Branding Mistakes: Forgetting to Brand Yourself


Do you often reevaluate parts of your business to ensure you have a clear and recognizable brand message? With your unique brand message, you share with ideal clients who you are and why they need to book you for their special day. If you have unclear messaging or mistakes in your brand, you risk the possibility of pushing clients who are perfect for you away from learning more about you.

Because branding is such an important topic for you to be aware of, we’re created a branding mistakes series. In our first post, we discussed how to quickly identify and fix an identity crisis on your website and other social platforms. Today, we’re going to focus on your “About Me” page and how to properly share your brand on it. Continue on to learn how to identify the mistake, forgetting to brand yourself, and how to fix it in your business.

View Your “About Page”

You may be thinking, “I already have my client images on my site that share my brand. Why do I need to add personal photos and information?” The answer is: when a potential client first looks for a photographer, chances are they view your website first (and look for your “About Page”). As they view your page, they immediately get an impression of who you are and whether you would be a perfect fit for them. 


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Simple Wedding Day Strategies to Capture Every Moment Webinar


Of the weddings you’ll shoot this year, how many so far have gone perfectly without any issues or last minute adjustments? (Chances are, not many!) From sudden timeline changes, to unforeseen weather conditions, numerous things can go wrong during the wedding day! Since much of this is out of your control, you need to have a plan in place to capture images from the entire day. But, how can you have a successful shoot if you are not prepared for emergencies or equipped with the proper tools?

In our Simple Wedding Day Strategies to Capture Every Moment Webinar, U.K. wedding photographer Donal Doherty will share simple wedding day strategies to help you capture every moment. These tips and tricks will allow you to comfortably shoot throughout the day, meaning you will continuously create stunning photos for the bride and groom.

Wednesday, June 22nd 
10am PDT – 11am PDT



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6 Incredible Ways to Capture the Sparkler Exit


The final moment of the wedding day shoot is when the bride and groom leave in their getaway car to enjoy their lives as newlyweds. Before this happens, they want to say goodbye to their family and friends and leave the reception together. A creative and exciting way to spice up this part of the shoot is to have a sparkler exit. During the sparkler exit, the bride’s guests stand outside the reception hall, form a line, light sparklers, and cheer the couple on as they leave the building.

Not only does this create a memorable moment for your couple and their guests, it gives you plenty of opportunities to capture candid and genuine expressions. The important part of these shots is to know the challenges you may face between the sparklers, additional lights, and the setup. So you can provide your clients with excellent images, here are 6 incredible ways to capture the sparkler exit.

1. Capture the Genuine Emotions

It’s the end of the day, and although the bride and groom are exhausted, they are still excited to say farewell to their loved ones who joined them for one of the happiest days of their lives. Everyone is filled with high emotions during this time, so make sure you capture the expressions on their faces. Take time before the couple exits to snap a few photos of the crowd as they prepare to light the sparklers, and while they anticipate the moment.

Ben Hartley - Six Figure Photography-09

Image Compliments of Style & Story Creative


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Overcoming Writer’s Block on your Blog: Sharing Your Personal Photography Story


How often do you post to your blog? If you are like some photographers, blogging may be your least favorite part of your workflow. In addition to everything else you have to take care of in your business, posting to your blog is another task you have to check off the list (but you may not always have the time or motivation to do so). And what happens when you have writer’s block?

As author Ann Handley mentions in her book Everybody Writes, writer’s block (or as she calls it, “writer’s evasion”) is the reluctance to begin writing. But as a person who has a following of ideal clients, and other photographers in the industry, posting to your blog can help you share your creative thoughts, connect with clients, and provide relevant information to other photographers.

What are some topics you can write about to keep your blog relevant and interesting? Your personal photography story is a great place to start on your blog. If your story is like many others in the industry, you likely had some growing pains in the beginning. But, here you are, posting on your own blog for your business. The journey you took shaped you as a person and a photographer, which makes you more relatable to clients and photographers. Here are a few tips to help you overcome writer’s block on your blog through your personal photography story.

Share How You Got Started

Begin your story by explaining to your readers how you got started in your photography career. Were you a school teacher who took photos on the side, or perhaps you were a stay-at-home parent who loved photography but didn’t have the time? Whatever your story is, share the beginnings on your blog. This will provide readers with an idea of your background, which shapes who you are.


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3 Fast Ways to Customize Your Facebook Page


Social media is one of the fastest ways to quickly communicate with your ideal clients at any time. Rather than waiting for the best time to call a client, you can use social media to answer their questions or check in on the process. Although social media should never take the place of personal calls or in-person meetings, it can be a helpful resource to help you stay top of mind with clients (past, present, and future).

Do you currently have a Facebook business page? Not only can you find your ideal clients through advanced targeting methods, you can share relevant content with your audience based on the specifications you choose. In the past, we’ve covered how to share your brand on your Facebook business page through your cover image design, as well as how to double your exposure. What else can you do to make your page a true reflection of you and your business? Since Facebook allows you to customize your business page, we wanted to share 3 fast ways to do so to help you continue to find clients who are perfect for you (and lead them to your website).

1. Set Preferences for Visible Posts

Facebook is a platform where your clients can interact with you, and many times, they like to post on your page to thank you or ask questions. Although you may be fine with a few comments on your page from clients who had a great experience, what happens when an unhappy client posts a rant or a spammer decides to tag you in an inappropriate post? Not only will this damage your reputation, but it can also cause brand confusion for your followers.


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51 Things to Know when Starting a Photography Business


Do you recall the moment you knew you wanted to make your photography dream into a reality and start a photography business? Here at ShootDotEdit, we know running a business is a tough for anyone, and especially as a photographer. Not only do you need to take gorgeous photos and interact with ideal clients, you also have to tend to the important tasks that keep your business running and successful. Since there are so many aspects for you to focus on, how do you know which tasks are most important and ones you can leave behind?

Today, Ben Hartley of Style & Story Creative shares 51 things he wishes he would have known when starting a photography business. These items can help you when you are first starting out in your business, as you can skip some of the tasks which are not necessary to focus on. This list can also help you as a photographer who has been in business for years, as you can take a look at your business and decide what you can change to make every process you have streamlined and succinct.



1. Being a photographer is 1st being a small business owner and 2nd being a professional photographer

2. You will have less, not more, free time as a small business owner

3. Taxes are real; set aside money to pay them

4. Personality is as important as product

Image Compliments of Style & Story Creative


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4 Tips to Setting Up Your Wedding Photography Packages


Out of the many things you have to work on for your business, setting prices for your products and services may be one of your least favorite tasks. But, properly pricing your business is a crucial part of your overall success. If you decide to use wedding photography packages in your pricing model (most do), do you know how to set it up so your clients are satisfied and you stay profitable? 

Wedding Photography Packages

For most wedding photographers, pricing their services with packages is the easiest and clearest way to start. If you are just starting a photography business, utilizing a three or five package structure for your clients to book you is a great place to start. As you grow your wedding photography business, you will learn a lot more about the unique details that your target market expect, not only in terms of your services, but also the products that you offer. As the years go by, you’ll want to continually revsit your pricing structure to make sure you have the best set up. 

When setting up your wedding photography packages, you have to ensure that they are both attractive to your target market, while simultaneously producing profit for you. It can be a bit of a puzzle, ensuring that both sides are met with every package. And, it can be really confusing! Taking the time to properly set up your packages will ensure that your clients aren’t pushed away by your pricing, while also keeping you profitable every year.Here are 4 must-have tips for selling with packages for your wedding photography business.

1. Share a Reasonable Starting Price

Your wedding photography packages must start at a price that does not scare your target market away. Notice we said target market – it’s ok if your start price scares the wrong couples away! “Starting Price” refers to the price of your first package, which is your cheapest option. This says everything about who you are in your industry, and even more about what the client should expect to spend. This is not the package you want to be booking a majority of the time; yet the price you put this package at is extremely influential in determining how often you book your higher packages. If you make this package too cheap, you risk attracting clients who may not be capable of spending money on your higher packages.


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Photographers Reveal their Largest Business Bottlenecks


How often does this happen to you? You take a look at your tasks for the month and schedule time to work on them based on their importance. Then, there are tasks you have that you know you should work on, but never have the chance to. Those tasks begin to pile up and then you have a bottleneck in your business. 

A business bottleneck is something that holds you back from completing the work you know you need to do, but are not excited about. Maybe you feel guilty about pushing it off, or maybe you just dislike doing it altogether. Do you sometimes feel like you are the only photographer in the industry that has business bottlenecks? We have good news; you are not the only one! We have a few photographers who are ready to reveal their largest business bottlenecks, and chances are – they are similar to yours!

Publishing and Sharing Images

Much of the traction you receive for your images happens after you share them on your website, blog, and social media. A few other ways to gain attention for your photos is to publish them on a wedding blog or in a magazine. Also, sharing images with vendors means your work can be in front of their entire audience (who can be ideal clients you have yet to reach). Often times, publishing and sharing images takes many steps, and if it is not currently part of your workflow, you may not get it done.

“Sometimes, I get so busy and move on to the next wedding that I forget to submit the images to a publication or share them with every vendor. It’s huge to share photos with vendors of their work because I couldn’t create those images without their talents. I want them to know I appreciate them after the shoot is over.” Terra Cooper


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3 Custom Camera Settings to Speed Up Your Shoots


Here at ShootDotEdit, we believe Fast is Best.We know that one of the keys to success for you is to find ways to speed up various parts of your business. Whether you trim time from your shoots, regular tasks and projects, or post-wedding workflow, you should always think of new ways to become faster at what you do. As well as the tasks you take care of for your business, you spend a lot of time with your camera. During an engagement or wedding shoot, you likely spend hours shooting and adjusting settings on your camera to capture images for the bride and groom.

How well do you know the current camera you use? Have you discovered custom settings on your camera to help you quickly shoot during an engagement shoot or the wedding day? Custom settings for your camera can differ depending on the model, but all achieve the same goal: to eliminate time. Here are 3 custom camera settings you should use to speed up your shoots.

1. Use Back Button Focus

Does this sound familiar? During a shoot, you take multiple images in a row of the bride and groom, and in between each shot you pressed the shutter button halfway down to properly focus the image. You are confident you captured the best photos; however, when you take time to review, you realize that half of the photos are out of focus. Not only is this frustrating, but you risk on missing some of the best moments during the day.


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