CreativeLive’s Holiday Sale 2014


The holidays are a time of giving and sharing with friends, family, and fellow photographers. We’re excited to share that CreativeLive, an online education resource for professional photographers, is having their 2014 Holiday Sale! They believe that creativity is not only a great gift to give yourself, but a great gift to share with your family and friends, especially during the holidays.

CL Holiday Sale


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Balancing Your Business and a Baby: The Details behind Shooting with a Newborn


We’re continuing in our Blog Series: Balancing Your Business and a Baby with Leeann Marie. Today we’re going to focus on some of the details behind shooting a wedding with a newborn. When it comes to wedding photography, there are some aspects of it (such as shooting the wedding) that have to be done without your baby by your side. Leeann shares how to successfully make it through these days!


Welcome back! In previous articles, I’ve touched upon how to create routine, ways to tackle your To-Do list during naptimes, and how you have multiple roles that you must become accustomed to with the arrival of a baby into your home and work-life.

All of these pieces are big parts of your working life, and it’s important to be able to get work done in your office when you can. However, what are wedding photographers to do when it comes to the other part of our jobs: working with clients and photographing events? There are some adjustments that must be made, but it’s all pretty easy when you have a game plan! Let’s get into it!

Client Meetings


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5 Ways to Create a Win with Client Referrals


There are several ways to grow your business, and one of the best ways to do so is by creating amazing experiences for your clients. When your clients fall in love with you, your images, and the overall experience that you provide, they are more likely to share their positive experience and refer you to their friends and family. By creating a win for your clients, you are creating a win for your business, because your clients become an integral part of your marketing department and help attract more of your dream clients. Here are 5 ways to create a win with clients and generate more client referrals.

#1. Set Expectations

Walk your clients through every step of your process the moment they come into contact with you. By actively taking the time to educate your clients clearly from the start, you will build trust and eliminate any uncertainty they may have. Always stay in contact and communicate any changes or updates you have about a particular process. This way, their expectations will be managed throughout their entire journey with you. [···]

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This year, we are thankful for….

With another successful busy season wrapped up and the holidays in full swing, we have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Our families, friends, teammates, and of course, YOU – our fantastic photographers – have shown us so much support and love this past year! We are so thankful for all of you who are a part of our wedding photo editing services!

As you may remember from last year’s Thanksgiving blog post, some of our teammates shared what they were thankful for. We are excited to continue that tradition this year! Here are a few things we are thankful for this holiday season! And, a fun picture or two of some of us (some had already left for their Thanksgiving weekend!). [···]

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Top 5 Workflow Apps


In order to have an efficient business, your internal systems must run smoothly. With technology constantly improving, there are countless apps designed to help professional photographers organize their systems. We have gathered the top 5 workflow apps that will help speed up your daily workflow and help you grow your business.

1. Boomerang

As a photographer, you are not always working a scheduled 9-5 shift. If you make plans to connect with a vendor in the morning and then book a shoot in the evening, you may not get to your emails until later that night. Rather than sending emails at 10pm, schedule them to send exactly when you want with Boomerang. Write emails at your convenience, and then click the “Send Later” button – this allows you to determine when you want to send emails. By scheduling emails to send during normal business hours, it helps manage the expectations of clients and vendors so they do not expect you to answer emails during the later hours. [···]

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Webinar: Instagram Essentials for Wedding Photographers with Jason Grubb


Instagram is fast emerging as a premier social media tool. For professional wedding photographers, learning how to harness the power of Instagram to help share images, connect with clients and vendors, and grow their business is essential. Join Jason Grubb for our Instagram Essentials webinar, supported by WPPI. Jason will walk you through:

– how to build an Instagram following of loyal engagers for your business
– a step-by-step system, including what and when to share, hashtags, and geotagging
– an overview of all of the tools you need for software and tracking


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The 5 Most Important Elements of a Blog Post


Before you can book clients, they first need to hear about you and your photography business. Blogging, if done correctly, can be a great marketing tool for you to share images and express the story behind each set of photos. With a properly designed blog, you can follow the same structure for each post and see the ongoing benefits from the SEO boost it will provide. Here are the 5 most important elements in a blog post.

1. Dynamic Content

Dynamic content is relevant and up-to-date content that contributes to a successful SEO plan. Since search engines are constantly ranking sites with fresh content higher than sites with static content, a blog is a great way to create new content regularly without needing to redo your site each time. Rather than scheduling one post a week with 900 words, Google favors multiple posts a week that are closer to 300 words each. Remember to blog consistently – set up a blogging schedule and stick to it! [···]

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3 Tips for More Effective Facebook Posting


With over 1.35 billion active users on Facebook, it is one of the most popular social platforms you can use to advertise your wedding photography business. This social site can be the ultimate marketing tool to grow your business, so how can you effectively post on Facebook to increase traffic to your business? Here are three tips that will help you succeed in creating effective Facebook posts.

1. Post when people are online

While you may be the most creative at 2am and produce great blog posts at that hour, resist the temptation to post them to Facebook right away. Though it may seem like a great idea to get it live on Facebook as soon as possible, consider who is actually online at that time. Are the clients that you cater to sleeping or awake and active? Are your Facebook followers working during this time or are they free somewhere that they can browse the Internet? If you want more people to see your post, make sure to post when people are at their computers and actively on Facebook. [···]

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