Your First 100 Days as a Wedding Photographer: Starting a Photography Business

Starting a photography business is no simple task. And, the first 100 days as a brand new wedding photography business owner are crucial. It’s the time you can make an impact in the industry, showcase your unique style, and share what you can provide to clients. However, sorting through what to focus on and where to prioritize can be daunting. Since there are numerous tasks you can work on in these first 100 days, we made it easier for you and put together a list of 12 things you can do to make it a success. Take a look below, where we share tips and provide additional resources to continue your education on all things running a photography business!

Starting a Photography Business

To run a successful and thriving business, it is essential to have a wedding photography business plan. Being scalable and creating a plan allows you to implement proper systems that allow you to have more time taking pictures and less time working on other tasks.

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Set Strategic Goals

Another way to achieve success is to set goals to provide structure within your business. Setting goals will lead to the success and longevity of your business. The easiest way to begin goal setting is to determine what metrics are important for you and your business.


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Define Your Brand

As a wedding photographer, your brand is what sets you apart from others in the industry. It allows you to share your unique photography style with ideal clients who are a perfect match for you, which will help you find success in booking throughout the year.

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Identify Your Ideal Client

Before you can fulfill the rest of your plan, you have to know who you are trying to attract, and most importantly, who your ideal clients are. Ideal clients are your dream clients; they are your target audience, most preferred consumers, and your biggest fans.

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Build a Strong Website

To attract ideal clients and book them, it is necessary for you to have a website to represent your wedding photography. The website you create should represent the important aspects of your business, drawing potential clients to you and your services.

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Build Automated Systems

To focus on everything you need to do to be successful, creating systems that run almost on their own will help you become as efficient as possible. Systems can ensure you stay on track, avoid stress, and accomplish the goals you set.


Get your Marketing Plan Today

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Set Proper Prices

Learning how to use pricing as a marketing tool is an essential part of growing your business, as pricing helps you guide your clients to make the right decisions. The more knowledge you have about pricing, the easier it will be to book ideal clients and increase your profit.

Pricing yourself so that your business stands to profit is a must, but it can be confusing to put together when you’re just starting out. Should you put together wedding photography packages, or focus more on a la carte? Either way, focus on building a price list that is easy to read and understand for your clients.

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Outsource to Specialists

As a photographer and business owner, you cannot do everything by yourself. Outsourcing to partners and specialists is the necessary step to take for many of your tasks, and can free up your time so you can focus on what is most important for your business.

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Tip: When you outsource your wedding photo editing, you eliminate hours from your workflow – which are hours you can spend on tasks that can help you achieve your goals.

Market to Ideal Clients

To start a wedding photography business, you need clients. Marketing to prospects and booking clients are two of the most important elements for finding success in your business. You must understand the basics involved in wedding photography marketing; it is important to also properly use your time to work with clients you love.

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Maximize Social Media

As part of your marketing efforts, a strong social media presence is essential to capture the attention of your ideal clients. From Facebook, to Instagram, to Pinterest, there are plenty of ways to increase awareness about your brand and book more weddings.

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Network with Vendors

As you establish your business, networking with vendors and clients is one of the best ways for you to grow your business. When it is done correctly, you can increase the number of clients who see your images and book you for their wedding each year.

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Develop a Healthy Workflow

One final key to success in your first 100 days is to develop a healthy workflow. There are many responsibilities on your plate that can increase stress. With a healthy workflow, you can work efficiently, accomplish your goals, and spend more time on what you love.

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As mentioned before, your first 100 days are of the most important. Starting a photography business is not easy, but by focusing on the most important tasks, you can start successfully. Make the first days count and get started on ways to streamline your systems and processes, become more efficient, and book more clients to help you grow your business to the level you desire. Read through the suggested articles, as well, to learn additional ways to grow. As a final bonus to help your business, we connected with 16 pro photographers to discover what they wish they did in their first year of business to set it up for success. Download our 16 Things I Wish I Did My First Year as a Photographer Guide to use their insights in your business!

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