as a photographer comes in handy – especially when it comes to photography lighting. Because lighting is unpredictable, you must be prepared for any type of condition during this part of the wedding day. With multiple people together (their attention spans fading…), how can you create the perfect light to quickly capture these images? In her second post of her Wedding Lighting Masterclass, ShootDotEdit Customer, Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers will share her wedding photography lighting tips to help you shoot confidently through the family formals.

Leeann Marie, Wedding Photographers Headshot

One of the leading wedding photographers in Pittsburgh, Leeann Marie has created an exclusive brand that is family focused for the cosmopolitan bride. She’s a national speaker for WPPI, has been in business for 9 years, and has a background in Industrial Engineering giving her a unique perspective on photography and business. She relies heavily on systems in her business to accomplish all of her goals, and has been a ShootDotEdit happy photographer for seven years. She lives in the city of Pittsburgh with her husband and daughter. She loves looking out her back window into the firefly-lit woods, and enjoying a night out for sushi and drinks with friends. Learn more about Leeann on her website and Instagram account!


Welcome to the Wedding Lighting Masterclass! This is the first article in the series, which I hope will help you to learn some valuable techniques for perfectly managing and lighting the different photography scenarios that you will be faced with on a wedding day.

A few notes about this course:

FAST IS BEST: I truly believe that “Fast Is Best”, which is (obviously) why I love ShootDotEdit 🙂 But really, one of the key valuable principles that I bring to my brides and grooms each wedding day is an experience that is organized, hassle-free, and yet still beautifully lit and happy.

Keeping my lighting scenarios as fast as possible allows me to move between scenarios quickly, while still creating beautiful photography for my couples. I do use natural light as a photographer, but I’m not afraid of flash in the least, and work with tools and an arsenal of mental notes (lots of them that are described in this course!) to help me move between situations quickly and flawlessly.

THERE ARE OPTIONS: In the photography-world, there are a million ways to light one simple scene. The methods outlined in this course are my personal preferences, and I encourage you to try them and then modify if necessary to fit your photography style and client needs.


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How to Create a Wedding Photography Business Plan

In your business, planning is an essential part of your growth. Because creating a plan takes time and there are many elements to prepare for, how do you know exactly what to focus on first? We put together a list of how to create a wedding photography business plan to set your business up for success. Take a look below to get started.

Define a Specialty

One of the first steps to take to create a strong business plan is to define a specialty. You are a wedding photographer, but what makes you unique and helps you stand out from others in the industry? Will you shoot locally or travel for your clients? Do you prefer to shoot outdoors or have a few favorite venues? These questions, and more, can help you decide what specialty defines you so you can create a strategic plan around it and share it with your ideal clients.

Related: How can you find and develop your unique photography style?

Identify Ideal Clients

Now that you know what makes you unique, you can then identify your ideal client. Use your specialty to help – if you are an outdoor photographer who loves adventure, your ideal client will have similar qualities. Also think about the age range they are, their likes and dislikes, and location to narrow down the selection. When you know who your ideal client is, you can develop a business plan specifically catered to them.

wedding photography staircase

Image Compliments of Custom by Nicole Photography


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4 Visual WordPress Plugins You Need for Your Wedding Photography Website

One of the first stops an ideal client makes in searching for a wedding photographer is at your website. Your website is where you share your past photography work and is a reflection of your brand and what clients can expect when they book you. That’s why it’s so important to have all the tools necessary to create a positive experience for them as soon as they access your website. Plugins are a popular feature that helps you expand what your website can offer to ideal clients. We reached out to Scott Wyden Kivowitz from Imagely, a leading provider of WordPress products and services for professional photographers, to gain his insights on 4 visual wedding photography plugins you need for your website.


I’m often hearing from wedding photographers who want to know what WordPress plugins they should use on their site. So today, I’d like to address this popular question. To be specific, though, I’m going to offer my recommendations for visual plugins. Plugins which add features to make your website more aesthetically pleasing. Before we dive in, I want to make sure you understand that almost all the plugins I’m recommending are free but have paid counterparts and services. 

Image Compliments of TNK Photo


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My First Year as a Photographer: 16 Things I Wish I Did

Ah, the feeling of officially turning your photography hobby into a full-fledged business venture – it’s thrilling and you’re on cloud 9! You get to be your own boss and can do what you love every. single. day. As in any endeavor, your first year is likely to have speed bumps and issues as you learn the most efficient ways to be the best photographer possible.

Reality sets in as the speed bumps occur. There are emails to answer, shoots to direct, images to backup, social media to post… the list goes on. Suddenly, this newfound freedom of being your own boss is extremely overwhelming. With a laundry list of things to do, where do you possibly focus your time in the first few years to set your business up for longevity and success? We’ve got just the thing to help.

16 Things I Wish I Did My First Year as a Photographer


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How to Grow your Wedding Photography Business

The ShootDotEdit blog is a resource for aspiring wedding photographers as well as professional wedding photographers. Photographers can learn how to grow their wedding photography business and sustain a thriving business by outsourcing wedding photography editing to ShootDotEdit.