A Sneak Peek into WPPI 2017’s New Location and Exciting Events

With the new year comes many opportunities for you and your photography business. It’s the perfect time to adjust your business plan, streamline your workflow, and make lasting connections with clients and vendors. WPPI is one of the first chances you have of the year to achieve these goals. During the week-long event, there are various industry leaders who provide insights on topics ranging from marketing, to shooting, to growing your business, and more. There are also plenty of chances for you to mingle and meet with fellow wedding pros and vendors, who may be ideal to assist you in your overall growth for 2017.

Note: Our WPPI 2018 preview is live!

One of the topics buzzing is the change of location for this year’s event. WPPI has moved locations from the MGM Grand to the Las Vegas Convention Center! Perhaps you are asking yourself how this location change affects you and your experience at the trade show this year. Or, maybe you are wondering why the location changed in the first place. Not to worry! We connected with the Director of WPPI, Jason Groupp, to learn more about the new location and what other exciting happenings you can look forward to!

“We recognized that WPPI needs to continue to grow as a big show. The Las Vegas Convention Center was the only place in Las Vegas where that would be possible.” – Jason Groupp

The new location

As a growing community, WPPI’s annual trade show continues to be one of the top events of the year. And, with more and more photographers and vendors showing interest each year, Jason and his team knew it was time to look for a new location. And, even though the MGM has been a great location in the past, it was time for them to focus on the future and the trade show’s continuous growth.


“We all [loved] the MGM. The problem was, we were out of space overall. Over the last 10 years, the 2 trade show floors were less than ideal for exhibitors. Having 1 trade show floor at a place to grow was top of the agenda. [It meant] creating a space that was more conducive to growth.” – Jason Groupp

So, the decision was made to move WPPI 2017 to the Las Vegas Convention Center. The good news for the trade show? The Convention Center is known for its versatility, size, and amenities. There is approximately 2 million square feet of exhibit space, 145 meeting rooms (that seat 20-2,500 guests), a grand lobby, and new exhibit and meeting rooms. As Jason mentions, “[It’s] the only place in Las Vegas where WPPI can continue to grow as a show.”

With more space and more agility, WPPI’s annual trade show can grow and add more exciting speakers, events, and social gatherings for you to enjoy.

The speakers

Each year, there are hundreds of speakers who take the stage for WPPI. They share their personal insights and testimonies to help you in your business, photography, and networking skills. Our President Jared Bauman will be presenting on a Platform talk on Monday. In our guide, we share some of our recommended speakers who are at the trade show this year. In talking with Jason, he raved about the various speakers who will grace the stage.

Many familiar faces from the wedding photography industry will be speaking this year. From Vanessa Joy, to Zach and Jody Gray, to Jared Platt, to Roberto Valenzuela (and so many more), there are plenty of pros to provide you with valuable advice for your business. Take a look at pages 10-16 of our WPPI Show Guide to see the additional wedding photographers speaking this year!

The networking opportunities

Throughout WPPI, you have the chance to absorb knowledge for your business that can help you grow or fine-tune your current systems and process. But, that’s not the only part of the trade show that is important. Networking is a large part of the experience at WPPI. When we asked Jason, he mentioned his #1 tip for photographers attending this year is to network.


Get your Marketing Plan Today

During the parties, take the time to introduce yourself to other guests. Make it a point to share your contact information and ask if they can meet up with you at a different time to continue the conversation. If they are in your local area, choose a time that works for you both after the trade show is over. For those who are not in your area, see if they have any free time during the week-long event to grab coffee with you.

“Find ways to make new friends and build your own community.” – Jason Groupp

While you attend the exhibit, use that time to make connections with vendors who will be valuable to your business. Look for vendors who provide album design, business management tools, and post production services. These are the vendors who can be vital to your success and growth, so making connections with them is important.

Before you arrive at the trade show, make a list of what you want to accomplish. Write down the classes and parties you will attend, as well as vendors you want to meet. Take advantage of the new and exciting location, and maximize what they have to offer in education, networking opportunities, and overall fun. And finally, don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes and plenty of water! Grab our WPPI 2017 Show Guide to find out more information about the conference this year!

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