A Wedding Photography Marketing Plan That Helps You Book More Clients

Here’s a quick question (as stated in the graphic above): where do the majority of your wedding clients come from? The answer will differ for every photographer. Your ideal client is unique, just as your wedding photography business is. The reason we started off with this questions is that it’s important to know where your clients come from to help you set up and execute a strategic wedding photography marketing plan. Rather than spending your time marketing in areas you hope you will receive bookings, you can use your efforts in the places where you know your audience is (which maximizes your time).

To start, here are a few ways you can find out where your clients first found out about your wedding photography business:

  • Use Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a tool you can use to learn more about your clients. It allows you to track where a client comes from to access your website and blog. The data you receive can help you make decisions about where you should use your marketing efforts.
  • Provide questionnaires: Include questionnaires for your clients to fill out before and after booking you to let you know how they found out about you. One way to do this is to include the question on the contact form on your website. You can also ask your clients post-booking, especially during the first client planning meeting.

The next steps to take are to look at the areas your clients are coming from, and create a wedding photography marketing plan that helps you expand your reach and maximize your efforts. Take a look at a few of the first touch points your clients could have with you and ways to create a strong marketing plan.

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Social Media

If you find most of your clients are from social media, this is where the majority of your time should be spent. The next thing to do is to learn which platform your clients are, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. If you find the majority of your bookings come from clients that found you on Instagram, and you receive higher interaction there, that is the first platform where you will want to create a plan.

Some ways to maximize social media for your wedding photography business are to:

  • Share your top photos from past weddings. After you receive your images back from a photo editing service, share them on social media. These should be the best images you took and are ones that represent your unique photography style.
  • Develop a hashtag strategy. This applies to both Instagram and Facebook (although it’s not as popular on Facebook quite yet). Make sure to use hashtags that relate your business, specialty, and ideal clients. These 19 can help you get started and expand your reach.
  • Tag clients and vendors. Tag your clients and vendors that helped during the wedding day. This gives both your clients and vendors the opportunity to talk about you to others and shares your images with their followers.
  • Link to your website and blog. A link to your website or blog encourages followers on all social platforms to learn more about you and your services. When you share images from a recent blog post, make sure to include a call to action that invites your followers to see the rest of the images and story on your blog.

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Past Clients

If you find most of your clients come from word of mouth from past clients, use your time to create a strategy that helps you market to your past clients. Your past clients are the perfect people to share about your wedding photography business because they know what you provide and can share an accurate retelling of their experience.


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A few wedding photography marketing ideas for your past clients are to:

  • Think ahead. The wedding day is just the beginning of the experiences your clients will have together. Think of ways you can help them for other life events, such as buying a house (maybe you know a realtor!).
  • Invite them to events. As your clients progress through the things that come after getting married, invite them to events with other couples in the same stages. This will help them share about their time with you as their wedding photographer, and also reminds them of how much you helped them.
  • Create a newsletter. Send your past clients a newsletter to assist them with things they need help with or could use more information about after the wedding day is over. You stay top of mind with them and also share valuable tips they can use.

Search Engines

If you decide that most of your past bookings come from your clients finding your website or blog on search engines, create a wedding photography marketing plan that is focused on how to increase your presence there. Using Search Engine Optimization techniques on your website and blog are key to grabbing the attention of search engines and having your website and blog posts rank higher.

Ways to optimize your presence on search engines are to:

  • Build links for SEO. Start with your social media platforms when you build links, and make sure they link back to your website or blog. Use call to actions to encourage clicks on the links so clients can learn more about you and your services.
  • Be specific with keywords. Use keywords that are specific to your specialty for your website, images, and blog and ones that help you target your ideal clients as they search for a photographer. The more specific you are, the easier it becomes to use keywords your clients often use on search engines.
  • Share blog posts regularly. Blog posts are a quick way to add links for SEO to help you rank on search engine. Adding keywords to your blog posts and images is essential to your success. A blogging service for professional wedding photographers, such as Fotoskribe, implement proper SEO strategies and more for your blog posts. Learn more about what they can do to help you rank higher on search engines here.

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When you know where your clients come from, you can create a strategic wedding photography marketing plan for your business that helps you book more weddings. What are additional strategies you can use to attract and book clients for your photography business? Download our free Guide to Marketing for Wedding Photographers to discover advanced tips and tricks from wedding pros you can implement today!

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