7 Posing Tricks You’ll Learn from Boudoir Photographers


Posing is a crucial aspect of wedding photography, but can also be one of the most challenging to master. Even with perfect lighting and an ideal background, the poses you set must be strong. If your clients look stiff or uncomfortable, it can translate into your images. When you create flattering poses for your clients, regardless of their body type, you create memorable images they will love.

Boudoir photographers pose each part of the body, pay attention to small details, and help their clients create powerful poses to bring emotion to the image. Here are 7 posing tricks you’ll learn from Boudoir photographers to help you strengthen your skills and produce dynamic photos.

1. Create Natural Confidence

Every client you work with will have a different comfort level in front of the camera. Often times, they are timid in front of the camera (especially when they first meet you). The best poses come naturally when your clients feel confident and comfortable. In Boudoir, photographers focus on ways to build their client’s confidence to enhance the effect of the poses. Focus on ways to talk with your clients to allow them to let go of any fear and doubt they have. This helps them feel more confident in front of the camera, which allows you to pose them in ways that make them look their best.


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2. Try New Poses

Even if you use the same poses for every client, there will be times when those go-to poses are not enough. One thing you can learn from Boudoir photographers is to try new poses which will flatter your clients and elevate the images. Try poses that feel natural to your clients, and allow them to showcase their personalities. The stronger the pose you set, the easier it will be for your clients to share their genuine emotion with you.

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3. Highlight the Best Features

One of the keys of posing is to highlight your client’s features. Boudoir photographers often look for poses that highlight their client’s body and ones which eliminate any issues. When you work with the bride, and she shares that she does not like her arms, use poses which take the focus off of them. Remove issues from the pose, and highlight their top features to make them look their best.

4. Show Them How to Pose

To help build confidence throughout the shoot, it can be helpful to show your clients how you want them to pose. Boudoir photographers do this with their clients to help them feel more comfortable. Since most clients are not used to posing in front of the camera, they may be nervous to try some of the poses you suggest. Help them relax and trust you by showing them exactly how you want them to pose. This gives them confidence in the poses you suggest, and they will know that you are there to help them.

5. Focus on Each Body Part

Every client you work with will have a different body type. As their photographer, you are responsible for the creation of stunning photos. Boudoir photographer Jen Rozenbaum created the 8 Points of Posing to ensure she properly poses each part of her client’s body. This means you should pay close attention to your client’s neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist, hips, knees, and ankles. When you feel comfortable posing your clients in a way that flatters each part of their body, you will have an easier time creating poses throughout the shoot.


Learn Posing From the Pros

6. Create Lines for Interest

As you focus on each part of the body, you create lines and interest for the image. If your clients have poses which are stiff, the overall impact of the images may suffer. Your client’s body parts should flow together when you pose them, which is something Boudoir photographers do with their clients. When you pose your clients, especially their arms and legs, make sure you create lines to draw the eye in a positive way.

Keep in mind, after you receive your images back from a wedding photography color correction, you send them to your clients. You may also share them on your website, blog, and social media platforms. Make sure the poses you set create lines for interest, so you can attract more ideal clients to your business.

8. Tell Stories with Facial Expressions

As you work with your clients and find the best poses, it is crucial for you to focus on their facial expressions. You can have the most flattering poses for your clients, but if their facial expressions are lacking, it can hurt the overall story of the day. Find inspiration from Boudoir photographers, who focus on telling stories with their client’s expressions.

Since Boudoir photography is often stripped down, the emotion on a client’s face is an important part of the pose. Use this as inspiration to work with your clients. A quick way to create more emotion is to ask them questions about their relationship. When they start to think about each other, rather than the poses, their genuine emotions will help tell a story.

When you take inspiration from Boudoir photographers, you have a new way of approaching posing. What else can you do to create strong poses during the engagement or wedding day shoot? Download our Pro Photographer Lighting and Posing Guide to discover how to set proper poses and use lighting to highlight them!


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