Top 5 Tips for Selling Wall Art to Every Client


Are you a photographer who cringes at the thought of selling to your clients? In-person sales are often one of the most challenging aspects of your job, but can also be a lucrative addition to your yearly income. But, without a process in place, it can be difficult to maximize your profits with wall art sales, especially during the busy wedding season.

In our Online Training: Simple Steps to Sell Wall Art to Every Wedding Client, Chris Scott of Swift Galleries shared ways for you to sell wall art to every client, and the importance of setting and maintaining expectations throughout the client lifecycle. Here are the top 5 tips from his training you can implement into your process today.

1. Attract the Right Clients

Do you find yourself offering wall art, but not selling it to clients? To find success with every client, you must attract the right type of client to your business. If you attract clients who do not want wall art, chances are you will sell less wall art to them. To keep wall art top of mind for potential clients, place examples on every platform they can access. This means place wall art examples on your website, blog, and social media platforms. When you place wall art everywhere your clients look at your work, you have a higher chance of the right clients reaching out to you.


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4 Killer Tricks for Your Instagram Business Account


With all of the tips and tricks available for your Instagram business account, there are plenty of opportunities to reach out to followers who are qualified your ideal clients. Since it takes time to build a strategy for your account, and encourage interaction from followers, it is necessary for you to test methods to see which work for you. Here are 4 killer tricks for you to test to bring you even closer to followers who are perfect for your photography business.

 1. Update Links in Bio

When you add links to your social media accounts, you encourage followers to click them. Instagram is no different. Because you have to place links in your bio, it is crucial you update the link as often as possible. If you share an image from your most recent blog post, add in a call-to-action in the text of your Instagram post, and place the link in your bio. The call-to-action creates excitement for your followers, so they are more likely to click on the link and access your blog.


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Does SEO Even Matter for Your Social Media Reach?


Social media is one of the top ways for you to attract and book ideal clients. From Instagram, to Facebook, to Twitter, to Pinterest, and more, you have plenty of platforms to use. One of the main objectives of social media is to attract ideal clients back to your website and blog. To ensure your website and blog receive traction, you must have a social media strategy which expands your reach on each platform.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) involves strategies which increase the visitors to your website and blog through search engines. You may be wondering how SEO and social media connect, and if SEO really matters to your overall reach. The answer is that it does! Social media is one of the most effective ways to help build and strengthen your web of links back to your website.

In today’s interconnected world, by linking all of your social media profiles, you will start to see all of them come up higher in the rankings. In our SEO Guide, we share ways for you to incorporate links into your platforms to expand your overall reach and get ranked by major search engines, such as Google. Here are a few strategies to help you build links for SEO on your social media platform, so you can expand your reach.

Build Links for SEO

The best place to start building links is in editing your social media profiles. Every social media entity that you belong to, active or not, should point back to your site: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

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How to Effectively Turn Instagram Followers into Customers


Marketing for your wedding photography business is one of the key ways to find and book clients who are perfect for you. Instagram is one of the biggest social media marketing platforms for wedding photographers. The efforts you place into Instagram allow you to reach a large audience of potential clients, and attract them to your account. Once you have them as followers, the next step is to encourage them to access your website and blog. Then, they may be more inclined to book you as their wedding photographer. How can you effectively turn your Instagram followers into customers? Below, we share 9 ways to get started.

1. Create Trust

One of the major components to help you turn followers into customers is to create and build trust with them. Instagram allows you to share more details about you and your business with your followers. This helps humanize you and create trust with your followers. When followers trust you, they are more likely to look into your services and choose you over the competition.


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The Secret to Happy Clients after the Wedding Day


What’s the real secret to happy clients after the wedding day? Is it excellent service throughout the process, every important memory documented during the wedding day, or timely deliverables? In truth, all of those aspects combined create happy clients. But, there is one thing in particular that sets the tone for the entire experience. We’ll get to that in a minute, but first let’s talk about the client’s lifecycle.

Even before a couple becomes a potential client, their experience with you begins. Think about it this way: an engaged (or nearly engaged) couple sees a wedding image you shot in the past on social media. Maybe they intentionally searched for it, or they saw it on a friend’s feed. This is the first impression they receive of you (unless they see your website first). If you match their vision for their wedding day, they reach out to you (most likely through email). You then talk briefly on the phone and set up a client meeting.

During their initial meeting with you, you can take steps to make sure you have happy clients after the wedding. So, what is the secret to happy clients? Delivering fewer images to them and managing their expectations about this throughout the entire process. Here are a few steps to help you manage their expectations from the beginning of their lifecycle with you.

Discuss in Person

When you first sit down with your client after the initial inquiry, discuss image count with them. This is the second place to manage their expectations. As you review the pricing options, as well as the products and services, discuss the number of images. Inform them that these numbers are ideal, and they will get everything they want from the wedding day shoot.


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11 Steps to Run a Successful Instagram Contest 


One of the best parts about social media is you have the opportunity to test new strategies in front of countless potential clients. This is especially true for Instagram. From Stories, to hashtags, to links to other social platforms, there are plenty of ways for you to reach Instagram followers who are potential clients.

With your Instagram account, you should have fun with your followers and get them excited to see your posts every day. What’s a simple way to keep your followers engaged and motivated to interact with your posts? A contest! To get you started, here are 11 steps to run a successful contest on Instagram.

1. Determine the Details

Just like any other plan you create, determine the details for your contest. Decide how long it should run, and what the specific dates are. Then, give yourself a budget to spend for the entire contest. Finally, write down the goal you want to reach with this contest. If you want to increase your followers by a certain percent, or generate traffic to your website or blog, make sure you write that in your plan.


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Culling in Camera: Can it Save You Time?


During the wedding day, how many images are you shooting? Chances are, you shoot hundreds of images from the wedding day (based on these most important moments) – most of which don’t make it to the final set you send to your clients. And, based on how many images clients really want, the culling process may force you to spend your time getting rid of a ton of images to get to your final total.

Culling your images in Lightroom is not the only way to start the process of delivering a set of the best images from the wedding day. You can start the process earlier by updating your process, and even culling in camera. The biggest question is, can these techniques save you time in your workflow? Here are a few steps you can take to eliminate the number of images you need to cull on your computer during your post-wedding workflow.

Step 1: Shoot What’s Needed

The first step is to start the process before you even take the first set of images. Achieve the best shots possible by properly posing your clients in a place where the background is ideal, the light highlights them, and you know it will be a memorable image. Or, if it’s something you cannot pose, position yourself in the best angle for the image. Before you take the photo, make sure you know it will result in an image that contributes to the overall story of the wedding day. If you only focus on the images that matter, you won’t have to spend as much time on your computer afterwards.


Image Compliments of Sam Stroud Photography


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10 Memorable Photographers to Ignite Your Creativity


As a wedding photographer, you likely spend much of your time thinking of new ways to advance your photography skills to provide clients with stellar images. Photography is constantly evolving from where it first started, so it is necessary for you to continue to practice and try new techniques for your shoots. In our Lighting and Posing Guide, we share how to properly use lighting and posing to create stunning images. To stay up to date with the latest in photography, and to advance your skills, it can be valuable to study other photographers and gain inspiration from them. Below, we share 10 memorable photographers to ignite your creativity.

1. Ansel Adams

Ansel Adams was an American photographer and environmentalist. He once said, “A good photograph is knowing where to stand.” Throughout his career, he would travel to locations with stunning landscapes, where he would practice taking photos in the correct position. You can learn about how to add landscapes into your photos from him. Not only did he know how to incorporate the landscape, he also knew which camera settings he preferred. He would often take 2 shots of the same scene to ensure he captured the best shot possible.


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Instagram Shortcuts: 7 Timesavers to Implement Today


What’s the best part of using Instagram for your wedding photography business? You have the opportunity to place your images and other resources in front of potential clients to encourage them to access your website and blog (and book you for their wedding day). There are plenty of strategies you can use to connect with followers, and really make an impact on their decision of who to hire as their photographer.

If you have read our Instagram Guide, you learned some of the top tips and tricks to use on Instagram. (Haven’t read the guide yet? Check it out here). But, if the process you use for Instagram takes too much time, there is a chance you are not getting the most out of your account.

Your Instagram strategy should be streamlined, so you can reach potential clients and focus on other important tasks for your business. How can you maintain a fast process for Instagram? Here are 7 Instagram shortcuts you can implement to save time on the social media app.

1. Try a Hashtag Generator

By now, you likely have hashtags to use on your posts. To add hashtags to posts that are different, use a hashtag generator to speed up the process. A generator, such as Hashme or Hashtags by Pregram helps find the best hashtags related to the post you share. This saves you time, and helps you place images in front of unique audiences.


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