Top 5 Tips for SEO Techniques for Growing your Photography Business

As a business owner, understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of your success. Done correctly, the right audience will see your content and access your website and blog. Done incorrectly, you risk missing out on the clients who matter. Because the rules for SEO constantly change and are often complicated, how can you implement the techniques to go beyond the basics, without spending all your time on it?

In our free Online Training: Get Discovered: SEO Techniques for Growing Your Photography Business, Corey Potter shared SEO for photographers, geared toward growing their business. He went into the details of the “why” behind SEO, so you can become an authority on the topic and reach the clients you want to book. Here are the top 5 tips from the Training.

1. Know the Basics

As more wedding photographers get better at SEO strategies and techniques, the basics aren’t enough. However, SEO basics are required for you to know to help utilize more advanced strategies.

Basics, such as knowing seo keywords for photographers and how to set up your blog, are best known in advance for this more advanced tutorial. Corey mentioned the SEO basics you must know, including:

  • Smart keyword usage based on research
  • Great titles, meta descriptions, and URLs
  • Optimizing images for performance and descriptive alt text on your images
  • Local SEO – Google My Business, Citations, NAP (name, address, and phone), etc.
  • Great reviews
  • Backlinks (getting featured and mentioned online)
  • Active social media profiles
  • Regular blogging or creation of new, useful content

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2. Do Your Research

One of the first places to start in utilizing the best SEO practices is to perform research on the advice and topics that are most helpful for your clients. Start by making a list of every challenge your wedding client might face during their planning process. Include questions they might have about your service or related to other topics, such as “what is the best time of year to get married in this area?” or “which venue is the best to book in this area?”

Also, write down possible concerns and fears clients have. If you can address the concerns and fears your clients may have, and answer them and make them feel confident, that will be extremely valuable for you as a wedding photographer. A tool Corey recommends is Answer the Public, which helps you with keyword research that focuses on questions.

With all research you do on topics that are relevant to clients, think about what you know, especially because you are an expert in all things wedding photography. The more you know your ideal client, the easier it will be to research the best questions to ask.

3. Share Your Authority

After you make a list and do your research to improve your SEO, the next step is to demonstrate you are an authority on the topics you chose by creating compelling and informative blog posts. Blogging is a key way to grab Google’s attention, but also to showcase your knowledge and expertise with ideal clients. An example of Corey using research to create a valuable blog post (for both his clients and his business), is when he created a post compiling his favorite wedding venues.

“It was a simple post – I didn’t have to do a lot of research. I picked the 7 venues I liked most and I had images from. I optimized it for the words people are searching and this post by itself brings 500-1,000 people to my website every month. From those, I’m getting 3-4 inquiries every month from that post alone.” – Corey Potter

With your blog posts, keep in mind that you want to be thorough and answer every question your clients may have. Also, long content ranks better and gets more shares in many situations, so work on adding in a few longer posts to encourage more interaction. The more you write about the topic in which you are an expert in, you will demonstrate your authority.


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Another way to achieve the goal of sharing your authority is to interview other experts to borrow their knowledge and educate your clients. You can create videos with them or have the interview written out (or you can do both – place the video in your post and transcribe the text). In addition, get interviewed by others to share more about what you know. This is one way to showcase your authority and work on getting more backlinks to your website. Other ideas are to write guest blog posts or to be involved with a podcast.

One final way to demonstrate you are an authority as a wedding photographer is to speak at community or industry events. It does not need to be a sales pitch, just a way for you to give back. For example, you can speak at a charity event on how wedding photography changes lives or write posts about your experience working in the community. Keep in mind, you do not need to speak directly to your clients; you can speak to other wedding photographers (which also demonstrates you are a thought leader).

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4. Create a Consistent Workflow

Once you have done research on valuable topics your clients want to read about, and you have established your authority, it is now time to turn it into a part of your wedding photography workflow you can use for every blog post.

  • Write the blog post. Whether you write the blog, or outsource it to a company like Fotoskribe, use your extensive knowledge to create a topic that provides value. Incorporate keywords your clients search for regularly. Also, be sure to add in a strong call-to-action to encourage clients to interact in the way you desire. The CTA will differ depending on the goal of the post, but each should be a way for clients to learn more about you and your services so they can book you for their wedding day.
    • For example, create a quick post including 20-30 shots previewing the wedding day a few days after it’s over. The idea behind this post is to create excitement for your clients about their wedding images.
  • Share with clients. Once your blog post is live, share it with your clients. Send them a quick email and let them know you wanted to give them a sneak peek of their images. Because you sent the images immediately, your clients will be more likely to share them with their family and friends, which expands your reach and places more content on your blog.
  • Post to social media. After you share with your clients, post the blog on social media. Use the platform(s) where your audience is following you do to this, that way you get the most impact.
  • Reach out to vendors. To gain additional traction, reach out to vendors who are featured in the post. Ask them to share the post with their audience. The more shares your blog post receives, the easier it becomes to grab the attention of search engines.
  • Submit for publication. With every blog post, submit them for publication. Have a bucket list of publications you’d like to get featured on that are harder to get to. Then, have a list of ones that are more attainable for you and get your work published. This continues to expand your reach, increase your visilibity, and showcase your authority on all things wedding photography.

5. Track Your Results

With your consistent workflow in place with SEO strategies and techniques, it is essential to track your results. There are valuable tools available to help you do this, including:

  • Google Analytics / Tag Manager
  • Google Search Console
  • Social Analytics
    • Facebook Pixel
    • Built in Analytics
    • Third Party
      • Instagram apps
      • Likealizer
      • Sharedcount
  • Heatmaps

Additionally, Corey mentions the important metrics to track with these tools:

  • Visits to your site
  • Number of clicks from search or social
  • Number of queries
  • Engagement
  • Likes/comments
  • Shares
  • Inquiries/Conversions

Based on the metrics you track, make adjustments that help you benefit the most from your SEO strategies. When it comes to your blog posts, perfect and replicate the winners. Keep in mind that not every post will be a winner. Re-post the content that is successful periodically, since clients may have missed it or forgot about it.

Ask questions and learn more SEO strategies for your wedding photography business from Corey in the Fuel Your Photos Facebook Group!

Creating content for your wedding photography business that is filled with Search Engine Optimization techniques is essential to your growth and success. Fotoskribe, a leading expert in blogging-as-a-service for professional photographers, takes care of the writing and implementing of your blog posts. And, Fotoskribe does it in a way that gets Google’s attention. Learn more about how Fotoskribe can grow your photography business here!

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