The Best Cameras for Shooting Weddings in 2017

Although you are the creative vision behind each and every photo you take, the gear you choose can determine how quickly and effectively you do your job. When it comes to cameras, it’s important to choose one that is not only reliable and fast, but one that works best for you.

With new cameras being released at record pace, it’s hard to keep up, let alone determine what is going to be the best choice for you. We reached out to photo and video rental company LensProToGo for their thoughts on which cameras are the best to photograph a wedding with this year. Their ability to test all of the cameras in their inventory has given them a leg up in determining what cameras do perform better over others. Take a look below to see which cameras they chose for 2017!


Before breaking down our picks, remember the glass you put in front of the sensor is sometimes more important than the actual camera itself! If you choose the highest megapixel camera and put a plastic kit lens in front of the sensor, you may find yourself disappointed with the image quality.

Canon 5D Mark IV

After waiting for what seemed like 4 very long years, the new Canon 5D Mark IV is absolutely one to consider. The updates are a welcome improvement that move this camera to the top of our list.

Canon 5D Mark IV

Image Compliments of LensProToGo

One of the improvements we like most is the expanded dynamic range. Not familiar with the term? In short, it will allow you to bring home more keepers.

We’ve probably all been in a situation where you’re attempting to take a group photo and some faces are in shade while others are in direct sunlight. When shooting with the 5D Mark IV, we were able to recover areas of the photo that seemed to be very dark as well as the highlights in the faces of those standing in the sun. If taking the same photo with the 5D Mark III, you might be forced to use of one of your 3 genie wishes to save the photo.

wedding day detail shots

Image Compliments of A+B Photography

The camera makes focusing a breeze, too. Offering what some say is another option beyond the typical modes, it allows you to autofocus while in Live View mode by tapping the screen where you want to focus. This comes in handy when you’re attempting a camera angle that would require you to lay on the ground or risk your life standing on a folding chair just to see through the viewfinder. We refer to it as the ‘dignity saver’. Wedding guests tend to act silly or freeze up when a camera is in their face, too, but if you don’t need to look through the eyepiece, you’re a bit more invisible to them! Plus, using Live View mode is an easy way to check your exposure.


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One last notable reason we consider this camera to be on top is for the improved ISO over the Mark III. You can comfortably shoot at 12800 ISO and not worry about it looking too gritty–though we suggest staying around 6400.

Overall, this camera has a ton of improvements over its predecessor. It may not be the highest megapixel choice (though it is up there), but we’re not sure clients will even notice. The biggest downfall is the price. At $3,499 it’s a lot to swallow but we believe it’s worth it!

Tip: Outsource your wedding photo editing needs to a specialist so you can spend more time getting to know your camera, and working on advancing your photography skills!

Nikon D750

If there was ever a camera that was going to make Canon shooters jump ship, the Nikon D750 could be it. A little older, it’s still dominating the wedding world. One of the reasons we can’t take our eyes off of it is the price. At just $1,800 it’s hard to pass up.


Image Compliments of LensProToGo

Like the 5D Mark IV, this camera really knocks it out of the park in terms of dynamic range. When it was first released, this alone really shook the photography world. Being able to pull details out of shadows was something neither Nikon or Canon had perfected quite yet. Even today, 2 years since release, it’s something we absolutely look for in a camera to shoot a wedding with.

outdoor wedding photography

Image Compliments of MKD Photography

If your clients like to get married in really dark, moody barns, the D750 focuses really well in low light. In fact, better than the $6,000 Nikon D4s. Other cameras could take a long time trying to find what to focus on or miss focus altogether. You can feel confident that this camera will not only lock focus but will be more accurate as well!

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If you are a Nikon shooter already, this camera is a no-brainer. If you are starting out and haven’t invested in lenses yet, it should definitely be considered. We are excited to see what the update to the D810 will hold, but until then this is our go-to Nikon camera.

Sony A7RII

We can’t keep quiet about our love for the Sony A7RII. Do we suggest selling all of your DSLR gear and head the mirrorless route? Probably not. However, if you are wanting to transition to a smaller system, this is it!

Sony A7RII

Image Compliments of LensProToGo

Its claim to fame is being the first mirrorless camera to market that features a 35mm full-frame sensor. The 42.4 megapixel beast also features a 5-axis in-body stabilizer. If you’re a wedding photographer who wants to shoot at the lowest possible ISO while in low light, it stabilizes the image in camera, despite the lens being used. When you’re nervous, do you have shaky hands? If so, this is your camera. Let’s be honest, we all would raise our hands when asked to shoot at a low ISO in low light!

wedding photography table shot

Image Compliments of David Manning Photographer

The ISO capabilities of this camera are nearly untouchable. Like several other A7 series cameras, it can basically see in the dark. That said, like the other cameras mentioned in this article, the dynamic range is really great. You can feel confident taking a sunset photo with the sun in the frame knowing you will have the information to recover it into a perfectly usable image.

One last feature that comes in handy is being able to extract still images from 4K video. While we don’t recommend doing this for the entire wedding, if you have 2 or 3 of these cameras, it’s a nice backup to roll video just in case you don’t get the shot.


3 Steps to Use Off-Camera Flash

There isn’t one perfect wedding camera. We continue to get closer with specs, but finding your perfect camera really depends on many things. If you’re looking for a great all-around camera, we suggest the 5D Mark IV. If price is a concern, the Nikon D750 is our pick. If you want to save your back and try something new, the A7RII should be something you consider.

This is where rentals come in. Instead of purchasing a camera you’ve never tried, many of our customers will rent a camera for 4 days to test it on a real shoot. How it feels in your hands is sometimes more important than the megapixels or cost. You don’t want to wear the wrong size shoe to a wedding, so why buy a camera that doesn’t fit you, too?


LensProToGo is a national photo and video rental company that ships gear to your home, business, FedEx, or UPS location. Additionally, they can ship gear to any hotel within the United States to make travel easier! They make it easy to determine the final price by including up to 2-Day shipping in the cost of all rentals. Even better, the gear is shipped in Pelican Cases to keep it extra safe while in transit. Click. Ship. Shoot. Return. It’s that easy!


In addition to having the best gear for you, it’s important to maintain your photography skills to quickly shoot through any scenario. In our Pro Photographer Lighting and Posing Guide, we share advanced tips and tricks from top pros to help you create dynamic and memorable images. Access the guide today!

8 Business Quotes Every Wedding Photographer Needs

Every wedding photographer will have a different roadmap to success. And it’s no secret… in your photography business, success takes a lot of hard work! Here at ShootDotEdit, we specialize in wedding photography post processing, and also know how important it is to focus on what is most valuable to help your business grow.

In our Keys to Absolutely Succeeding Guide, we talk about how the difference between success and failure isn’t always that great. By looking at where other businesses have failed, you can learn where not to put your time and energy. And in contrast, looking at what successful business owners do to succeed can provide a roadmap for what is a profitable use of your time. Together, both perspectives bring a full picture of success.

Today, we have 8 quotes from top leaders to further the conversation about success and to provide you with motivation to continue on the unique path you are on with your wedding photography business.

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”
– Albert Schweitzer


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How Building Relationships Can Help You Book More Weddings

An important part of your role as a wedding photographer is to build lasting relationships with clients and vendors. Other relationships to work on are with your fellow photographers. When you make connections with other pros in the industry, you broaden your reach with ideal clients. In our Online Training: 7 Easy Marketing Ideas Which Are Right Under Your Nose, The Scobeys shared how you can build relationships with fellow photographers to help you book more weddings. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Find Like-Minded Photographers

Every wedding photographer has a unique photography style that attracts a certain type of client. To build relationships and encourage more referrals for your business, find like-minded photographers who work with clients similar to your ideal client. These are your peers who can help you book more weddings and grow your business. The connections you make can be ones you keep for years to come and can benefit your photography business.

outdoor bridal party

Image Compliments of The Scobeys


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Some platforms, more than others, are often utilized in a greater capacity (like Facebook and Instagram). Other platforms, like Pinterest, are sometimes underutilized (even though there are great benefits in using it).

We love to share valuable information with you about these subjects (in addition to providing wedding photographer editing services), and we like to reach out to industry leaders to gain their insights. Today, ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Melissa Jill, is here to talk more about Pinterest and how it can benefit your business. Read through to decide whether you are properly utilizing it for your business and why you need to start.


What are the top 3 social media channels that you utilize for your business? Take a second to think about it. Where are you putting your marketing time and efforts? It is hard to keep up with all of the social media channels out there. In fact, no single business can do them ALL well. So it is especially wise for those of us who are small business owners to hone in on 1-3 channels where the bulk of our ideal clients are hanging out. We can’t do them all well, but if we pick 1-3 wisely, and truly optimize them, we can see a lot of impact from our efforts.

wedding photography bridal party

Image Compliments of Melissa Jill Photography


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Top 5 Tips for Using Facebook and Instagram Ads for Your Wedding Photography Business

With billions of users on social media, Facebook and Instagram ads are a fast way to place your images in front of ideal clients. As a process that changes quite often, though, ads can be challenging to master. How can you quickly learn the ins-and-outs of advertising to expand your reach on each platform?

In our Online Training: How to Use Facebook and Instagram Ads for Your Wedding Photography Business, Jesse and Becky Morquecho of Idealust provided solutions to help you create effective ads that get you the results you need to book clients and grow your photography business. Here are the top 5 tips from their Online Training.

1. Advertise with Purpose

Before you get started with ads, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. The goal is to advertise with purpose through creating a plan and making your ads (and the money you put behind them) effective. To be profitable with ads, there should be two distinct parts to your marketing. The first part (the funnel) is what content you share and the second part (the ad) is making sure you have a marketing plan, and you are boosting what will help you reach your target audience. 

wedding photography outdoor

Image Compliments of Jesse and Becky Morquecho


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The Secrets to Maximizing Engagement on Facebook

Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for sharing photos, which makes it a great choice for professional wedding photographers. Facebook’s platform makes it a natural fit for using your images to market and grow your wedding photography business. However, over the years, engagement on Facebook for each individual post has dropped. It’s important to know and understand the secrets to maximizing engagement on Facebook.

Download ShootDotEdit’s Social Media Guide to learn how successful professional photographers are using Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest!

Use Your Photos

It seems obvious, but it is one of the most important details to increasing your engagement on Facebook: use your images when you are posting.

93% of Facebook’s most engaging posts are photo-based posts. When the data was analyzed, it was revealed that posts with photos received 39% more interactions, 53% more likes, 84% more click-throughs, and 104% more comments!

outdoor wedding photography couple

Image Compliments of Roberto Valenzuela


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Behind-the-Scenes with Scott Robert Lim – Shooting with Mirrorless Cameras: Should You Do It?

As a wedding photographer, there are plenty of options for the gear you use. This is especially true when it comes to your camera. With all of the options available for cameras, it’s important to choose one that you are comfortable with, and one that helps you quickly shoot through the wedding day. Although the camera you choose is not a reflection of your skill level, choosing the best one for you can make you more efficient. Often times, it can be helpful to hear from industry leaders to see what type of gear they chose to give you options when it comes time to replace your current camera.

We recently sat down with international photographer and educator, Scott Robert Lim, to discuss the camera he uses. Below, he shares the reasons he shoots with mirrorless and the impact it has on his shoots and photography. Read through to decide whether mirrorless is the best choice for you and your wedding photography business.


Why is mirrorless the future? You can…

Travel and Shoot with Ease

One of the first benefits I like about the mirrorless camera is that it is a lot lighter. Shooting weddings is a very physical activity. It’s like running a marathon. When you’re shooting multiple weddings every year, after a while, it wears on your body. A camera that is lighter helps you move around and take the shots you need, while providing less strain on your body.

wedding image outdoor photography

Image Compliments of Scott Robert Lim


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The Best Thing About Being a Wedding Photographer from the Pros

As a wedding photographer and business owner, there are various responsibilities on your plate. From the photography aspects to the business tasks, you have plenty of items that keep you busy. And sometimes, it can seem overwhelming to have those multiple roles to fulfill. When you feel this way, it can be helpful to think about what makes you happiest in your career choice. The answer to what the best thing about being a wedding photographer can be anything you love to do – whether it is shooting, meeting clients, or posting on social media, it’s what keeps you motivated in your business.

We reached out to a few industry pros to find out what the best part about being a photographer is for them. Take a look and see if you agree!

Making Someone’s Day

When your couple hires you to shoot their wedding day, they place trust in you that you will capture the special moments throughout the day. It’s one of the most memorable days of their lives and you can accurately tell their story and bring smiles to their faces every time they look at their images. UK wedding photographer, Donal Doherty, mentioned the best part of his role is the impact he leaves after he works with his clients.

“What I love about it is to have my work appreciated by someone. I remember when I did my first wedding, the bride cried tears of happiness when she saw her photos. She was delighted. To be able to do what I love, and what I am passionate about, and then for it to be appreciated, it’s just incredible.” – Donal Doherty


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The Reasons Your Photography Website Needs To Be Mobile-Friendly (and how to do it!)

Did you know there are over 4.9 billion unique mobile users on the Internet? Because of that, now (more than ever), it’s necessary for you to have a website optimized for mobile. Below, we share the reasons your website needs to be mobile-friendly, as well as a few tips to get started.

Creating a Positive Experience

Often times, your website is your client’s first experience with you. That is why you spend so much time making sure you have a site that is fast and shares your unique photography style through your imagery.

Think about your mobile experience in the same way. If a visitor reaches your website on their phone, and it takes too long to load or a mobile site is unavailable, it takes away from their experience. Since the expectation is that mobile websites will load quickly and visitors can see your images, they may be more likely to leave your site in search for another if the loading time is too long.

Black and White Portrait

Image Compliments of The Scobeys


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Vanessa Joy’s 3 Favorite Pricing Rules Every Photographer Needs

Understanding how to properly set prices for your wedding photography business is an important part of your role as an owner. Often times, it can be challenging to know exactly what will work for your products and services. How can you set prices for your packages that will help you increase your profit?

ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Vanessa Joy, is back with her next guest post to share her 3 favorite pricing rules that every photographer needs. Take a look below and see what adjustments you can make to your current structure to ensure you are set for the rest of the year.


Having your cake and eating it too.

Pricing and packaging is where I see a huge majority of photographers stumble. Typically, they fumble around guessing what they should charge and usually end up charging something they think is a lot, only to discover later that it’s not even enough to pay the bills. You are going to read this article. You’re going to apply it to your business. You will not be a starving artist.

outdoor engagement session image

Image Compliments of Vanessa Joy Photography


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Pro Photographer Lighting & Posing Guide

How to Grow your Wedding Photography Business

The ShootDotEdit blog is a resource for aspiring wedding photographers as well as professional wedding photographers. Photographers can learn how to grow their wedding photography business and sustain a thriving business by outsourcing wedding photography editing to ShootDotEdit.