4 Amazing Lead Magnet Ideas for Wedding Photographers

lead magnet ideas for photographers

More and more, there are unique options available to help you create a wedding photography marketing plan geared toward your ideal clients. Each of these techniques allow you to attract ideal clients to your website and blog. Since there are so many, how do you know which one is best for you, and will help you bring in more photography leads? We reached out to wedding photographer Mark Condon of Shotkit to hear his suggestions on the best lead magnets for you to use for your wedding photography business. Read on to discover his top 4 ideas.

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Lead magnets are an online marketing tool to attract leads, i.e. to incentivize a website visitor to provide their email address. Whilst lead magnets can be a somewhat aggressive technique to quickly grow email lists, they can be used in a more delicate way to attract your next wedding photography client.

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The basic idea of a lead magnet is that you’re providing something useful and free to a website visitor in exchange for their email address. The visitor needs to enter their email address to gain access to whatever material it is that you’re promising. Online marketers discovered that simply saying “sign up for our newsletter” was no longer working, and realized that now they needed to give away something of value.

In terms of what you as a wedding photographer can give away, access More Brides: Modern Techniques to Make More Money as a Wedding Photographer. Some of the examples of lead magnets can be posts such as “10 tips to planning your wedding”; “10 things you need to ask your wedding photographer”; “5 tips to look your best in a photo”, etc., etc. Anything you think a bride-to-be would find useful and interesting.

Note: If you can’t write the content yourself, just outsource it to a company that assists photographers with writing.

So now you have the actual “lead magnet” prepared, how do you go about “advertising” it? There are many other online marketing techniques for photographers to try and get the user’s attention – pop ups, pop unders, scroll boxes, scroll mats, welcome mats, ribbons, content lockers, sidebar widgets, etc., etc.

They range from passive (side bar widgets) to aggressive (pop ups), and used tastefully they all can have a place on your wedding photography website to attract your next bride. The key here is to not go overboard, and to test, test, and test again. To save you some time, here are my recommendations if you’d like to dip your toe into “online lead generation.”

1. Ribbon

These are horizontal bars that sit at the top or bottom of your webpage, often “stuck” in place as the user scrolls. You may want a ribbon that asks for the user’s email address in exchange for your lead magnet, or you may want one that simply shows a message, linking the user to your contact form. A good one for wedding photographers to use is something like “X many dates remaining. Get in touch to reserve your wedding.”

If you use colors and fonts that match your branding, Ribbons can be unobtrusive but attention catching enough to be effective at directing your visitor’s attention. Thankfully, there are several free options to create your own Ribbon quickly and easily, including Sumo Me (who call it a ‘Smart Bar’) and Hello Bar. I also use the paid WordPress plugin Thrive Leads which offers way more options and some good analytics too.

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2. Multi-Step Opt In

A multi-step opt in means the user is encouraged to click a button or a link, which in turn opens a pop up window incentivizing them to enter their email address. There are studies to show that adding this extra step to the process actually increases conversions.

Multi-step opt ins can be used well in the text content of your wedding-related blog posts. Rather than having an ugly opt in box in the middle of your blog post content, you can simply have one line saying something like “If you’d like to learn more about this wedding venue and 11 other of my favorites in Sydney, click here.” When the user clicks the link, a pop up is launched which contains the opt in form, i.e. Name and Email Address.

Free options for creating multi-step opt ins are unfortunately few and far between, so you’ll need to purchase a plugin such as Thrive Leads for this.

3. Timed Pop Up

People have a love/hate relationship with pop ups. Users hate them, since they’re obtrusive and annoying. Website owners love them, since they convert well (i.e. they’re effective in getting users to enter their email addresses).

Getting this balance right is difficult, but there are many wedding photographers using them effectively to book their next bride. I’ve seen them used in conjunction with lead magnets, and sometimes merely saying something along the lines of “Enter your email address to receive my latest blog posts.”

I guarantee the lead magnet route is more effective, but either way, if you want to try your luck with pop ups, there are many free options out there to create your first pop up, including Sumo Me. I prefer using Thrive Leads for pop ups and all other lead generation activities since it allows you to display whatever opt in form you choose, only to users who haven’t already subscribed to your list (i.e. only users who haven’t given you their email address will see the pop up, for example). Functions like this are perhaps only relevant to sites with high traffic, but it’s something to keep in mind nevertheless. Here are some of the other tools I use to run an online business.


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As for the timing of the pop up, it pays to experiment a little here. The best conversions I’ve found is by using a zero second delay (the pop up shows as soon as the webpage loads). Some believe that triggering the pop up to appear later can be more annoying, since the user is already engaged in your content, and the pop up becomes an interruption.

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4. Scroll Box

Similar to the Ribbon, this is another somewhat unobtrusive opt in form that can be effective. The scroll box appears depending on how far the user has scrolled down your webpage, so usually attracts the user’s attention effectively. Incidentally, the ribbon can also be set to appear after a certain time too. Sumo Me offers a free way for you to experiment with a Scroll Box, and it works nicely on mobile too.

Whatever method you choose to try and gain your website visitor’s email address, be sure to limit your efforts to one method at a time. Also, I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep the opt in form in line with your branding. Nothing will turn your bride away quicker than a red flashing bar asking her to enter her email address. Wedding photography is usually an emotional decision after all, so use the techniques above with care.

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Marketing techniques, like the ones mentioned above, help you entice ideal clients to learn more about you on your photography website. Which lead magnet for wedding photographers do you think will work best for your business? Let us know in the comments!

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