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A Wedding Photography Marketing Plan That Helps You Book More Clients

Here’s a quick question (as stated in the graphic above): where do the majority of your wedding clients come from? The answer will differ for every photographer. Your ideal client is unique, just as your wedding photography business is. The reason we started off with this questions is that it’s important to know where your clients come from to help you set up and execute a strategic wedding photography marketing plan. Rather than spending your time marketing in areas you hope you will receive bookings, you can use your efforts in the places where you know your audience is (which maximizes your time).

To start, here are a few ways you can find out where your clients first found out about your wedding photography business:

  • Use Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a tool you can use to learn more about your clients. It allows you to track where a client comes from to access your website and blog. The data you receive can help you make decisions about where you should use your marketing efforts.
  • Provide questionnaires: Include questionnaires for your clients to fill out before and after booking you to let you know how they found out about you. One way to do this is to include the question on the contact form on your website. You can also ask your clients post-booking, especially during the first client planning meeting.

The next steps to take are to look at the areas your clients are coming from, and create a wedding photography marketing plan that helps you expand your reach and maximize your efforts. Take a look at a few of the first touch points your clients could have with you and ways to create a strong marketing plan.


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