Wedding Photography Contracts: The Do’s and Don’ts

wedding photographer contracts

Protect your business and your wedding clients with smart, well-thought-out photography contracts. Download our FREE Guide: The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Photographer Contracts!

When you book a wedding, there is so much to cover and agree upon with your clients. A contract is a legal document that clearly and accurately defines what you and your clients agree upon when it comes to their booking. It is an essential part of the booking process that helps protect you, your business (and images), and your clients.

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That’s why we partnered with Agree, Songfreedom, Fotoskribe, and TheLawTog to bring you a guide to contracts. It is filled with suggestions of what you can place in your photography contract. We also discuss why you should have a contract in place. Plus, we cover what it can do to ensure your success and longevity as a wedding photographer.

Throughout our guide, created with Agree, Songfreedom, Fotoskribe, and TheLawTog, we provide suggestions of what you can place in your contract. We also discuss the need to have this legal document, plus Agree’s David Jay and TheLawTog’s Rachel Brenke share their expertise.

[FREE Guide] The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Photographer Contracts


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Don’t miss contract tips and suggestions that can help you create contracts that serve you and your clients. These expert tips and tricks include the following:

  • Adding specific contact information
  • How to avoid miscommunication (meaning you can avoid poor reviews, angry clients, or lawsuits)
  • Providing clarity into copyright details with clients (and vendors)
  • Software and resources that make creating, delivering, and completing contract negotiations (and payments) with clients a breeze
  • Plus, so much more to help you when it comes to your wedding photography contracts

So, what are you waiting for? Download our Guide to Wedding Photography Contracts today to protect your business and your clients!

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