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As a wedding photography post production company, we take pride in helping you eliminate hours from you workflow and lower your stress. In addition to that, we also enjoy sharing relevant and valuable resources with you. With 2016 coming to an end, we’ve been spending a bit of time looking back at the resources you really enjoyed over the year. So far, we’ve looked back at our Top Wedding Photography Resources and our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016. Today, we’re taking a look at our top guide of 2016.

One of our goals with the guides we provide is to cater to certain aspects of wedding photography or business. Our guides allow you to take a deeper dive into topics that are the most relevant and important to where you are at in your business.

This year, we released a guide filled with tools and apps to transform your workflow, a guide to help you eliminate branding mistakes in your business, a guide to keep you focused during the off-season, and a guide to getting booked in 2017. Out of each of these guides, one in particular covered a tool that has been really helpful to wedding photographers this year: Instagram! With expert testimonies and resourceful tips for wedding photographers, this is our top guide of 2016:

Instagram for the Wedding Photographer

In our free guide, we partnered with photographers who are awesome at using Instagram for their business. Here are some of the highlights from our most popular guide of 2016!

Strategies to Gain Followers

Throughout the Guide, we discuss strategies to help you gain followers to your account. One of the strategies include making an announcement on your other platforms to share the news with your past, current, and ideal clients. These platforms range from your other social pages, your blog, and your newsletter. A second strategy involves interacting on other accounts on Instagram. Learn more about strategies (plus a Bonus section with 8 actionable tips) to use when you download your copy of our guide!

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Hashtags You Need


Get your Marketing Plan Today

On your Instagram account, hashtags are the #1 way to place your images in front of your ideal clients. In our Instagram Guide, we share about the hashtags you need to use for your account, as well as strategic ways to use them. We also share about a few industry pros and which hashtags work best for their audience and ideal clients. Take a look at the tips we share about hashtags in our free Guide, and don’t forget to check out this list of 19 you need for your account!

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Programs for Streamlining

When you are managing your photography, business, and the elements that go along with both, your workload can become overwhelming. In our Guide, we discuss programs and apps to help you streamline your process. We share about tools that can help you plan your Instagram posting schedule, schedule posts in advance, and even track your progress and adjust based on the results. Access our Guide today to discover which helpful programs and apps you can use to streamline your process!

Download Instagram for the Wedding Photographer today to kickstart your strategy for 2017! 


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