How to Create a Successful Blog Strategy


In order to win over clients and expand your business, you need to develop a strategy for potential clients to find you online. There are many platforms to get your name out there, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media is one of the fastest ways for your business to gain exposure, and you can use social sites to your advantage by using them as platforms to share your blog posts. Here are three ways to create a successful blog strategy that will help you book more clients.

1. Create Dynamic Content

Content that is relevant and up-to-date is referred to as dynamic content. With dynamic content, consistent blogging can become the front-runner for your marketing. Create compelling blog content by sharing positive tidbits of your personal experiences while photographing recent weddings—this will help clients get to know you and cause readers to engage with your blog and check back regularly for updates. Most importantly, consistent and relevant content delivery on a regular basis is part a successful SEO plan, which leads to a higher ranking on Google. Include recent work so people can get a good sense of your personal style and brand. [···]

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3 Ways to Use Greeting Cards to Grow Your Business


Did you know that the #1 way to build life long relationships with your clients is to keep in touch after the wedding is over? The clients that you spend time reaching out to will be the ones who will refer you to friends, family, and colleagues.

The holidays are approaching quickly, and what better way to reach out to clients, old and new, than with your own creative and thoughtful greeting cards? Here are three ways to use greeting cards to keep a connection with your clients and to continue growing your business.

1. Send a greeting card of your family to all of your past couples

Sending a greeting card featuring your family will remind your clients that you are not just a photographer; you are part of a family, which will make you more personable to your clients. When your clients receive your greeting card, they will likely put it somewhere in view of guests and other family members. When you send your greeting cards to your past couples, you are letting them know that you appreciate them and want to stay on the top of their minds – just because the wedding or portrait session is over doesn’t mean that the relationship needs to end. [···]

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Finding Great Shooting Locations: Change it Up


We’re continuing in our Blog Series: Finding Great Shooting Locations with Melissa Jill. Today we’re going to focus on the importance of keeping it fresh and new. Creatively, you must stay inspired! And, changing up your locations is vital. What do you do when you can’t change your location though? When you have to shoot in a location you’ve shot at dozens of times before? We have some great tips from Melissa!

Today I’m continuing my series for photographers on tips for finding great shooting locations. Click below to get caught up on the series up to this point!

Part One: Make it Personal
Part Two: Light Trumps Background
Part Three: Compositional Elements


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Finding Great Shooting Locations: Compositional Elements


We’re continuing in our Blog Series: Finding Great Shooting Locations with Melissa Jill. Today we’re going to highlight the necessities of composition at your location. Finding good locations to shoot in is a challenge that every photographer goes through. We’ve brought in one of the best in the business to help dissect the different aspects involved in finding great wedding photography locations!
Hey folks! If you’ve missed the first two posts in this series, click below to get caught up!

Part One: Make it Personal
Part Two: Light Trumps Background

As I mentioned in Part Two, my main source of inspiration for picking spots while shooting an engagement session or portraits during a wedding is light. I look for great light and let that direct my choices. Light is always my first concern, but often other things that help guide me are inspirational found objects and the opportunity to employ compositional elements.

Using inspiring objects to help guide location choices is a “no duh” for photographers — everyone does this. But I thought I’d mention it for the sake of being thorough :). Shadows aren’t objects per-se but they can function as such. I saw the shadow of this tree on the wall and it inspired me to create this image:



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Finding Great Shooting Locations: Light Trumps Background


We’re continuing in our Blog Series: Finding Great Shooting Locations with Melissa Jill. Today we’re going to focus on the secrets to finding good light whenever you are selecting a location!
Today I’m continuing my series for photographers on tips for finding great shooting locations. Last week I talked about choosing locations based on who your client is — making each shoot personal and unique.

Whether you’re shooting portraits on a wedding day, engagement photos, or family portraits, you as a photographer are the one your clients trust to guide the shoot and place them in great locations. Oftentimes clients think we’re just looking for great backgrounds to use for the photos. We’ve all grown up taking our family portraits in front of the fireplace, taking vacation photos posing next to statues and taking outdoor portraits in front of fountains, right? Because everyone knows that the best spots for photos are by fireplaces, statues and fountains :). We laugh about this as professional photographers, but we have our very own equivalents to fireplaces, statues and fountains. They are: brightly colored walls, fields and alleys. We’re on the look-out during shoots for anything we think will serve as a great background for our portraits. [···]

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Finding Great Shooting Locations: Make it Personal


As a professional wedding photographer, finding unique shooting locations for your couples can be quite the challenge! As the years go by, clients tend to request the same locations, and you’re required to get unique images each and every time. Or, if you’re lucky, they might turn to you for advice. But, if you’re like so many photographers, its tough to think of new and amazing photo locations each and every time.

To help us out, we’ve brought in Melissa Jill, an established (and amazing) Arizona Wedding Photographer. She’s going to break down a TON of tips and tricks over the course of 5 amazing blog posts. Today’s is the first installment:
I know I get bored and uninspired when I shoot at the same location over and over. And it can be VERY challenging as a photographer to come up with new locations — especially when you’ve been in business in the same city for YEARS. So photographers — I feel your pain.

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