8 Free Wedding Day Timeline Templates for Photographers

8 free wedding day timeline templates

Let’s face it… the wedding day shoot is stressful – and that is for both you and your couple. With so many moving parts and people to coordinate with, there are plenty of opportunities for the day to fall behind. When the day falls behind, you often have to shoot important moments quickly and your stress levels increase (and so do your couple’s). How can you simplify and streamline the process before the shoot to help minimize time-crunches and create a stress-free wedding day for you and your couple? A wedding photography checklist will help you ensure everyone is on the same page and keep the day moving on time and on schedule. We connected with 5 wedding pros to bring you their personal recommendations for timelines to use for success!

8 Free Wedding Day Timeline Templates for Photographers

wedding day timeline templates for photographers

Just like every photographer is unique, every wedding day schedule varies. That is why we pulled together 8 unique timelines so you can see the differences and adjust the one that will work for your next wedding! Our customizable templates, created in conjunction with Miller’s Professional Imaging Lab, are made to help you streamline the process and lower stress during the wedding day. When you have lower stress, you can focus on shooting the special moments of the day and be at your most creative. Plus, you couple will feel confident in you and their experience will continue to be positive. Lower stress all around makes it a memorable occasion for everyone involved!

Our free Timeline Templates feature personalized timelines from wedding pros Ben Hartley of Style & Story Creative, Laibel and Chana of Laibel Schwartz Photography, Bre Thurston, Krista Jones, and Shaunae Teske! The templates are:

Adjustable to fit the needs of your photography brand
– Tested and vetted by 5 professional photographers
– Simple to download and implement into your workflow


Download our free templates today and use one before your next wedding! Let us know in the comments which of the templates was your favorite!

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