21 Hashtags You Need to Use on Twitter


With over 310 million users, Twitter is a great social media platform for you to use to grab the attention and build connections with ideal clients. But, because there are so many tweets that go out every minute, how can you ensure your posts will be seen? We’ve shared the 19 hashtags you should be using on Instagram, and now we have the 21 hashtags to use on Twitter to place your posts in front of potential clients!


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1. #Bride: Use this hashtag to attract brides looking for a wedding photographer, so they can see your work from past weddings. 

2. #Groom: This hashtag can help any searching grooms find posts related to a wedding photographer to give him an idea of what his images would look like.

3. #HappilyEverAfter: Have a little bit of fun with your couple when you create a version just for them. You can use something along the lines of “HappyEverAfter’Client’sLastName'” to give them a unique hashtag to go along with the photos you post on Twitter.


4. #Forever”Couple’sLastName”: You can use this hashtag to continue to personalize the experience and have people see your posts. This hashtag can be used in conjunction with the #HappilyEverAfter, which is something you should share with the couple to have their friends and family use when they upload their own images from the day.

5. #”Couple’sUniqueHashtag”: At most weddings, the couple has created a unique hashtag that their friends and family can use when posting images on social media. Take note of this and use it on any of the images you share! This is a great way for your images to be seen by guests at the wedding, which could lead to more bookings for you!

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6. #Engagement: This hashtag can be useful for ideal clients who are in the beginning stages of wedding planning and are looking for a photographer. When you post engagement shoot photos on Twitter, use this hashtag to attract those potential clients.

7. #Wedding: Use this hashtag on the past wedding photos you share, so when someone searches this hashtag, every post you placed it on will appear with this hashtag. Don’t forget to post consistently so your posts show up in the ongoing feed!

8. #Weddingday: If you post a photo the day before or day of your client’s wedding, use this hashtag on the image. You can also use this hashtag when you share photos on the day of the wedding, showcasing some “in the moment” shots!

9. #Bridesmaids: On the wedding day, the bridesmaids play a large role in the festivities. This hashtag is great for attracting brides and bridesmaids who are looking for inspiration for their dresses or images (meanwhile, they may decide to book you based on your photos).

10. #Groomsmen: The gentlemen are also a big part of the wedding day, so when an image includes the groomsmen, make sure to use this hashtag.

11. #Weddingcake: The wedding cake is a popular tradition, and these photos can provide some great inspiration for couples planning their wedding. Use this hashtag to attract searching couples, or even to help inspire other photographers.

12. #Weddingdress: As one of the most important parts of the bride’s attire, this hashtag is one that most brides search for through the Internet. Remember, this hashtag can be really useful for you and can showcase how you document wedding details, so pick the best photo to share.

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13. #Photography: Once you receive your photos back from a post production photography company, you share them on your social platforms. Use this hashtag on your photos so people who are looking for images related to photography can see yours.


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14. #Photooftheday: When you use this hashtag, you add a little bit of fun to your hashtags. People who click on this hashtag can see the photos you chose, and then go look at the rest of them on your website or blog.

15. #WeddingPhotography: Use this hashtag on your photos so any ideal clients who are looking for a photographer can see your images on their feed.

16. #WeddingPhotographer: This hashtag describes who you are and helps place your photos in front of Twitter users who are in need of a photographer for their wedding. 

17. #Camera: Your camera matters… and so does this hashtag when you want to appeal to other photographers who are looking for photography resources. If you are promoting something on Twitter, and it has to do with gear, photography, or education, this is a great hashtag to use.

18. #BlackandWhite: As you showcase your style in your images, include a hashtag that describes that style! Whether you made an image black and white or added a vignette, incorporate that in a hashtag.

19. #Composition: If you particularly love the composition of the image you’re sharing, use this hashtag! This helps to show off your unique style. 


20. #”YourBrandHere”Brides: Hashtags which showcase your brand are crucial to keep you top of mind with ideal clients. Use this to make a connection with each client you book, and to have a place that brides can go to view images of your past brides.

21. #”YourBrandHere”: Similar to the hashtag above, it is crucial that you are including your brand on the images that are posted! The more you use this hashtag, the more exposure that your brand will have in the Twittersphere.

When you use the right hashtags, you place your posts in front of clients who are looking for a wedding photographer, meaning you have more chances to increase your bookings this year. What other social platforms can you use for your business? Download our Comprehensive Guide to Social Media for Wedding Photographers to find out!

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