3 Custom Camera Settings to Speed Up Your Shoots


Here at ShootDotEdit, we believe Fast is Best.We know that one of the keys to success for you is to find ways to speed up various parts of your business. Whether you trim time from your shoots, regular tasks and projects, or post-wedding workflow, you should always think of new ways to become faster at what you do. As well as the tasks you take care of for your business, you spend a lot of time with your camera. During an engagement or wedding shoot, you likely spend hours shooting and adjusting settings on your camera to capture images for the bride and groom.

How well do you know the current camera you use? Have you discovered custom settings on your camera to help you quickly shoot during an engagement shoot or the wedding day? Custom settings for your camera can differ depending on the model, but all achieve the same goal: to eliminate time. Here are 3 custom camera settings you should use to speed up your shoots.

1. Use Back Button Focus

Does this sound familiar? During a shoot, you take multiple images in a row of the bride and groom, and in between each shot you pressed the shutter button halfway down to properly focus the image. You are confident you captured the best photos; however, when you take time to review, you realize that half of the photos are out of focus. Not only is this frustrating, but you risk on missing some of the best moments during the day.


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30-Second Marketing Quiz for Wedding Photographers

Are you marketing your photography business in the right ways? Time is precious, and we know this is a huge question that wedding photographers constantly have. If you aren’t spending your time and energy on what is most effective, you won’t be able to grow your business. And growing your business is the best way for you to move to the next level in the photography industry.

We wanted to help you and your business. So, we surveyed the industry’s best and asked them how they marketed their business. We took all of the answers, and put them into a simple quiz for you to take. Want to see how you stack up? Our Marketing Quiz for Wedding Photographers only takes 30 seconds!



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Top 5 Tips for Building a Successful Photography Team


Are you currently working with a partner in your photography business? Having a teammate on your side can be a great experience for you, and can help you become more productive and profitable. Often times, it can be difficult to work with someone in business, especially if you share a personal life together.

In our Secrets to Building a Successful Photography Team (without going crazy!) Webinar with Matt and Carissa Kennedy, the husband and wife photography duo shared how you can work together to create a competitive advantage in the challenging photography industry. So you can create a seamless relationship with your partner, here are the top 5 tips from their webinar.

1. Discover Individual Roles

When you work with a partner in your business, it can be difficult to separate your business and personal lives. Often times, business issues can blend into business hours and personal issues can affect the business if there is no separation. To avoid both of your worlds colliding, discover your individual roles as photographers and business owners. You should do this for both business and personal responsibilities.

Sit down and create a list together of each of your strengths and weaknesses. During this process, you may discover your strengths are your partner’s weaknesses and vice versa. Take the strengths you each have and apply them to day-to-day tasks.


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The Ultimate Guide to Second Shooters

SecondShooterBlog_Header 9.51.38 AM

How often do you work with second shooters during a wedding? Second shooters can be a positive addition to your business, and can make the wedding day shoot a bit easier on you. Sometimes, though, working with another photographer can cause challenges. Have you ever had a negative experience with a second shooter who didn’t represent your brand message or photography style? If you train your second shooter correctly before the wedding day, they can be an asset to you and your business. If you do not take the time to train them to understand your unique brand and style, your reputation could be at risk.

Because you may have so much already on your plate, we know adding another item (like finding and training a second shooter) can seem impossible. That is why we are excited to share a resource to help you simplify the process it takes to develop a second shooter to accurately reflect your photography business. In The Ultimate Guide to Second Shooters, created in conjunction with Showit, we share how you can quickly find, train, and empower your second photographers to be a perfect addition to your business!


SecondShooterGuideBlog_Book 9.51.38 AM


Our free guide also includes:
– A 10-step process to onboarding successfully
– Simple techniques for training your second shooter
– Strategies to maintain creative control and vision
– Quick tips to hand your second shooter for success


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8 Tips for Shooting Beach Wedding Photography

8 tips for shooting beach wedding photography

There is a romantic quality to the ocean. It’s vast, beautiful, and awe-inspiring. It’s no surprise that many couples are drawn to it and choose the beach for their engagement sessions and weddings. Shooting on the sand and in front of the ocean offers a lot of potential for striking and stunning images. However, shooting beach wedding photography can also be a challenge.


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If My Ideal Clients are Rich, Do I Need to Act Rich?


How have you been enjoying our 4-part blog series with The Youngrens? So far, there have been so many useful tips that you can use when searching for your ideal client. If you have missed any of the other parts of this series, access them here:

1. 5 Steps to Discovering Your Ideal Client

2. ROH: The Secret to Truly Effective Marketing

3. The Two Most Common Mistakes About the Ideal Client

Today, we are covering the final topic in the series – If My Ideal Clients are Rich, Do I Need to Act Rich? The Youngrens will cover how you can relate to all of your ideal clients, regardless of your status. Enjoy! 🙂


Seth Godin wrote a book in 2011 called We Are All Weird about the end of mass marketing and the beginning of a niche economy.

In this book, he redefines two words in a really interesting way – ‘weird’ and ‘rich.’

Seth uses the word ‘weird’ as a way to describes our habits. He says that we all make specific choices about how we spend our time and our money, and we are getting even more specific about these choices in recent years. Consumers, particularly millennials, are wanting more and more niche products that have unique stories and creative uses. We want craft coffees, craft beers, craft cupcakes, and craft food. We want meaningful products that make our world better or that serve meaningful purposes.

Seth describes these individual decisions as our particular ‘weirds.’ For example, if you choose organic lettuce at the grocery store instead of regular lettuce, Seth would say that you are making a ‘weird’ decision.

The New Definition of ‘Rich’

As we all know, the second word Seth Godin redefines – ‘rich’ – has many connotations associated with it, but Seth redefines it in a very useful way when it comes to our four-part series here about Discovering Your Ideal Client.

Seth defines ‘rich’ as the freedom and ability to make choices about the way in which one lives. If you have food, shelter, and safety, and you are able to decide what kind of shelter in which you would like to live or what kind of food you would like to eat, then you are rich, according to Seth, even if those choices are relatively limited. [···]

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4 Easy Ways to Share Images with Vendors


As a wedding photographer, creating valuable relationships with your local vendors is a way to ensure that you have a trusted group of professionals that will help you grow your business. Vendors are a large part of the wedding day – from the florist to the baker to the coordinator, each vendor plays such an important role, and these are all people you can develop long-term relationships with.

Sharing images with vendors immediately after the wedding day is also an important part of creating a seamless working relationship. Not only can your vendors share your images with potential clients, they will continue to be an active referral source. The better your relationship with your vendors, the easier it will be for you to work together to help one another gain more clients. To help you get started creating meaningful connections, we’ve put together 4 ways for you to effectively share images with vendors.

1. Share Your Digital Files

As a photographer, your professional images are very valuable to vendors. On the wedding day, vendors may be able to take images of their work on their smartphones, but having access to your stunning images is crucial! After the wedding, make it part of your post-shoot workflow to send images to each vendor that you worked with. Just like there are several photo editing companies to use for color correction, there are several options when it comes to hosting and sharing your photos with vendors online. [···]

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Top 5 Tips for Blogging to Grow your Business


Blogging is essential to the success of your wedding photography business. It’s a great way to showcase your photographic talents, while also being personable with your audience and clients. With a blog, you are able to generate interest in you and your brand, which can then lead to building an even larger client-base.

In our webinar, Growing Your Business through Blogging, Virginia-based wedding photographer Katelyn James discussed the importance of managing your blog and how it can help take your business from great to amazing. Here are the top 5 tips to growing your wedding photography business through your blog.

1. Know that Timing is Everything

After the wedding, how fast you begin posting images through social media becomes extremely important. You want to stay relevant in the minds of your clients, so rather than waiting 2-3 weeks to create the blog post and share images from the wedding, get right to it! [···]

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New Marketing Techniques for the 2015 Photographer


The business of wedding photography is not getting any easier. With how quickly technology is evolving and the affordability of top-notch cameras, it is simple for anyone to pick up a camera and become a “photographer.” In conjunction with social media, new photographers are able to post to Facebook and Instagram and gain new followers with the click of a button.  With the ease of becoming a wedding photographer, what can you do to set your business apart and make it stand out?

As a wedding photographer, you want to attract your ideal couple, and Content Marketing is the key to your success. With Content Marketing, you can use your library of images to create a unique and optimized marketing plan for your business. Learning effective ways to use Content Marketing in your business will allow you to grow your business and connect with more of your ideal clients. It is vital to the success of your business and because of this, we’ve put together 3 new marketing techniques for the 2015 photographer.

1. Generate Content that builds trust and value

For you to have an effective Content Marketing plan, it is imperative that you create content that is specifically tailored for your target audience that helps you build trust. Once trust is established, you can work on converting that trust into loyalty and life-long clients. Content Marketing allows you to build content that is relevant, useful, and helpful to your potential clients. When you offer them valuable content, you begin to build the relationship that leads to trust. [···]

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