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Behind the Scenes with Rangefinder: How to Get Your Wedding Work Published

One of our favorite things to do here at ShootDotEdit (besides providing wedding photography editing services) is to share valuable information for you to implement into your wedding photography business. We also love to partner with leaders in the industry who can provide their insights to help you succeed.

In her first post with us, Editor-in-Chief of Rangefinder Magazine, Jacqueline Tobin, shared what qualities she and other judges look for in the 30 Rising Stars. Today, she’s sharing her top tips to getting your wedding work published. Publishing is an important part of reaching larger audience and sharing your style with potential clients. Read through her post to discover her expertise into the subject.


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  • Grew up shooting film and (practically) living in my basement darkroom.
  • Believe that photographs should be printed, held, touched and cherished.
  • Shameless Power of Print promoter (via Rangefinder and WPPI).

Here’s a revelation: Print is not dead! And, while wedding blogs have more than a solid footing in the industry (and are an amazing way to get your brand out there), I am suddenly getting more inquiries than ever before on tips for how photographers can get published in magazines as well. (Note: All of the following tips apply to blogs as well).

I.) Know the subject matter and figure out ahead of time what editors look for in an image for their specific book (or blog).


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