Pinterest for Wedding Photographers: Are You Properly Utilizing It?

As a wedding photographer, social media is one of the top ways to market your wedding photography business.Here at ShootDotEdit, we know there are various platforms that require your attention. In our Comprehensive Social Media Guide, we discuss the tools you need to succeed on social media for your business.

Some platforms, more than others, are often utilized in a greater capacity (like Facebook and Instagram). Other platforms, like Pinterest, are sometimes underutilized (even though there are great benefits in using it).

We love to share valuable information with you about these subjects (in addition to providing wedding photographer editing services), and we like to reach out to industry leaders to gain their insights. Today, ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro, Melissa Jill, is here to talk more about Pinterest and how it can benefit your business. Read through to decide whether you are properly utilizing it for your business and why you need to start.


What are the top 3 social media channels that you utilize for your business? Take a second to think about it. Where are you putting your marketing time and efforts? It is hard to keep up with all of the social media channels out there. In fact, no single business can do them ALL well. So it is especially wise for those of us who are small business owners to hone in on 1-3 channels where the bulk of our ideal clients are hanging out. We can’t do them all well, but if we pick 1-3 wisely, and truly optimize them, we can see a lot of impact from our efforts.

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As I see it, when it comes to weddings, the top 3 social channels where brides are hanging out are:

Most photographers have a highly optimized Facebook and Instagram presence, but the one channel that is often overlooked by photographers is Pinterest. And I would argue that Pinterest has THE MOST POTENTIAL to impact our businesses. The reasons for this are:

1. It’s a Planning Tool

It is the one channel that most brides are utilizing for the express purpose of wedding planning. They create their own boards and search for inspiration from past weddings on there. That is often their goal in going to Pinterest, whereas their goals in using Instagram and Facebook are more likely to connect socially with others they know.


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2. It’s Photo-Centric

Pinterest is made for sharing inspiration in photo form. It is ideally suited for content creators and, as photographers, we are constantly creating beautiful and inspirational CONTENT. And what’s even better is that our photos are representative of the service we are selling. It is like Pinterest is made to sell what we have to offer.

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3. It’s Made for Exponential Growth

Pinterest, unlike Instagram and Facebook, allows our photos that are saved even once to the platform to proliferate exponentially across that platform for years to come through endless sharing. Pins are often repinned hundreds and thousands of times endlessly across a wide network of people, most of whom do not even follow our profiles. In contrast, photos shared on Instagram and Facebook are primarily initially seen by our followers and then get buried in our feeds.


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At MJP, we have been working to optimize our Pinterest presence for about a year now and we have seen tremendous growth as a result. According to my Google Analytics, Pinterest is the 2nd highest source of traffic to my blog after organic search results. In addition, I have seen an increase in client inquiries who say they have found me on Pinterest. Pretty awesome. Because our content is already living on our blogs, optimizing our Pinterest strategy is a fairly low-maintenance endeavor compared with other social channels.

Learn more tips and tricks for your wedding photography business from Melissa when you access her Photographer Resources! Plus, check out the original post from Melissa’s blog here, where she shares additional tips and tricks for how to maximize Pinterest for your wedding photography business.


Social media is such an important part of your marketing strategy, especially when it places your images directly in front of ideal clients. So, what do you think – are you properly utilizing Pinterest for your wedding photography business? What is one thing you can do today to maximize Pinterest to help you attract and book ideal clients?

After you look into your current Pinterest strategy, what other steps can you take to expand your reach on various social platforms? Our Comprehensive Guide to Social Media shares how to create a cohesive strategy to help you properly split your time and connect with ideal clients on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter! Grab your free copy today to get started on your strategy.

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