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24 Detail Shots to Capture from Every Wedding

At a wedding, every little detail is planned. From the guest list to the attire to the fold of the napkins. The planning that goes into most weddings is the culmination of countless decisions and immeasurable effort.

That’s where you come in, the wedding photographer extraordinaire…you get to be the one to document the day as it all comes together. It’s your job to help encapsulate all the tiny little nuances that many, your bride included, may overlook. In this blog post, Mike Duval of LensProToGo will cover the basic details you should be looking for during the wedding and how to capture them.


Communication Is Key

The first step, the one you need to do before you even think about what camera to bring or what lenses to shoot, is “What’s important to my bride & groom?” Open a dialogue with them about what things mean the most. You may be surprised to learn about something obscure that could have been overlooked. You also want to get a feel for just how important the details are to them in the grand scheme of her day. You don’t want to overshoot details and realize you have no personal moments or guest candids. Let the bride and groom be your guide here.

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