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The Reasons Your Photography Website Needs To Be Mobile-Friendly (and how to do it!)

Did you know there are over 4.9 billion unique mobile users on the Internet? Because of that, now (more than ever), it’s necessary for you to have a website optimized for mobile. Below, we share the reasons your website needs to be mobile-friendly, as well as a few tips to get started.

Creating a Positive Experience

Often times, your website is your client’s first experience with you. That is why you spend so much time making sure you have a site that is fast and shares your unique photography style through your imagery.

Think about your mobile experience in the same way. If a visitor reaches your website on their phone, and it takes too long to load or a mobile site is unavailable, it takes away from their experience. Since the expectation is that mobile websites will load quickly and visitors can see your images, they may be more likely to leave your site in search for another if the loading time is too long.

Black and White Portrait

Image Compliments of The Scobeys


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