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holiday card templates

We designed another year’s worth of FREE customizable Holiday Card Templates for Photographers, including free Christmas card templates for photographers. And, we’re certain they will wow your customers and make them proud to share your photos.

In addition, we partnered with Bay Photo Lab to help you bring those designs to life in a fast and easy way!

We’ve made it easy for everyone to customize our templates! Not a Photoshop user? No problem. When you download the templates, we’ll send you a FREE tool to use that makes the process simple!

Holiday Card Templates for Wedding Photographers

Two holiday card templates on top of one another in a design that says Merrier than Ever.

Bay Photo Lab has a long history of innovative photographic printing and photofinishing services. They have been providing Professional Photographers with the highest quality printing and customer service for nearly 40 years. Plus, they are committed to providing personal attention and a wide range of products. They pride themselves on our quality printing and fast delivery, which is ideal for your holiday card needs.

Holiday cards provide you with a quick way to make additional income during the holiday season. They are also a way to keep you top of mind with your past and current clients. Our templates are already created just for you, which means all you have to do is add your unique style to them and prep them to send to your clients.

Remember, we’ve made it easy for everyone to use the holiday card templates. So, whether you are a Photoshop user or not, you can easily customize and use our holiday card templates for your photography business.

Holiday Card Templates for Photographers

Our FREE Holiday Card Templates, created in conjunction with Bay Photo Lab, include:

  • Customizable templates; each made in Bay Photo Lab’s 3 most popular card sizes
  • Editable text fields and drag and drop image areas to personalize each card
  • Simple instructions to adjust the cards to represent your photography brand
  • Bay Photo Lab’s simple and streamlined ordering process



3 Ways to Use Holiday Card Templates for Photographers

Did you know the #1 way to build lifelong relationships with your clients is to keep in touch after the wedding is over? The clients you spend time reaching out to will be the ones who will refer you to friends, family, and colleagues.

The holidays are approaching quickly, and what better way to reach out to clients, old and new, than with free Christmas card templates for photographers? Here are 3 ways to use holiday card templates for photographers to keep a connection with your clients and to continue growing your business.


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1. Send a greeting card of your family to all of your past couples

Sending a holiday card featuring your family will remind your clients you are not just a photographer. You are part of a family, which will make you more personable to your clients. When your clients receive your holiday card, they will likely put it somewhere in view of guests and other family members. When you send your holiday cards to your past couples, you are letting them know you appreciate them and want to stay on the top of their minds. Remember, just because the wedding or portrait session is over doesn’t mean the relationship needs to end.

Quick Tip

After you send your upcoming holiday cards, set reminders to send out birthday cards or anniversary cards.

2. Send a business-oriented card with a fun twist to all of your friends

Your clients are not the only people who can introduce you to new clients. Be sure to send the holiday cards to your friends who have a reference to your photography business (logo, website, images, etc). Keeping your business top of mind with friends is an excellent way to gain new clients. Your friends have similar interests as you and will attract people to your business who are potentially a great match. A card that keeps your business top of mind will help generate those referrals.

3. Send each couple from this year 5 free cards with images from their wedding as a thank you

Couples will cherish a card that features such a special moment as their wedding day. To make the greeting card special, select a few of your favorite photos from the wedding. You can also leave a personal note letting the couple know these were your personal favorite wedding images. Providing your couple with a few holiday cards they can send out serves several purposes. Along with this being an amazing gift to give them, they now have an easy opportunity to send these cards out to their close family and friends. It also introduces the possibility of purchasing additional cards to them. This will keep you on the top of their minds.

Quick Tip:

Since Christmas is right around the corner, think about using your free Christmas card templates for photographers as the first set of cards you create with the holiday theme.

Your clients are going to love that you are taking time out to customize your holiday card templates for photographers and send them throughout the year. The clients you send holiday cards to will appreciate the kind gesture and value you thinking about them even though the wedding day has passed. Building this relationship with your couples will prove to be beneficial during the holiday season when family and friends they can refer you to surround them.

To get started on creating your personalized cards to send to your clients, click the banner below to download our free Holiday Card Templates for Photographers!

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