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Shooting Indoor Wedding Portraits with Off Camera Flash Photography

One of the most challenging aspects of being a wedding photographer is that, often times, you have absolutely no control of the situations you encounter to photograph. One specific aspect of that challenge is the lighting conditions you encounter. Knowing how to use off camera flash can help you overcome these challenging wedding photography lighting scenarios.

In our Off-Camera Flash Techniques for Wedding Photographers Guide, created with SLR Lounge, we discuss a few scenarios that may occur during the getting ready part of the day. Throughout the first post of this series, Pye Jirsa from SLR Lounge and Lin & Jirsa Photography shared his suggestions to set up the lighting for the getting ready scene to help you develop unique and dramatic images. For the second post, he will share how to using off camera flash for indoor portraits can continue to add these effects to your images.


Locations for indoor portraits will differ, as will the light you are provided. In some cases, as viewed during the getting ready examples, there is natural light to help with the scene. Other times, though, you may be in an indoor location where there is no natural light filling the scene. While there might be some artificial light provided from ceiling lights, you may not want to only rely on that to be your main source of light. This is when knowing how to add off camera flash into the scene can be particularly useful. Below, Pye walks you through how to take dark locations with low and terrible lighting and transform it to create dramatic portraits.


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Image Compliments of Lin & Jirsa Photography


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