7 Wedding Cake Photos Your Couple Will Love


Traditions are an important part of the wedding day. From the couple’s first dance, to the toasts and speeches, to the bouquet and garter toss, each wedding you shoot will feature some sort of tradition to create a unique story for the bride and groom.

A tradition most couples take advantage of is when they cut the wedding cake. The wedding cake is a tradition that has spanned centuries, and is a significant moment between the bride and groom. So you can capture images your couple will love, and ones you can use on your website and blog and submit to a wedding blog or other publication, here are 7 photos you must take.

1. Taking a Solo Shot

Just as the bride and groom have picked their first dance song, or the type of food to serve at the reception, they spent time on the type of cake and design it will have. Make sure before the reception kicks off, and the cake is already cut, you capture a solo shot of it. You can take advantage of this in a few ways. Start by shooting from the front so the photo shows the layers in the cake, and all of the details the couple chose for it. For a few different shots, switch up your angle and capture the sides and the back of the photo (you can even include some of the background detail with these).


Image Compliments of Danny and Julia Dong 

2. Capturing Close Up Details

Because every wedding is unique, and each couple you work with will have a different style, they likely will choose cake details that represent them. Perhaps they have a traditional cake topper of a bride and groom holding hands, or maybe it’s a nod to the groom’s favorite video game, or is the couple’s initials. Also, are there designs on the cake, such as flowers, bows, or symbols? These are the details to capture close up so your couple can remember the choices they made for this moment.


Image Compliments of Justin and Mary Marantz


3. Including Other Details

Since you already took a solo shot of the cake and captured its details, take photos of the details that assist with the cake cutting. These include the knife, plates, and napkins. Similar to their choice in cake flavor and design, the couple may purchase (or borrow) these items to match their overall theme of the wedding. If the couple had anything engraved, make sure you capture this close up so it showcases their (and your) attention to detail.

Tip: The photos from the reception can often have conflicting light. Send them to a post production photography company so the images can be consistent when you send them to your clients.

4. Standing with the Cake

Before the couple follows the tradition of cutting the cake, have them pose next to it. Position them on the left or the right side of the cake, and have them embrace one another. This photo contributes to the weddings story, and allows them to have another image of the cake they chose.

For a fun twist on this image, take a shot of the couple and their cake in the background as you pose them. If their cake topper is of a bride and groom, have them pose in the same position for a shot.


Learn Posing From the Pros

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5. Cutting the Cake

While their family and friends watch, the bride and groom stand together to cut one piece of cake. Similar to the first dance, this symbolizes a significant moment for them as husband and wife. Document this as the couple grabs the knife to slice the first piece of cake. They will likely hold the knife and cut together, so you (or your second shooter) can get a few close up shots to showcase this. Often times, couples may not know the best way to cut the cake, so this can result in a few funny and candid moments between them.


Image Compliments of Justin and Mary Marantz

6. Feeding Cake to One Another

Once the piece of cake is cut and on the plate, the couple now take turns feeding one another. If you have a second shooter, be sure to have them focus on the groom while you focus on the bride. Shots of both of them during this moment is great, but there will also be looks of anticipation and excitement, as they don’t know if the the other person is going to nicely feed the cake or smash it into their face. Whichever moment happens, make sure you capture it so the couple can look back at these images and have fond memories of the moment.

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7. Serving Cake to Guests

After the cake cutting is over, the guests get to take part in trying the cake. As the cake reaches the tables, before people sit down to eat, capture a few photos of the slices on the table. You have already shot the cake as a whole, so you can now get a unique perspective on the inside of it and how it looks as a slice. If you have the time, take a few shots of the cake pieces with the table decor. This just gives another photo option for the couple to add to their wedding day story.

When you take the time to share the details of the wedding day through your photos, you give your clients memories for years to come. The cake cutting images are not the only ones you need to capture throughout the day, though. Download our 127 Essential Wedding Images You Must Capture Guide to discover what else you need to focus on during the wedding day!


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