Pro Wedding Photographer Tips: How to Shoot Silhouettes


As a photo editing service for wedding photographers, we see tons of stunning images that photographers submit to us every day. It is always wonderful to see the different types of images photographers take and how creative the shots are, especially when it comes to the lighting and posing! From natural lighting to off-camera flash, the possibilities are endless as to how you can create great photos.

We have spent some sharing pro photographer tips with you on how to create sun-drenched images with natural light, dramatic images with off-camera flash, and several posing techniques – now we want to dive into tips and tricks for taking silhouettes! Silhouettes make for dynamic and compelling images that can help you tell a beautiful story about the wedding day. Here are some pro photographer tips on how to shoot silhouettes with your couples.

Eliminate distractions

As you are shooting, it is important to ensure that there are minimal distracting elements in the image so they do not blend into your couple. With silhouettes, you are exposing for the background, so everything in the foreground is going to be dark and in shadow. When setting up your image, ensure that every object within the frame is intentional, because it can end up competing with your main subject. If you do want to include other parts of the landscape or scenery in the image, frame your couple in a way that draws the attention to them so they clearly stand out against the other items that are silhouetted in the scene. [···]

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How to Create a Simple Album Workflow


As you know, here at ShootDotEdit, we are a photo editing company who cares all about Color Correction and ways to optimize your post production workflow. While we specialize in this, we also love to share ways to speed up other areas of you business! Recently, we have given you tips about how to streamline your album design and quickly select images. Effectively selling albums to your clients helps you showcase your creativity and assists you in increasing your profit. Since creating albums can be a time consuming process, we’ve put together some useful ways to help you to create a simple album workflow.

Select images for Clients

From the months leading up to the wedding to the day of, the bride and groom have made countless important decisions to create a memorable experience for their special day. When it comes to choosing images for their wedding album, take the responsibility off of your clients’ shoulders and choose the images yourself. Not only will this speed up the process, but as a photographer and storyteller, you know what story you want to tell through the images and which are the best to use. [···]

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Top 5 Wedding Photography Pricing Tips


There are several reasons you may have decided to be a wedding photographer – you love taking photos, you’re a social butterfly and love client interaction, or you love the idea of running your own business. Whatever the reason is, the more active you are in each aspect of your business (shooting, marketing, networking), the more likely you are to increase your profit! Here at ShootDotEdit, we love providing wedding photo editing services to photographers – as well as providing you with tips that can help you grow and succeed in your business! The #1 way for you to create long-term success for your wedding photography business is to accurately price your services and products. Learning how to use pricing as a marketing tool is an essential part of growing your business, as pricing helps you guide your clients to make the right decisions! The more knowledge you have about pricing, the easier it will be to book your ideal clients who will refer you to their friends and family.

In our Pricing for Profit webinar with Bryan Caporicci, we discussed many ways for you to use pricing to accomplish your long-term business goals. Whether you focus on wedding photography packages or a la carte, here are the top 5 pricing tips that will help your business grow this year!

1. Know the Variables

Clients can sometimes be shocked at wedding photography pricing – often times, this is because they do not fully understand everything that they are paying for. To a client, they may think that they are just paying for the time that you are shooting their wedding, and they are not considering any of the time you spend before or after the wedding prepping and working on their images! Ensure that you correctly determine the labor costs that go into each and every session that you book and include that in your pricing. Each hour that you spend prepping or consulting with a couple should be accounted for. [···]

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3 Tips to Better Natural Light Photos


Learning how to effectively use light to create stunning images is essential for wedding photographers. Not only will it set you apart from other photographers, but it will give you the confidence to shoot in any type of lighting situation. We recently shared 5 off-camera lighting tips for you to use, and now we are diving into natural lighting! Natural light, while readily available to every photographer, is not always the easiest tool to work with. There are several factors to take into consideration with the light in order to take great photos. Here are 3 tips to shooting better natural light photos that you can use during your next session.

1. Time of Day

When it comes to how often natural light alters throughout the day, it is easy to have a love-hate relationship with it. One minute the sun can be casting a gorgeous golden light onto your bride and groom, and the next minute, clouds have overtaken the sky and the sun is gone. With the light constantly changing, do your best to prepare and determine ahead of time which type of light is ideal for your shoot. For example, if the bride and groom are longing for photos with the glowing sun illuminating the background, you will want to ensure that you schedule time to photograph them before sunset during golden hour. [···]

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Personalizing your Pricing


When it comes to your wedding photography business, it’s no secret that you want to be unique, especially form other photographers in your area. There are a number of ways you can stand out through your website, social media, and the images you produce. Imagine if you could also personalize your pricing to center it around items and services that you knew your clients wanted? Here’s a little secret – you can!

When it comes to pricing, there is one important thing that will help improve it – determining the “must-haves” for your clients. Must-haves are items that your clients must have and order when they book you. These must-haves are different for every photographer, since you all attract a different type of client. By taking the time to learn what is most important to your clients, you can personalize your pricing and increase your bookings exponentially! [···]

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4 Ways to Streamline Album Design


After the wedding day is over, the bride and groom anxiously await their images from the big day. While providing the bride and groom with the images in an online gallery or DVD is a great way for them to see all of their images, many couples love to have a physical book of their favorite moments of the day.

Creating a wedding album for them to display and share with their friends and family is a great way for them to remember the wedding day! This is also an opportunity for you to further show off your signature style. So how do you design an album that your clients will love and want to share with their friends and family? We’ve put together the top 4 album design tips that will keep your albums timeless and streamline your album design.

1. Create a strong story

A successful album will tell a story of the wedding day, from the bride and groom getting ready to the farewells as the couple heads to their honeymoon. Perhaps there was a funny moment that happened during the day that’s just too good to leave out, or you shot little moments throughout the day that harnessed a lot of emotion – those are the moments you want to include in the album for your clients to enjoy! When it comes to placing the photos in an album, consider placing them chronologically to keep the timeline of the day moving forward throughout the book. Highlight certain images that are especially significant to the story by dedicating an entire page to one image. [···]

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5 Tips for Better Business Organization


When you decided to become a wedding photographer, what was it about this career that enticed you? For several, it’s because they love taking photos. Here’s a fun fact – only about 12% of your time is spent actually taking photos! The rest of the time is dedicated to marketing, accounting, sales, networking, and more. As a wedding photographer, you actually signed up to be a business person for most of the time!

Managing a business is no easy feat and can quickly become overwhelming. One key to being successful is ensuring that you have the proper organizational tools in place to keep your priorities on track. To help you with this, we’ve put together 5 tips to help you better organize your business.

1. Use office management programs

Whether you work from home or have a studio, having a solid system to manage the ins and out of your business is vital. There are several options to explore, from hiring a studio manager to using a studio management software. A great virtual studio manager is ShootQ, which was developed by photographers for photographers. It allows you to keep your workflow organized from the moment a prospective client contacts you until the final product is delivered. Because everything is managed online, you can easily access the information whenever you need it. [···]

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3 Facebook Tricks to Double Your Exposure


Did you know that there are up to 864 million users on Facebook per day, and 1.3 billion users on this site per month? With these numbers, the possibilities are endless when it comes to increasing followers for your business! Knowing the best ways to post on Facebook can significantly boost your chances of meeting and booking new clients for your wedding photography business. So where do you start? Here are 3 tricks that you need to help you double your exposure on Facebook.

#1. Post a variety of content

As you work to create your Facebook posting schedule for each week, it is imperative that you switch up the type of content that you provide. Post funny images, memes, or something related to photography that does not necessarily have anything to do with your business. Since posts featuring images get 39% more interaction from Facebook users, be sure to include images as often as possible. Post images that feature your favorite quotes, and encourage your followers to share them with their friends on their personal pages. [···]

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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014


Now that the new year is upon us, we wanted to take a look back at some our favorite (and yours!) blog posts of 2014. We covered everything from posing during shoots to growing your business and booking ideal clients. Take a stroll down memory lane with us as we countdown our Top 10 Blogs Posts of 2014!

#10. Pro Wedding Photographer Tips: 3 Tricks to Posing the Groomsmen

We know that the bride gets most of the attention on the big day, but it is important not to discount the groom and his groomsmen! The gentlemen have spent time and money selecting their outfits and prepping for the big day, and here are 3 simple ways to pose them so they look their best.

accesssnow_900 [···]

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6 Ways to Prepare your Business for a Baby


As an expecting parent, you are thrilled for the arrival of your new baby. As a wedding photography business owner, it can be challenging (and a bit scary!) to figure out how you will run your business while taking care of your baby. While you may learn that things do not always go as planned with a baby, the key to becoming successful at both jobs is to prepare as much as you can in advance. Here are 6 tips that will assist you in prepping your business before you have a baby.

1. Book clients in advance

Meeting with new clients can be time-consuming because you are getting to know the couple while helping them plan out the most important day of their lives. Scheduling meetings may become challenging when the baby is born, so it is helpful to schedule as many meetings as possible before the baby’s due date. The more weddings that you can book ahead of time, the easier it will be to plan those wedding days out in advance to ensure that everything is taken care of and there is a family member or caretaker you trust to watch the baby. By booking far in advance, it will also help you secure work for when you do have your baby. [···]

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