Instagram Tips and Tricks Every Wedding Photographer Needs to Know


For you to attract more clients and book additional weddings this year, it’s vital to have a social media presence (especially on platforms where your ideal clients are). With over 700 million monthly active users, Instagram is one of the top social media platforms for wedding photographers. It’s where you can share your past wedding photos, connect with clients and vendors, and allow ideal clients to see who you are as a person and photographer.

There are various strategies to use on Instagram that sometimes it can be overwhelming to know where to begin. We’ve put together a list of 15 tips and tricks you need to know, and ones you can implement into your Instagram account now.

1. Post Consistently

As a social platform solely based on images, posting consistently ensures you stay top of mind with ideal clients. Rather than posting on random occasions, post with purpose. The more consistent you are, the easier it will be to keep followers engaged with your posts.


2. Share Strong Images

Rather than sharing every image you shot from the engagement session or wedding day, only share the best photos. These images are the strongest of the day, and represent you to your ideal clients. 

3. Create a Hashtag Strategy

Since there are so many hashtags you can use on your posts, create a strategy to help you narrow down the best ones for you. This blog post provides top hashtags to use, plus includes tips from industry pros.

4. Add Break Lines for Hashtags

Instead of including every hashtag in your main text on your posts, add break lines in to hide them. This trick makes your posts look cleaner, and allows you to add the number of hashtags you decided upon in your strategy.   

5. Update Links in Bio

Because Instagram does not allow links in the posts, update the link in your bio. Links to include are your website, blog, and other social media platforms. Update the link every day if possible, or if you are not sharing anything on your posts, keep the link to your website there.

6. Hide Tagged Photos

As a wedding photographer, you build a brand message that speaks to ideal clients. A quick and helpful shortcut for your account is to hide tagged photos. This ensures you only share the best images from the wedding day, which lessens the chance of confusion to your brand.

7. Utilize Instagram Stories

In 2016, Instagram Stories became a new way for you to connect with followers. Use Instagram Stories to provide an inside look into your activities and more of who you are. These include bringing your followers along during shoots, and even into your personal life and daily routine.


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8. Start a Series

When you share photos with your followers consistently, there are plenty of opportunities to keep it light and fun. Start a series on your account to keep engagement high. Use something you love to do outside of photography, such as cooking, and post weekly about it.

9. Hold a Contest

Another way to keep engagement high is to hold a contest, where interaction is a must. A contest allows you to share more about your business, attract ideal clients, and encourage visits to your website and blog. Don’t forget to provide prizes that directly relate to your business.

10. Invite Followers Behind-the-Scenes

For you to connect with your followers, invite them behind-the-scenes on your projects and shoots. Instagram Stories are perfect ways to share sneak peeks into a product you are working on, or a look into the wedding you are preparing to shoot. 

11. Tag Clients and Vendors

To build relationships, utilize tagging on your Instagram posts. When you tag clients in a photo, they are more likely to share with their family and friends. When you tag vendors in images, you share their work with your audience and encourage them to share more about what you do. 

12. Add Geotags

As you post to your account, use geotagging to share the location with your followers. Similar to tagging vendors, this allows you to share where you are during your wedding shoots. This helps you gain attention of ideal clients who want to get married at a certain venue.

13. Use Instagram Shortcuts

Like most processes in your workflow, shortcuts are necessary for you to maximize your time on Instagram. From hashtag generators, to receiving notifications, to uploading multiple Stories at once, there are plenty of shortcuts that will help you save time and be effective.

14. Utilize Statistics

Since social media constantly changes, using statistics is the perfect way for you to make informed decisions. A program like Iconosquare provides insights into what works for your account and what does not, meaning you can adjust your posting schedule accordingly. 

15. Build a Schedule

Just as you would for Facebook, build a cohesive schedule for posting on Instagram. This schedule can include what type of posts you will share, as well as what days and times. A schedule keeps you organized and ensures you post on a regular basis.

Tip: Save time and use Schedugram to schedule your posts ahead of time.

What did you think of our list of tips and tricks for you to use on your Instagram account? These are great starting points to encourage interaction and engagement from clients who are perfect for you! For additional ways to stay top of mind with your Instagram account, download our Instagram for the Wedding Photographer Guide!


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