What Would You Do with More Free Time?


The roles you have in your business take up a majority of your time and energy. As you focus more on your business and its growth, you may realize the tasks pile up and you have less time to focus on optimizations or your personal life. Do you ever think about the things you would do with more free time? And, how can you get more free time for the things you want to do in your business and personal life?

Outsourcing parts of your business is a key way for you to free up your workflow and your time. From wedding photo editing help, to album design, to bookkeeping, there are so many tasks you can take off your plate. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to trust others with your business. Not only will the 3 people who give you permission to partner with a specialist be happy, but you will also feel satisfied. To discover what else you might want to do with the free time you could receive from outsourcing tasks on your list, here are a few testimonies from photographers who have seen success in their business.


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3 Simple Steps for Shooting at Sunset with Natural Light


Here at ShootDotEdit, we know some lighting situations cause challenges. Because of this, it’s necessary to learn new ways to shoot in any scenario, including in natural light. How comfortable are you shooting in natural light? To provide you with some help for this, wedding photography duo, Zach and Jody Gray will share 3 steps to use natural light during sunset shoots to achieve images your clients will love every time.


1. Find Natural Diffusion

First, we find something to take the sun (which is still a little bit up in the sky) and diffuse it, but NOT block it completely. Then, we put our clients’ backs to the sun, so the light creates a nice halo effect. We live in Tennessee and have LOTS of trees here, so we try and find one with some colored leaves on it that can tone down the power of the light and give us that glow and vibrant color.


Image Compliments of Zach and Jody Gray


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The Lighting Guide for Wedding Photographers


To shoot through any scenario and create stunning images, you must understand the fundamentals of lighting and how to properly utilize them. In our free guide, we partnered with pro photographer and lighting expert, Roberto Valenzuela, to share 26 key lighting tips from his #1 Bestselling book, Picture Perfect Lighting: An Innovative System for Photographing People.”

We’re excited to announce the winners who will receive a copy of Roberto Valenzuela’s book, Picture Perfect Lighting, compliments of Rocky Nook’s! Congrats to David BlancoAlisa Innocenti, Steve RumbleSean True, Amy DonovanNina de Zayas, Rachael Watson, and Latanya Henry!

“With this guide, ShootDotEdit and Rocky Nook have created the perfect overview of my book, Picture Perfect Lighting. These two resources go hand-in-hand, and the guide provides the perfect sneak peek into the core elements that my book can teach you for becoming a master of light.” – Roberto Valenzuela

The Lighting Guide for Wedding Photographers



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Top 5 Tips for What We’ve Learned on Instagram


As one of the fastest growing platforms, Instagram is an ideal social media network for you to fully utilize for your photography business. With Instagram, you have the opportunity to reach ideal clients and share your images, which helps you build connections with them and lead them to your website and blog. Regardless of how many followers you have today, there are always things you can do to maximize your strategy and expand your reach.

During our Online Training: Our First 5,000 – What We’ve Learned, our President Jared Bauman and Marketing Coordinator Kaitlin Cooper shared things we learned in our first few months with an account on Instagram. Keep in mind, these are strategies that worked for us, and may be different for you and your business. Take a look at our observations and modify them for your account.

1. Find a Goal

With everything you do for your business, you need to have a defined goal. Goals help you stay focused and give you something to work toward. The same can be said for your Instagram account, and what you decide to post for it. Here at ShootDotEdit, our goal on Instagram is to inspire photographers, which influences the way we curate images for our account.


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How to Increase Your Reach on Facebook with Ben Hartley

how to increase facebook reach

With other social media platforms on the rise, Facebook has consistently been an ideal platform for wedding photographers. It allows you to connect with followers and share helpful resources with them. You can share your images after they are color corrected by a wedding editing company, and you can encourage your followers to visit your website and blog. But, are you doing everything else you possibly can to learn how to increase Facebook reach?

Pro wedding photographer, Ben Hartley of Style & Story Creative and owner of Six Figure Photography has mastered Facebook. Today, he is excited to share one of his secrets with you to help you discover how to increase reach on Facebook.

ben hartley headshot


How to Increase Facebook Reach

I recently used a simple strategy to grow our Facebook page by 7%… in 12 minutes. Check out the results in this image below. See where the Facebook page likes spike happened? This was all because of the strategy I am going to share with you.

facebook likes screenshot

Image by Ben Hartley // Style & Story Creative


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How to Use Instagram Stories: A Simple Guide for Wedding Photographers


By now, you may have heard the news – Instagram introduced Stories to the social app! Not too long ago, we discussed Snapchat and whether you should use it for your photography business. The introduction of Stories to Instagram is undeniably similar to the Snapchat platform. The benefit of Stories is it incorporates the short video format of Snapchat with all of the features wedding photographers have to come to love about Instagram.

Instagram Stories allows you to share quick posts and videos with your audience. They disappear in 24 hours, and you can continue to post new ones for your followers to view. It’s a different way to share about you and your business, without overwhelming your followers. When you post to Stories, it’s your followers’ decision to view your images and videos, which helps you know who is engaged with you. Stories are a great opportunity for you, and here are our top 3 ways you can use them to grow your business.

1. Showcase Your Personality

Beyond your images, your personality sells you. It’s what makes clients fall in love with you and your images, and hire you for their wedding day. Just as you write your posts on Instagram with your personality in mind, use Stories to showcase additional aspects your followers do not see on your account. All you have to do is take a photo or record a short video of your choice and give your followers a deeper insight of who you are.


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Online Training: Live Posing and Lighting Critique with Jen Rozenbaum


As a wedding photographer, understanding ways to properly pose and light during your shoots is crucial. Sometimes, though, they can offer the most challenges as you work with various clients and locations. One way for you to continue your education and growth in posing and lighting techniques is to study your past images. It also can be helpful for you to have someone else look at your photos and provide constructive criticism.

During our Online Training: Live Posing and Lighting Critique with Jen Rozenbaum, she will personally review images submitted from photographers from all over the world! Throughout this interactive Online Training, Jen will share actionable tips on how to refine and modify poses and lighting techniques to create stunning and engaging photos that will make your clients look (and feel) like models!

Have an image you’d love for Jen to critique? RSVP today and receive details on how to submit your image!

Wednesday, August 17th 
10am PDT – 11am PDT



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Partnering with a Specialist: 3 People Who Give You Permission


Do you notice it can sometimes be hard to ask or accept help with your wedding photography business? Perhaps you feel like you are betraying your clients when you are not hands on with every part of your post production workflow.

Your time is valuable, and you may not always have a ton of it. Because of this, it is impossible to be a part of every process necessary to run and sustain your business. If you attempt to do everything yourself, you risk burning out and becoming overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities. Also, you jeopardize your relationship with your clients, especially when you have set realistic turnaround times for them which you cannot meet based on doing everything yourself.

What do you do? Partner with specialists who can take care of pieces of your workflow which do not require your ongoing attention. Whether you are a new business owner, or have been in business for a while, trusting a specialist will help you focus on your goals and continue to grow. A specialist will help you deliver the best results to your clients, while also enabling you to stay creative.

Some of the areas you can trust a specialist with include post production, image fulfillment, bookkeeping, studio management – and those are only a few (check out this post to learn more). Now, the first step to take is to give yourself permission to trust partners with your business. You may be accustomed to trying to do everything yourself, so it is a paradigm shift to place your trust in others.


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14 Relatable Photography Humor Quotes for Wedding Pros

14 relatable photography humor quotes for wedding photographers

Your responsibilities as a wedding photography business owner can often be overwhelming. And although it is your passion, it can be mentally and physically demanding, which can affect your health. As a photography post production company, we connect with our community of professional wedding photographers and understand how important health is to maintain. We’ve got the perfect solution for that: photography humor! 

“Your sense of humor is one of the most powerful tools you have to make certain that your daily mood and emotional state support good health.” Paul E. McGhee, Ph.d

Every photographer has stories and experiences that, when shared, can encourage others to laugh as they relate to the professional photography humor. To brighten up your day, and get you laughing, here are 14 funny photographer quotes. Take a look below to read the photography humor quotes we gathered.

Photography Humor

“A photographer went to a socialite party in New York. As he entered the front door, the host said: ‘I love your pictures – they’re wonderful; you must have a fantastic camera.’ He said nothing until dinner was finished, then: ‘That was a wonderful dinner; you must have a terrific stove.’”
Sam Haskins


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