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The 3 Keys to a Perfect Work/Life Balance for Photographers


Here at ShootDotEdit, our goal is to help you streamline your business and workflow, so you can focus on the things you enjoy. We specialize in wedding photography editing services, and also love to provide you with educational resources to assist in your growth. In addition to that, we partner with industry pros to give you actionable tips and tricks to implement into your business.

In her next blog post with us, ShootDotEdit Wedding Pro Vanessa Joy is sharing 3 keys to a perfect work/life balance. Keep reading to find out how you can run your business and maintain happiness in your personal life.


Last winter, I had the incredible experience of being able to spend six weeks in Brazil. It was the first of my Tim Ferris style mini-retirements, where I worked remotely and even learned a good bit of Portuguese.

In Brazil, there’s an expression. Like most foreign language expressions, a lot gets lost in translation. But here it goes: Shall I make a coffee, or make a life?


Image Compliments of Vanessa Joy Photography


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