Simplifying IPS for Better In Person Sales in Your Photography Business

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In-Person Sales (IPS) can be one of the most challenging parts of your role as a professional wedding photographer. IPS photography sales include products and services you provide for your wedding clients, some of which are easier to sell than others.

IPS Photography

In the digital age of photography, there are some products that are simple to sell to wedding clients, such as online galleries or DVDs. On the other hand, some products are more challenging to sell, such as wall art. Convincing a couple they need a 20×30 canvas of themselves from their wedding day hanging in their living room can be a struggle. This is especially true if this is not something you typically sell. So, what are secrets to in person sales photography that will have your clients excited to buy wall art?

In addition to providing you with wedding photo editing services, we love to bring you valuable information about topics that are relevant to your photography business. That’s why we gathered a few tips and tricks, and reached out to an expert (see the BONUS section), to help you gain the confidence needed to make wall art photography sales from your clients.

1. Present a visual

As a buyer, do you prefer to buy something sight unseen, or do you like the opportunity to see the product beforehand so you have a good idea of what you are purchasing? Most would agree with the latter, including your clients.

If clients can see how a large print will look in their home, they are more likely to buy it. When clients see their images on a computer screen, the images are small. It can be difficult to visualize how a print would look hanging above the couch in the family room. Even if they do order a canvas, they are likely to purchase it as a smaller size, thinking that it will actually look larger than it is.

Quick Tip

With the way technology has evolved over the years, providing the best visual possible is essential for IPS photography. Show your clients a visual of how their images would look as wall art in their own homes and they will be less inclined to only print smaller images.

Swift Galleries created an app that allows you to see exactly what a wall print or canvas would look like in your clients’ homes. This is a great tool that you can use from the very first meeting with potential clients to get them in the mindset of how great wall art would look in their home.

A screenshot of Swift Galleries' program on a laptop, tablet, and mobile device.

Image by Swift Galleries

2. Manage expectations

From the very first consultation, prep your clients to believe that they want and need wall art. Since almost everything is digital today, explain the importance of having some of their favorite images in a physical form that not only they can enjoy, but that their friends and family can as well.

Just like you show your clients sample albums, have wall art displayed in your studio or space that you meet. For some clients, they may not have been considering a canvas print before you mentioned it. When you have a visual in your own space, it shows you believe they are important to have. This will help you increase photography sales for your business.

Quick Tip

Throughout your relationship with each couple, continually drip the idea of certain images that would look great on a canvas. As you photograph them on their wedding day, bring up how fantastic a specific shot of them would look in their living room. This helps set the expectation that they need a wall print, and the more likely they are to purchase one during the sales session. Plus, it will make the in person photography sales process easier for you.


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3. Be prepared

As you manage expectations about wall prints throughout initial meetings, the wedding day, and follow up emails, one of the final steps is to actually show them what one of their wedding images would look like as a canvas in their home.

After sending your images to a wedding photography post processing company, like ShootDotEdit, select a few favorites that would look stunning as large canvases. Then, invite your clients over for a small viewing party. This is a perfect time to use the Swift Galleries app to show them exactly what a 20×30 canvas of an image from their wedding day would look like hanging above their mantle.

By prepping this ahead of time and having images preselected, you are making it easier for your clients to love the selections. This is especially true because they do not have to spend time filtering through the 600 images you delivered back to them.

Quick Tip

While a beautiful portrait of the couple makes for a great wall print, come up with alternative ideas too. If the bride was raving about how much she loved the details at her wedding, why not create a piece of 7-8 small prints of the best details? The key is to listen to the clients throughout your relationship to see what would work best displayed in their home.

With all of this in mind, it is important to remember that 10 years from now, technology will change. DVDs will break or get old, but your prints will still be hanging on your clients’ walls. Wall art is not only for your clients. It is also for their family and friends as well to remember the wedding day. These tips are valuable for you, especially if you are uneasy about IPS photography sessions.


BONUS: Simplify IPS Photography

How do you feel about selling your products and services to clients? Whether you are an artist first and a business owner second, or vice versa, in person photography sales can be challenging to master.

We partnered with Chris Scott of Swift Galleries for a free webinar. In our Simplifying IPS Photography Webinar, Chris shared how you can create a sales routine that will help you sell more work, make more money, and outperform your competition. His tips are meant to help you increase your photography sales without ever feeling like a salesperson.

Throughout the webinar, Chris also shared how to set clear expectations for sales before the wedding day. He walked through how to develop a seamless process to guide clients toward purchasing. Chris highlighted how to portray genuine emotions during your IPS photography sessions, and offered tips to create a process that provides a service to your clients. Watch or listen to the webinar to discover IPS photography secrets from Chris and much more.

The more you can learn about in person sales photography, the easier it will become to sell to your clients every time. IPS photography is an ideal way to increase income for your photography business and the referrals you receive.

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